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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • The main character, Howard, has dreams of bikini-clad babes.
  • After gaining mind-control powers, Howard accidentally uses them to make his teacher "hot", which first makes her physically warm, but then horny, and it is implied she has sex with the janitor.
  • When Howard gets home, his sister Paula is sunbathing with her friends Stacy and Bambi in their garden. All 3 of them are in bikinis. After using his powers to get Paula to leave, the scene fades in to one of Howard relaxing in their hot tub. Stacy and Paula (still in their bikinis) then emerge from the water, and it's implied that they've just given him a blowjob. Howard tells them it was great, but they complain that they're "not finished yet".
  • Howard then tells them to "tell him how this feels". He uses his powers to sexually pleasure them both, and they writhe and moan in intense pleasure against the side of the tub. He then tells them that they will have the most intense orgasm they've ever felt when they hear the word "now". Howard teases them a bit more, and is about to say it, when suddenly, Paula snaps him out of what turns out to be a day dream.
  • Paula then goes to sunbathe with her friends again, and tells Howard that he "Can go. Now." Suddenly, this causes Stacy and Bambi to start orgasming, as it is revealed that Howard's command in the day dream has affected the real Stacy and Bambi. The girls orgasm twice more from Paula attempting to stop them, in telling them to "quit it now", and telling Howard to "get out of here now". Howard then leaves, laughing.
  • Later that day, Howard looks out his window, and sees Stacy and Bambi sunbathing alone again, only without Paula. He mentally commands them that they'd get much better tans without their tops on, and so they remove them, revealing their bare boobs. Howard is happy at this, and cheers, dances, and sings ("Boobies boobies boobies!").
  • Later on, Howard's friend Chuck is at a bar with the two girls, and, not knowing about their orgasmic trigger word, accidentally causes them to orgasm at the counter when ordering.
  • When trying to prove his powers to Chuck in their classroom, he causes the classroom bully to get an erection in front of the class (though most students don't see) by bombarding his mind with sexual thoughts, many about their teacher. She notices, and helps to cover it as he goes back to his seat. However, Howard commands him to trip, and he lands on his erect penis, causing it great pain.
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