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Chicago Sun-Times
Pitiless, bleak and despairing -- The Grey Zone refers to a world where everyone is covered with the gray ash of the dead, and it has been like that for so long they do not even notice anymore.
Entertainment Weekly
No dramatic feature has ever come quite this close to the matter-of-fact ugliness of the Nazi crimes.
Gives life and meaning to an event that is little more than a footnote in history books (if that).
Grimly claustrophobic movies can make viewers put up a shield, yet Tim Blake Nelson (who directed O) invests this unusual Holocaust drama with dramatic intensity that in no way cheapens its subject matter.
Should be seen: It's a worthy ordeal, with flaws that, ironically, make grist for later arguments.
Philadelphia Inquirer
I would like to be able to report that Nelson's directorial vision is grim and uncompromising. Grim it most surely is. But his movie about morally compromised figures leaves viewers feeling compromised, unable to find their way out of the fog and the ashes.
New York Daily News
It's an intelligent, chilling movie, but one that can't quite shake those stage origins.
There are better holocaust dramas than Grey Zone -- "Schindler's List" for one, and due later this year, Roman Polanski's magnificent "The Pianist." But few will disturb you like The Grey Zone -- mostly because it won't try for tears.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
When the larger question cannot be answered, the lesser one -- "What would you have done?" -- seems beside the point.
Wall Street Journal
With all its flaws, though, The Grey Zone deserves to be respected, and to be seen.
Nelson's work is relentless, grueling and courageous. He makes a large blunder in having American actors (David Arquette, Steve Buscemi) play Hungarian Jews with American accents, while Harvey Keitel plays a Nazi officer with a German accent.

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