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Most of the cutaway scenes (Otis torturing cheerleaders, Baby masturbating with the skeleton, etc) were filmed in Rob Zombie's basement after filming wrapped. He would invite cast members over to his house on the weekends and shoot the footage himself with a 16mm hand-held camera. With the exception of the shot of a setting sun, he created the opening credits the same way.
There is more than one instance where you see a poster for two missing young boys. Those boys were actually pictures of Rob Zombie and his brother (the lead singer of Powerman 5000) as children.
In the DVD Commentary, Rob Zombie revealed that Jake McKinnon (The Professor) couldn't see very well in his costume. In the scene where he swings a real axe at Denise his vision was so bad he could have seriously injured Erin Daniels if she didn't move fast enough. Rob says in his commentary, "We just assumed she would get out of the way."
Filmed in 2000, but wasn't released until three years later.
Universal pictures (original production company) refused to release the film, believing it would be given an "NC-17" rating by the MPAA.
This was Dennis Fimple's last film. He was increasingly sick with heart disease during filming and a few of his scenes were filmed with him sitting down.
During its box office run, the movie encountered two instances of the number '666': At the beginning of its run, when its opening weekend was $3,460,666, and at the end of its run, when its per-theater-average (the weekend gross divided by the number of theaters) was $666 per theater.
Several characters are named directly after characters in five Marx Brothers films: Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding from Animal Crackers (1930), Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff from Horse Feathers (1932), Rufus T. Firefly from Duck Soup (1933), Otis B. Driftwood from A Night at the Opera (1935), Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush from A Day at the Races (1937), and S. Quentin Quale from Go West (1940) (all portrayed by Groucho Marx); and, Signor Emanuel Ravelli from Animal Crackers (1930) (portrayed by Chico Marx). Baby's real name, Vera-Ellen may also have a Marx Brothers connection, as actress Vera-Ellen portrayed character Maggie Phillips in their film Love Happy (1949).
When Denise is lowered in Dr Satan's lair, a tape player is also sent down and it keeps repeating a slowed down version of Aleister Crowley's poem "The Poet", read by himself (found on CD called The Great Beast Speaks which is the only known recording of Crowley). The line from the poem that gets repeated over and over is: "Bury me in a nameless grave".
The actual house is the same used in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), which can be viewed during Universal Studio's tram ride. However, during filming, Universal refused to cease the tram tours, which delayed filming during many scenes.
Otis's and Baby's bizarre rants during the "home movie" segments are inspired by the Manson family's supposed home movies.
Rob Zombie considered appearing a few seconds into the film as Dr. Wolfenstein. However, after deciding that he would look "normal" no matter what make-up effects were used, he chose not to. Instead, he took on the brief role as Dr Wolfenstein's assistant (for about 2 seconds) and can be seen in the background and then smashing a pumpkin with a sledgehammer.
Karen Black plays Mother Firefly in this film, but due to a salary dispute prior to beginning preproduction on its sequel The Devil's Rejects (2005), Black was inevitably replaced by veteran actress Leslie Easterbrook.
Near the beginning of the film, Captain Spaulding tells Bill that he took over the shop "right after The Duke nabbed Oscar," speaking about John Wayne winning the award. Later in the film, Captain Spaulding tells Wydell "Don't get all true grit on my ass." This is a reference to his previous comment, as True Grit (1969) was the first (and only) time John Wayne ever won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.
The man who reads the news about the missing cheerleaders is Bill Moseley. If you listen carefully, you will recognize his voice and way of talking.
When Denise calls her father, there is a Missing Dog Head poster in the phone booth. The exact origin is unknown, but the poster is a very strange "real" item that was spotted in New York City.
Rob Zombie has said that he was constantly shooting two versions of the gorier scenes to appease Universal. For instance, a shot at the start of the film in which the robber who was stabbed with the Axe is on the floor was shot two ways: with blood and without blood. Several scenes were also shot twice involving regular lighting and red lighting to give it a more gruesome effect both of which were edited into the final cut. Note several scenes with cross-cutting involving sets lit with white light, and red light.
'Sheri Moon' also appears as an extra during the neighborhood trick-or-treating scene playing the tall young woman dressed as a nurse and pushing a baby carriage.
Dedicated to Dennis Fimple.
Rob Zombie's directorial debut.
The movie was made into a haunted house for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2010.
When Officer Wydell is showing Mother Firefly the pictures of the missing kids, the picture of Jerry is a picture of Chris Hardwick, the actor that played Jerry, on the set of the movie.
The robber's line about "grease paint" and "brains" is a reference to the song "Grease Paint And Monkey Brains" by Rob Zombie's former band, White Zombie.
Inside Captain Spaulding's gas bar/fast food/museum of horror, behind the cash on the wall are reproductions of Aleister Crowley's paintings of demonic figures which were later discovered under whitewash in his former Abbey of Thelema, in Cefalu, Italy.
Harrison Young is wearing an almost identical outfit to the one he wore while playing older Ryan in Saving Private Ryan (1998).
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The film's script was constantly changing throughout filming, leading to an entirely different ending at one point. Originally Grandpa Hugo was going to be revealed as the mad doctor (who in the rough cut was not even called Dr. Satan).
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Sid Haig beat out Jon Polito and Red West for the role of Captain Spaudling.
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