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Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2003) (Video)
footage for this one was reused for softcore Emmanuelle film


The Invisible Man (1933)
Claude Rains and this movie are mentioned.
Alien (1979)
"The chestbuster in 'Alien'."
Risky Business (1983)
Howard's Tom Cruise dream mentions him "dancing in my underwear"
Top Gun (1986)
Howard's Tom Cruise dream mentions him "flying a plane"
The Color of Money (1986)
Howard's Tom Cruise dream mentions him being "in a poolhall"
There's Nothing Out There (1991)
A guy in the cocktail bar wears a "There's Nothing Out There" hat.
Mission: Impossible (1996)
Howard's Tom Cruise dream mentions him "dropping silently down from the ceiling dressed in jet black"
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
talk about a movie where kids hit a fisherman with their car and dump the body
What Women Want (2000)
guy has electrical accident which results in his ability to read minds


Network (1976)
"I'm horny as hell and I can't take it anymore!"
Friday the 13th (1980)
the "chi chi chi, ha ha ha" echoing sound is replaced by "kitty kitty kitty, cat cat cat"
Risky Business (1983)
in the opening Tom Cruise dream, the main character is in a pool wearing Ray-Bans and surrounded by women
The Matrix (1999)
main character dodges one of the opening credits in bullet time

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