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Chicago Sun-Times
I laughed at American Pie 2, yes, but this is either going to be the last "Pie" movie or they're going to have to get a new angle.
Entertainment Weekly
Even though they're now college dudes, fulfillment for fellas is still predicated on copping a feel and downing a brewski.
Boston Globe
Is this movie over the top? Definitely. Better than the original? Definitely not.
New York Post
Very, very funny, albeit inferior in a number of ways to the original.
A cheap and easy amusement, one that's gone a little stale and never quite rises to the occasion.
New York Daily News
Pie 2's greatest asset is the rare, infectious amiability of its cast of characters and the actors playing them.
American Pie 2, which brings back the same cast for more of the same, is just another by-the-numbers, money-hungry sequel with a lot of recycled shaggy-sex jokes and gross-out gags.
Philadelphia Inquirer
With the raunch quotient cranked up several notches, the sequel is calculated, cynical and, worse, not funny.
No longer fresh -- though that's to be expected in a sequel -- it contains none of the virtues that made the first one anarchic and original.
Rolling Stone
A slipshod sequel that looks tossed together over a weekend by people who couldn't care less.
Wall Street Journal
Lacks both taste and flavor.

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