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A good breakthrough

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
5 August 2000

From the looks of it, I would say despite Dave Chapelle's impressive movie career, he's been a stand-up comedian for quite some time now. Because when I saw this comedy special, I laughed really hard. Here, he discusses kids, the presidency, girls and some other miscellaneous things. He is also very poignant in his comedy delivery. This is one of the best comedy specials of the year, and it is from a guy who I never knew was a comedian (but hey, I thought the same of Denis Leary). So good job Chappelle, because you are funny. A+

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extremely funny comedy show

Author: awlauter from Missouri
8 February 2001

I just saw this Dave Chapelle special and HBO and was pretty much laughing for the entire duration (about an hour) of the show. In it, he talks about a variety of subjects from race to police to women to politcs. His impersonations of different people, including Clinton are hysterical. IT is clear he is a bright guy with a lot of talent. Hope does more comedy in the future.

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Absolutely hilarious and poignant social commentary - on par with Pryor's earlier material, and - dare I say it - at times even funnier.

Author: MovieAddict2016 from UK
28 July 2006

I believe Richard Pryor to be the best stand-up comic of all-time (closely followed in the social-critic realm by Bill Hicks and George Carlin), but Dave Chappelle is promising to be a worthy successor. This HBO special from 2000 has achieved something of a cult status on peer-to-peer networks since its airing, especially in audio form, and as such has gained even more popularity since Chappelle's venture into Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show" (which is finishing its third and apparently final season right now).

Looking back, I find this to be even funnier than his comedy show. Whereas his (hilarious) sketch show can become a bit repetitive at times and is almost always dealing with racial stereotypes and such, "Killin' Them Softly" touches on everything - beginning with blacks and whites ("DC has changed!"), moving on to crime, then television shows, and of course marijuana.

My personal favorite bit has got to be Chappelle's observations on children's entertainment. He remarks how Pepé Le Pew is practically a rapist and encourages children to "take the pussy(cat)" and how racist "Sesame Street" was. ("Yeah, Oscar! You're a grouch." - "I live in a trash can! What do you expect!") Don't forget The Count: "I know a pimp when I see one!" To be honest I've found Chappelle's television show to become a bit stale sometimes (even though I'm a huge fan of it) but I was blown away - his stand-up comedy is even better. It's rare that I find myself laughing out loud at comedy acts, but even without watching him on stage, his vocal performance is gut-busting. The 911 phone call bit is classic.

I don't want to discredit Richard Pryor and say this is funnier, but if you listen to some of Pryor's older stuff, Chappelle is touching on the same issues as he did in the 1960s and '70s and is, at times, actually doing it even funnier. Of course, Chappelle has some way to go before matching Pryor's iconic status or even his later fusion of outrageous comedy and social satire in the mid-'70s through the early '80s (which surpasses the stuff here), but those comparing him to Pryor have a reason to do so.

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In a few years Chappelle will be considered the funniest man in America!

Author: BLHam-1
27 September 2001

Dave Chappelle is funny -- Not funny like Richard Pryor, or Eddie Murphy, or Redd Fox. But funny like Dave Chappelle. The guy has a certain genius to the comedy he does, while at the same time letting it all hang out, tickling every funny bone in my body! "Killin' Them Softly" is the funniest stand-up comedy performance I've seen in years! And Chappelle is one of the funniest comedians, who'll be around for years!! FUNNY-FUNNY-FUNNY!!!

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Chappelle's Homecoming

Author: MassDistraction from Canada
21 March 2014

After multiple appearances with Comic Relief and a half hour special on HBO, Dave Chappelle returns to his hometown of Washington, D.C., to tape his first hour-long special. He spends the bulk of the time exploring racial differences and making cultural observations, with a smattering of political humour. Chappelle manages to navigate some sensitive material with a disarming charisma. He's not breaking any new ground for black comedians here, but he manages to make it seem fresh with his effortless charm. Some jokes (like the ones featuring the out-of-place baby) illustrate Chappelle's ability to paint a picture with words and gives a few clues into what it was that made his show so popular. The political bits and the casual sexism will make this feel a little dated, but there is enough here to appeal to a newer audience.

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Author: chaos-rampant from Greece
30 March 2016

I love the different ways of sculpting narrative space, creating world. In music that's Isaac Hayes. In cinema, Cassavetes and Lynch both do it for me.

