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the best

Author: jimjam20-2 ( from Dallas, OR
30 July 2000

WOW!...Wrestlemania X is the best year after putting on the worst WM in history they blew us away with this awesome show.....the Bret Hart/Owen Hart match is my all time personall favorite wrestling match....and the Razor/Shawn match is one of those matches u just have to sit back and watch and say "ow!" at the right times....the rest of the show is lackluster...but nothing really bad....but for those 2 matches....makes this a must see....most of the faces go over where they should...and in the big celebration at the end is a great way to end the show...celeberties include Donnie Wahlberg, Rhonda Shear, Burt Reynolds & Jennie Garth...with guest appearances from Mr. Perfect & Rowdy Roddy Piper...a must see for any wrestling fan perfect 10!

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Author: Big Movie Fan from England
1 May 2002

When I first watched this event back in 1994 I had mixed feelings throughout. It was the first WrestleMania which wasn't going to feature WWF icon Hulk Hogan. Throughout the entire event I kept wishing Hogan would make an appearance even if it was only a non-wrestling one. By the time WrestleMania X drew to a close I felt unfulfilled at not seeing my favourite wrestler of all time.

However, if I was to be objective I would have to say that WrestleMania X was remarkable with solid matches throughout. Bret Hart faced the late Owen Hart in a classic match which must rate as one of the top matches of the 1990's. Also, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon entertained me-and the other fans-with a brilliant ladder match. Lex Luger took on the late Yokosuna in a decent match. And Bret Hart battled Yokosuna in the main event in a super match.

There were many other great matches as well. The Macho Man fought Crush in a Falls Count Anywhere match which was quite brutal at times. And Doink and Dink battled Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon in an interesting match.

WrestleMania X exceeded my expectations despite the fact that Hulk Hogan didn't show. But who cares? It was a great event and Hogan did eventually return to the WWF early in 2002.

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Ten years in the making, and well worth the wait.

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
8 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wrestlemania X is arguably the very best WWE produced PPV ever. The night featured two WWE Title matches, the first ladder match to happen on a WWE PPV, and probably the best technical wrestling match in history. It also did what any good Wrestlemania does, and that's culminate a year long storyline.

The story going into Wrestlemania X was that two men, Bret Hart and Lex Luger, had won the 1994 Royal Rumble and so it was decided that both men would receive a title opportunity. Bret Hart won a coin toss to get the last match of the evening and so he would face whoever won the first title match of the evening between Yokozuna and Lex Luger.

But to keep things fair, Bret needed an opponent to face earlier in the night. Stepping forward was Bret's little brother Owen, who had turned on Bret after losing a tag match at the Royal Rumble. So in the first match of the night, after months of Bret refusing to face his brother, they met, and put on one of the best matches in WWE history. Owen Hart was never better than he was in this match, countering an attempted sunset flip into a pin to beat his older brother. So Hart's night was off to a rough start.

The next match, after some well received nonsense regarding Howard Finkel, saw Bam Bam Bigelow and his girlfriend Luna Vachon defeat Doink the Clown and his midget ally Dink. Doink and Bigelow had been feuding for a while. Not much a match, harmless fun.

The next match was historical for being Randy Savage's final match at a Wrestlemania. He had been in a long feud with Crush and they had an interesting Falls Count Anywhere match here. The gimmick was that once a wrestler had been pinned they had sixty seconds to return to the ring and if they didn't make it the match was over. Savage wins it pinning Crush backstage and then tying his leg to a pulley, e3nsuring he wasn't making it back to the ring in time. Good match, innovative.

Women's wrestling then made a return to PPV in the WWE with Women's Chanpion Alundra Blayze defeating Leilani Kai with a German Suplex to retain her title.

Next up it was Men on a Mission defeating WWE Tag Team Champions the Quebecers by count out in a nothing match that I'd forgotten existed.

Lex Luger was screwed by guest referee Mr Perfect in his WWE Championship match against Yokozuna. Luger had the match won, but Perfect was outside the ring tending to Cornette and Fuji, who'd been knocked around earlier. Luger then shoved Perfect, who disqualified him. This had not been a bad match up to that point.

