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I Laughed So Hard Tears Started Rolling!
liberalgems28 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is absolutely the most humorous vampire movie you will ever see! It's deliberately campy, but doesn't go overboard! The acting, overall, is surprisingly good! Even Adam West looks great!

I enjoyed the premise of the story where a bunch of beach bum vampires need a place to stay for the summer! Another amusing aspect of this hilarious tale is when the main characters's hormones start to surge because his girlfriend now wants to spend the summer "with him alone!" But he can't do so with a bunch of partying vampires hanging around the house! Before this quandary, he just accepted the fact the beach bums were here to stay. Now, with his hormones surging, he gets the courage-up to give those pushy vamps the boot!

If you have a good sense of humor for the ironic, and absurd, you will definitely enjoy this unusual film!
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Beach movie injokes in American Vamppire
wamwatcher2 February 2009
I come down on the side of this movie is a fun time-waster, but maybe my age is showing in that I noticed in three pages of comments about this film (apparently the Carmen Electra cover had a lot to do with that) No One has mentioned the ton of references to the old William Asher/AIP Beach Movies -- starting with Frankie & Dee - The Vampire "Moondoggie" AKA "Count Eric Von Zipper" (that was MY biggest laff watching this) - The Big Kahuna actually hearkens back to Gidget.

Carmen does show skin but not as much as any male viewer would like. Daisy Torme looks great in a bikini so why are most of her jobs voice work? No justice in my world.
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Funny, not super dooper funny, but funny
dragon_grimm28 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have got to tell you I disagree with the review I read here already. The movie starts off a little confusing as to whether or not they are trying to be a serious vampire movie but if you watch you will come to find out it is not. I mean if you have not already figured out this is a comedy once the vampire slayer (The Big Kahuna Adam West) shows up you should have no doubts. I do not think this movie is super great fun and it definitely did not play to it's assets (i.e. Carmen Electra's body and Adam West in a hawaiian shirt). They should have definitely had more fun with that. It's a so-so vampire comedy with large lapses between funny's. If you get a chance to watch this movie for free and you really have some time to kill with nothing else to do then check it out, but really you should find something else to do.
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Dont judge a book by its cover
poison28114 August 2001
This is a great film. For many reasons this film deserves to be seen, first of all there is humor in it which for me makes it an easy film to watch. While there are lots of things happening that are not so funny like vampires taking over your home the funny remarks from the cast make it fun. Each charactor is great with a unique sence of humor and can easly be identified with. Then there is a deeper side to it. which afterwards made me really think. Granted i rented this with my boyfriend his wanting to get it because of the carmen cover which makes you think t&a made me not like it but afterwards it was worth the rental fee. This film is sort of like, weekend at bernies meets interview with the vampire. The funny easygoing film with the serious plot. So anywho mad props for the guys that did this and go rent it for yourself insted of believing what everyone else has to say.
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Good Clean Fun!
rjcj19 July 2001
Well let see, It's not full of blood and guts, it's not really scary, it's not sexual by any means, hmmmmmmm seems to me that a movie of this nature would be a good thing for kids and for people that are just wanting to get away from the garbage out in the video market today.

I believe that this movie is one of a kind. It has some cute parts to it, and, it has the venerable Adam West back in a Batman-esque kind of role. Being serious and over the top as he was in so many Batman shows of days forgotten.

Johny, Trevor, and Carmen were funny and enjoyable, as well as Sidney and Debra . I think for children this would be a cute and enjoyable movie and something parents ought to look into.

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Take a deeper Look
ecsangel11_200024 April 2001
I thought that this was a pretty good movie. I rented it expecting something sleazy but got a terrific movie with a good hidden meaning. Once you get passed the cover and know that your not going to get a T&A flick it is great. I thought it was a good coming of age film and I liked what was really being said. I defiantly think that the producer has some definite potential to make some more quality films. It took me watching it twice to appreciate it but it was worth it, but with the cover that was slapped on it I can understand how it might be misleading. So I suggest you give it a try.
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Very good Vampire comedy
ebiros224 October 2011
This is not a B movie. It's how a movie of this type should be made, and it's made with all the right ingredients.

Frankie (Trevor Lassauer), and his friends suddenly finds themselves in middle of vampire insurgence in their neighborhood. He then calls in help of Dr. Van Helsing (Adam West), but the guy isn't as reliable as Frankie would hope him to be.

Comedic plot, satire, nice looking chicks. This movie has it all, and it's done in good taste. The producers didn't make this movie into a joke. It's actually high quality, and actors really puts in their acts. Adam West puts in a superb performance, and actually I'm stunned at how good of an actor he really is.