The stand-up show is another way. It's all about how a narrator takes us into situations, how he moves into rooms that he conjures and voices the vexations of life. It's about being a jazzman who weaves illusion out of life, from the point of view that interests me anyway.

This is my first encounter with this guy. He has good form, voices and impersonations. He alternates between a smooth voice and hood outbursts and I like that he's relaxed, not particularly angry. Most of the show is about racial tension, played with dumbfounded disbelief at that life. Among jokes that work are a racist Sesame Street, a visit to the ghetto that is so bad a baby is selling weed in the corner. Needing a white guy in your group for when you want someone to talk to the police.

I like less the mind giving rise to situations. Women now would probably find it casually sexist or what have you. He doesn't slip into that self who is the funny guy in the group of twenty- somethings, he is that self without the distance of awareness. He was in his twenties himself so basically we get this one person and a lot at face-value. A bit thin overall but okay.

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Excellent... Chappelle was on it!

Author: saburvd ( from Indianapolis, IN
15 August 2000

I'm a whiteguy that just loves Daves impersonations of my race. We have our shortcomings and he points them all out and makes it darn funny :) my favorite line was (a white man watching a black man eat chicken) "Look at him! It's just like the encyclopedia said" hahaha loved it!

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Amazing, just flat out amazing ...

Author: lotterypick from Canada
15 December 2005

His delivery was excellent. His comedic timing was outstanding. What I really enjoyed about this comedy special was the manner in which the social commentary was mixed into the act. It wasn't limited to one specific topic or theme. He didn't just touched on a wide range of topics, he was able to combine these topics with other in a poignant, yet accessible manner: politics, relationships, race, poverty, crime, terrorism, darwinianism, economics etc. After watching this special, the material tends to with you, you are able to reflect back on it and say to yourself: "He is right, I would have never thought of it in that way". Many comedians seem to have a hook, they seem to rely on this hook to shape their act. Dave Chappelle just knows how to combine many elements to produce an interesting act. Dave Chappelle also has the ability, in my opinion, to build up to a climax in a extraordinary manner. I felt that started of slowing, kind of lulled into false sense of comedic direction, then totally shifted gears and changed direction at the same time. It wasn't just a random change of speed or direction. Be he did in a well-crafted manner. Like a really good song or movie. The ability to manage these transitions extremely well.

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Dave Chappelle is the funniest man alive!

Author: ASDampf01 from United States
27 April 2005

Dave Chappelle's 'Killing Them Softly" tour recorded in Dave's hometown of Washington D.C. is the most diverse and constantly hilarious stand up i've ever seen. Dave's timing is so impeccable and at times you don't even realize that he's entirely changed the subject and started a whole new line of jokes. Even though he talks a lot on race, Dave's jokes are still so unique and unbiased that you can't help laughing at the situations he is discussing....from Chip to "Sesame Street", Bill Clinton and The Thong Contest, Dave will keep you entertained for every second he's speaking....and for many hours afterwards. Definitely a must see, 10/10~!!!!

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One of the funniest comedy specials ever!

Author: MastaC
16 June 2004

In addition to being famous for its hit movies, and engrossing original series, HBO is known for its fantastic comedy specials. Perhaps this is because the specials are allowed to exceed one hour, and are completely uncensored. Whatever the reason may be, HBO knows good comedy, and knows how to pick their performers. They often choose well-established comedians to perform. Because of this fact, I was shocked to learn that Dave Chapelle, a somewhat unknown for his comedy, was getting his own HBO special. Another shocking fact for me was that, when I actually saw the performance, I was blown away by how funny it was. After that, I was immediately a Dave Chapelle fan.

This is without a doubt one of the greatest comedy specials that I have ever seen. It is up there with Dana Carvey's "Critics Choice", George Carlin's "Complaints and Grievances," Carlin's "You're All Diseased," Robin Williams "Live on Broadway," and a select few episodes of Comedy Central Presents on my all time favorite comedy specials. This hilarious special has a wide range of jokes, from commentary on the presidency, to a great bit about Sesame Street.

It was this special that prompted me to give Chapelle show a chance in its first season. Much to my delight, the show was as good as "Killin' Them Softly," and had a similar style to the HBO special.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend this special to anyone who likes Chapelle Show, and visa versa. It is comedy at its finest. A well deserved 10/10.

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