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Rolling Stone
Mamet -- crafts tangy, well-seasoned dialogue that a good cast can feast on. And this cast is prime.
Chicago Sun-Times
The kind of caper movie that was made before special effects replaced wit, construction and intelligence. This movie is made out of fresh ingredients, not cake mix. Despite the twists of its plot, it is about its characters.
Chicago Tribune
Mamet takes exactly those qualities that we most prize in genre movies -- characters, cleverness and high style -- and refines them to a high shine.
Wall Street Journal
An exciting caper, though sometimes a trying one, with great dollops of self-parodying dialogue that will test your loyalty to Mr. Mamet's way with words.
Entertainment Weekly
If it's not up to the cups-and-balls elegance of previous Mamet movies like ''The Spanish Prisoner'' and ''House of Games,'' if it piles on more psychological fake-outs than is safe in a setup this size -- well, at least it's got that talk, that language, that thing Mamet does that is at this point as identifiable as the cadences of the Bard.
The ultimate challenge of making a first-rate caper movie is dishing up often-used ingredients with enough novel twists to make them seem familiar and fresh at the same time. Mamet soars over the hurdles with energy and imagination to spare.
New York Post
A muscular, endlessly twisty homage to film noir capers like "The Asphalt Jungle."
Passable but never exciting, Heist is on a level with those minor Burt Lancaster action pics the actor's name helped bankroll in the '70s.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Hackman's in it a lot, and he is, as almost always, great fun.
New York Daily News
While not nearly as elaborate as either film, Heist plays like a combination of "The Sting" and "Mission: Impossible."
San Francisco Chronicle
Even a mediocre David Mamet movie is still a David Mamet movie. That means there are lines to savor, partly because the lines are so good, partly because they are so Mamet.

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