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San Francisco Chronicle
A breathtaking story of defiance and triumph that has to be considered one of the year's most sublime films.
I love Rabbit-Proof Fence as drama, as protest, as moviemaking and as poetry.
Wall Street Journal
A movie of minimalist moments (Molly's tiniest gestures speak volumes) and lovely, almost holy tableaux.
Chicago Sun-Times
The final scene of the film contains an appearance and a revelation of astonishing emotional power; not since the last shots of "Schindler's List" have I been so overcome with the realization that real people, in recent historical times, had to undergo such inhumanity.
At an economical 94 minutes, Rabbit-Proof Fence trims all the fat and tells its heartfelt and stirring story. This is one of 2002's most memorable imports.
Charlotte Observer
The rabbits, foolishly introduced to a land that couldn't support them as they bred and dispersed, are symbols of the English: ravenous, unheeding, ineradicable and a constant threat to the native way of life.
Entertainment Weekly
Noyce honors the story best by standing back (and getting Kenneth Branagh, as a supercilious official, to stand back, too): Noyce lets the landscape and the untrained young actresses own the screen, particularly the naturally magnetic Everlyn Sampi.
New York Daily News
Here, Noyce lets his camera, the geography and the youngsters tell this exceptionally powerful story.
Characters are so well-drawn, so human - that even in the harsh light of history - it remains difficult to understand how Australia allowed such inhumanity to become institutional, mechanized and accepted.
New York Post
Noyce paces this amazing story well, and even if his young actors don't seem to have physically suffered as much as they would during such a long journey, he makes extremely good use of the bleak Outback scenery.
As ambitious as this may be, however, the movie's objectives tax its energy even as the girls' plight tears at your heart.

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