It's an entertaining movie, and is recommended for viewing.
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just when you thought adam west couldn't get any lower...
tripperM20 June 2001
you know i love "B" films if you've read any of my posts, but THIS was a "T" film. "T" for tripe! i thought it might get better as it went along but it didn't. the cinematography (if you can call it that) was amature, the story line was minimal, and the acting -pardon the pun- SUCKED! big time! i mean it felt like it might even turn into a soft porn flick with the way the lack-of-acting and camera work was done, but not even...

if you want a good "B" vamp film, rent razorblade smile. now that was fun. i only thank god that i work at blockbuster and didn't have to pay for a rental of this really hideous flick.
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The cover box is intentionally MISLEADING!!!
stapuf18 July 2001
Can you let go of the unfulfilled promises written on the cover box? If so, then the true film enthusiast will see the movie for what it is, a decent, entertaining, tongue in cheek camp piece. My take is, the cover box was intentionally created to quickly grab up the "I want to see Carmen Electra get naked crowd" for quick sales that benefited the distributor and left the renter, "high and dry"! It is no wonder they hated it, they were ripped off! Nothing is worse than renting a film with a deceptive cover!!! That is definitely the case with this film. It is clear the filmmaker intended for this story to be told to the pre-teen audience. Look at it from that point of view, and you will see what I saw, nothing more, nothing less. Just a story that youngsters can enjoy.
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A refreshing journey into decent filmmaking and storytelling.
hanithore3 April 2001
As a parent, I often have to sit through films with my child that often have embarrassing situations and/or plotlines. This film has none. It's a throwback to the days when characters were fun and intriguing to watch. Where not everything is thrown in your face and completely explained. Where the ending is satisfying enough yet full of possibilities. I respect the filmmakers and actors who participated in this endeavor and look forward to more of their work because the movie industry has forgotten a very important thing: the mind and heart of the young viewers who are looking for identity and have little good to absorb in the media today. This film has fun characters, good direction and a heart of gold. Mr. Staley, my hats off to you for making this movie.
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not as bad a movie as some others seem to think
amaze1228 June 2004
Don't be too hard on this movie. I myself have also seen many, many movies, both foreign and otherwise, and this was Not a bad movie. When you have seen bad actors in a graveyard, trying to re-incarnate a "dead man" who is some extra wearing a badly fitting dirt-covered mask, then being chased by a flying "alien" baby, which is obviously a doll being suspended from a wire making badly recorded backward-tape sounds, ThEn you have seen a truly bad movie (I forget what the name of it was). The key to ThIs movie is to see it for what it could have been, and not for what it is. And, also, to ignore the camera booms which appear in almost every scene. That was the fault probably of an overly tired camera boom guy, and an obviously comatose editor. The director, however, was actually pretty good, the music for each scene fit perfectly, the acting was kinda good, and the special effects were pretty good. And sometimes they even poked fun at themselves. And as for Adam West, if you have seen his Other acting projects, you would know that this is actually some pretty good acting on his part, the best hands down he has ever done. (My way of saying that this director milked the best possible performance from this guy that he is actually capable of giving)...

The girls all looked GrEaT, and acted really well. The makers of this movie were unfathomably jealous of their obviously PG rating, and went to bible-belt-esque pains to retain it; (there could have been more screen acreage devoted to traditionally hot vampire sex moments), but I find it hard to hold that against them too much, it made the movie capable of being watched by kids, and we certainly need more of those...
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An American Vampire Story
a_baron1 November 2014
Clearly this film was intended to be a comedy; if intentions were dollars, we'd all be billionaires. A teen is left in charge of his parents' home as they take off on vacation, then he and his friend meet a slightly mysterious character on the beach - it helps if you live on the coast. Before he knows it, the mystery man has invited himself into kiddo's home along with his two gorgeous female companions and manservant, the latter of whom, well, you don't want to taste his cooking. Needless to say the ladies are also ladies of the night. No, not prostitutes!

At some point, whoever wrote the script decides the film should become serious, well, sort of. That doesn't work either. The script is not so bad, but the plot such as it is leaves much to be desired, and, well, some films just don't work. True, the soundtrack isn't that bad, but the jokes, such as they are, are weaker than the script. Give this one a miss if you have something more interesting to do this weekend. Like watch paint dry.
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make it stop
sore_throat5 October 2002
To date I have seen over 1100 films, and I try to watch a variety of movies with regard to year of release, country of origin, budget, genre, quality, from films everyone has heard of to films that are amazingly obscure. For me this was a new low in cinema.

