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Chicago Tribune
As light, fluffy, cockle-warming holiday entertainment, this thing is pretty sweet.
There are a few amusing moments, helped by subdued performances from Affleck and Gandolfini, but this is no "Bad Santa" despite its obvious ambition to play similar holiday tricks.
Some screwball moments elicit a chuckle or two, but the script is weak and the characterizations clichéd.
Can't decide whether it wants to be a black comedy, dumb farce, or sentimental sit-com.
San Francisco Chronicle
Everything about it is manufactured -- the emotions are false, the sentiments are phony, and the story is a construction of mirthless silliness. It's a product, not a creative expression.
New York Daily News
Ben Affleck's goose is cooked with Surviving Christmas, a movie that makes "Gigli" look like one of the crowning moments in his career.
Chicago Sun-Times
Pulling off a premise this creepy and cockamamie would require a lot of skill, far more than can be found in the director of "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" and the writers of "A Very Brady Sequel."
Miami Herald
Bad enough to make even James Gandolfini and Catherine O'Hara seem dull.
The Hollywood Reporter
A lame comic premise, a tiresome-bordering-on-obnoxious protagonist and a script devoid of humor is a lot to overcome for any movie, and Surviving Christmas is not the one to do it.
Entertainment Weekly
There are no survivors here.
Philadelphia Inquirer
So bad you're nostalgic for "Gigli." So painful you need an epidural. So mindless you'll lose yours wondering, "What were they thinking?"

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