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A Dram o Class in a Glass
chris-irvine17 February 2004
This is an amazing video, with a few faces you'll notice from other comedy (Gregor Fisher and Tony Roper from Rab C Nesbitt for example) but this show is mostly famous in Scotland, where it used to be played before the bells at hogmanay. I would say that this is one of the finest comedies ever produced in scotland, and they did it without swearing :)
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Pure Genius
brucehannah23 January 2005
Caught this again at Christmas - I was in physical pain from laughter. Probably not that funny unless you've spent time in Scotland, but Fulton (sadly, now dearly departed) had a wicked eye for finding the surreal in contemporary Scottish life.

It says something when the viewing public are actually requesting reruns.

A lot of comedy may be outstanding in its time, but dates badly. (Not the Nine O'Clock News is one that springs to mind). But like real whisky, Scotch and Wry gets better with each passing year.

"Right, Stirling..... oot the car!"
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