Harvey Wippleman then came to the ring with his latest monster Adam Bomb, who teased Howard Finkle, only for Earthquake to come out to the ring and beat him in 32 seconds.

Next came one of the most memorable matches in Wrestlemania history as Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon met in a ladder match. Michaels had been stripped of the WWE Title following an injury, and Ramon had won the title in the interim. Michaels had refused to hand over his belt though as he saw himself as the rightful champion. And so both belts were hung from a hook above the ring with whoever was able to climb the ladder and retrieve them declared the winner. Michaels and Ramon put on a classic, with Ramon winning after Michaels got his foot tangled in the ropes. One of the best matches ever.

A ten man tag match was scheduled to happen next but the evil team of Irwin R Schyster, The Headshrinkers, Rick Martel and Jeff Jarrett could not agree on who would be the team's captain for the match and so refused to wrestle. In truth they were running out of time and had to go straight to the main event. Their opponents were scheduled to be the the 1-2-3 Kid, Sparky Plugg, Tatanka and The Smoking Gunns.

Finally comes our main event. Former WWE Champion Bret Hart taking on the current champion Yokozuna, the man who had beaten him for the title at Wrestlemania IX a year earlier. Hart wins an entertaining back and forth match, dodging banzai drop to get the pin. Fuji and his cronies had finally been beaten. The title was back with a good guy and the whole locker room came out to celebrate, except for Owen Hart, who glared at his brother from, ringside. What a match! What an evening! And what a Wrestlemania!!! Quite possibly the best ever.

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Major Improvement to Wrestlemania IX

Author: kevinc5680 from United States
10 June 2006

As my review about Wrestlemania IX, my issue with the Wrestlemania's from 1993-1997 was simply the gimmicks. Take those out and you have a quality event. Unfortunately, that's not possible. But don't be discouraged, Wrestlemania X came through.

All I have to say is thanks to Bret Hart. His two matches on this event were great. The fact that he came out and gave not one, but two excellent matches, proves how great he really was. The opening "Hart" match is excellent. What do you expect from the greatest wrestling family in the world? The mixed tag team match is like most, entertaining, but they get old quick. I enjoyed Macho Man vs. Crush. At the time, falls anywhere was non-existent. Up until a few years ago, the Women's Championship was when I'd go to the bathroom, get a refill on my drink, and get a snack for the next match. Women's matches today are much more entertaining and I think they are just more athletic. I hate to talk bad about the classic Women's matches, but they just weren't that entertaining. Moving on, Luger vs. Yokozuna was decent, but following it would be one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches in history, the Ladder Match with Michaels and Razor Ramon. I remember being in awe when I saw this match in 1994. It's still entertaining to this day and the event is worth it just for this match. Bret Hart follows with another great performance for the WWF Championship.

Wrestlemania X ended up being pretty good aside from a few matches. I guess that's gonna be with any PPV, but this one really shows off the major stars of the WWF at the time.

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best wrestlemania ever?

Author: ksizzle836 from United States
2 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this could be my favorite wrestlemania. the bret/owen opener was one of my personal favorite matches ever. they really put on a hell of a show. the savage/ crush match had a pretty cool ending. the ladder match was very good. this is the most talked about match of this wrestlemania, partly because it was good and partly because it was so innovative for its time. even though i feel it wasn't as good as bret and owen, this match stole the show in the minds of most people. and rightfully so. you didn't see many matches like that in them days. the bret/yokozuna match i had a problem with. that was one of the worst endings i've ever seen. at first i thought piper shook the rope and knocked yokozuna off. that wasn't the case, however maybe it should have been. it would have been much more fitting than yoko just losing his balance. it never happened to him the 50,000 times he tried that move. and lets face it. piper isn't beyond anything. given the competitors and the special guest referee this would have been a much cooler ending.

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Author: lawnboy1977 from Scottsdale, AZ
31 March 2003

The memories I have from watching this show are beyond words. This was the first Wrestlemania I got to see live on PPV and it is still the best. Bret vs Owen, HBK vs Razor Ramon, Bret against Yoko, and Randy Savages last Wrestlemania match against Crush. I'll remember this show when I'm on my deathbed, thats how special it was for me.

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Bret vs. Owen: THE classic match of all time

Author: unbend_5440 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
21 April 2002

Anyone who loves technical wrestling, and has not seen Bret Hart take on his brother Owen Hart at Wrestlemania X, cannot truly call themselves a wrestling fan. The Hart Brothers put on the very first match of Wrestlemania X, and it is the single best wrestling math I've seen in my entire life. I won't even try to describe the match. It's one of those that you have to see to understand. Bret and Owen are arguably the best all-around WRESTLERS of this generation. So it's like a fans dream to see the brothers going at it for 20 minutes straight! Reversal after reversal, pin attempt after pin attempt, some of the most original maneuvers ever captured on film. Just thinking about it makes me want to shut off this computer and put on my tape! Hands down: BEST match ever.

And if that's not enough, Wrestlemania X has the second-best match I've ever seen. That would be the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Ladder Match. If you've seen the recent Hardy Boyz/Christian & Edge Ladder Matches, and enjoyed them, you have to see Michaels and Razor start it all. This was the first time a Ladder Match had ever appeared on a pay per view, and almost every wrestling expert regards it as still being the best. Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon (aka Scott Hall) are two of the most successful wrestlers ever, but in all the years since, neither has put on a show to top the Ladder Match. There's also a brief appearance by Kevin Nash (aka Diesel) early in the match. This was early in his career, and it's cool to see putting the boots to his real life best friend, Scott Hall.

Oh yeah, this event also had two World Title matches in one night. Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger, and later Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart. Normally I'd go on writing about those matches all night, but compared to Bret/Owen and the Ladder Match, they look amateur. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the matches on Wrestlemania X were spectacular, but the real reason to see it is for The Hart Brothers and the Ladder Match.

Perfect 10!

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The Best Wrestling Show Ever!!

Author: mathewshires from Yorks, England
29 April 2001

Wrestlemania 3 is the historical one, WrestleMania 14 is the cool one that put the WWF firmly back on track in the US-but Wrestlemania 10 stands alone as the one with the best action, fun and storylines. The late,great Owen Hart tears the house down with his brother Bret Hart, the late Yokozuna manages TWO respectable performances and,of course, the Shawn Michaels-Razor Ramon ladder match just rules. Elsewhere, there's a midget clown, Little Richard, a decent womens match and Burt Reynolds. Cool.

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WrestleMania X featured the Historic Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.

Author: Spawn Devil from Vancouver, B.C.
1 July 2002

Owen Hart defeated Bret Hart via pinfall Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna defeated Doink & Dink via pinfall Randy Savage defeated Crush Women's Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Lelani Kai Men on a Mission defeated Tag Team Champions the Quebecers via countout World Wrestling Champion Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger by DQ Earthquake defeated Adam Bomb via pinfall Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna for the World Wrestling Championship

Overall Mark: A-

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Great, simply great WM

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
21 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, pathetic beginning and we could start.

1. Owen Hart Vs. Bret Hart - High quality match, one of the best I've seen in a long time, and Owen won! Great start. 9/10

2. Bam Bam Bigelow/Luna Vs. Doink/Dink - Comedy match, but Wow another heel win. 5.5/10

3. Anywhere Fall Match: Randy Savage Vs. Crush 5.5/10

4. Women's Title Match: Vs. Champ- Alundra Blayze 6.5/10

5. WWF Tag Team Title Match: Mable/Mo Vs Champs-The Quebeckers 6/10

6. WWF Heavyweight Title Match: Lex Luger Vs. Champ-Yokozuna - Mr. Perfect(referee) turn heel and disqualified Luger 6/10

7. Earthquake Vs. Adam's bomb - 1 minute match 5/10

8. WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon - Match, that line was crossed. That was legendary. 9/10

9. WWF Heavyweight Title Match: CHampgoes first- Yoko Vs. Bret Hart Top of the Match - Yoko caught Bret from his turnbuckle jump into Belly to Belly Suplex, BTW: Bret Won. 7/10

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