It was so difficult to sit through this film and finish watching it. It is simultaneously amateurish (in a bad way), boring, irritating and painful. If you can sit through this then you deserve a special prize, like never having to work for the rest of your life.

I would say that this would have been an ideal film for the MST3K crew-but I could not have them go through the agony of dealing with this torture.

The absolute pits.
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Bout time somebody made a kids film ... for kids!
hanithore3 April 2001
For those of you misled by the overemphasis on Carmen and wanting to see nothing but a skin flick, go elsewhere. For those of you who want to have fun with the kids and derive some nostalgia with Adam West, this is the one. Another viewer stated that there was no plot to this movie. What sort of plot does this reader normally get from T&A skin flicks? This picture has a plot, just not hurled at your face with bold red letters, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. There are films for those who want to see Carmen exposed and doing nothing more, this is not the one. So go to a different type of video store and spare those of us looking for family films the pseudo-intellectual comments. This film has more than enough dignity for those seeking an alternate source of entertainment for their kids. Well done, Producers. Looking forward to your next picture.
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awful! truly an insult to vampire movies!
neal662 August 2002
Avoid at all costs! This was the probably the worst vampire movie I've ever seen.Any movie that has Adam West as a surfer-dude called The Big Kahuna is something you should miss.
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one good thing about it.
bottleneck91127 February 2003
The only thing that makes the a watchable dvd rent is the commentary track. I think the distributer of this horrible, horrible flick saw they had a real mess on their hands and got two members of the L.A. improv comedy troop "The Groundlings" to rifle on the movie while they watch. It pretty funny but it's the only way to watch the movie.
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Like having the life sucked out of you in 90 minutes, but...
naranjas29 August 2007
Like having the life sucked out of you in 90 minutes, but the comedy audio track on the DVD is funny. Two members of the Groundlings Improv Troupe send up this hideous film on the alternate sound track a la Mystery Science Three Thousand. This and this alone makes it worth renting. However to really enjoy the comedy track you need to watch the movie without it first - a scary, not in the good way, endeavor! Otherwise bad acting, bad directing, bad boom micing plague this badly written film. It's also painful to watch Adam West sell himself out for a few bucks in a small supporting role. Carmen Electra with all her wiles can't save even a minute of this mess.
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Oh my GOD...
cassidy255671 February 2007
OK, I watched this movie the other night, it was purchased by the GF on a lark, and it's hilarious, in a kitsch-ie sort of way. I can't believe it was made in 1997. From the look of the "Special" effects and hair and wardrobe, it should have been a 1986 vampire flick. A very bad 1986 vampire flick. Would I recommend it? If you are in the mood for some hilarious, misguided silliness, then yes. I'd be more than a little disgruntled with any friend who recommended it on it's merits, but if it were loaned to me as an "Oh my god, this is the cheesiest flick I've seen in years" style rec, then I'd let them live. I gave it three out of ten only because they may have been going for cheese.
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For a buck?
Bluerose22120 July 2006
I bought this movie at one of those superstore places for a whole dollar. It is okay, but I agree the cover is misleading just like the trailers for Cabin Fever. It would be a good movie to watch at a party where no one is really paying attention to it. Very campy and more funny than scary. But other than that it was worth the buck. Carmen Electra does a fair job. The cover art is far more appealing than the movie. What else is there to say? Except don't rent it or buy it if it is more than a few bucks. And If you are ready to laugh. The music does not go with the movie. But other than that it is just a fun movie and they are banking off the re-release because of Carmen and Dave's Divorce.
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Lots of Laughs
whpratt117 July 2006
Just knew that this film was going to be a BOMB and it sure was, however, it held my interest because of the different characters who loved cooking and eating cats, dogs, pigs and anything with blood running through its veins. Every week, a neighbor would post a sign on a fence for their poor missing pet or person. This all started when a young man invites a certain guy he met on the beach to come to his home for a party while his parents were gone for a week or more. There are plenty of sexy gals running all around and like I said before, this is really a very low B Horror film with Lots and Lots of laughs. So, if you like a slap stick silly vampire film, this is definitely the film for You.
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Another Day, Another Dollar Store DVD...
MetalGeek13 January 2006
I'm hooked on those cheap DVDs you find at dollar stores. It's like a disease. Anyway, when I walked into my local Just-A-Buck and saw a fanged Carmen Electra on the front cover of American VAMPIRE (a.k.a. AN American VAMPIRE STORY, for those of you interested enough to care) I thought to myself "We have a winner!" As a bonus, Adam ("Batman") West makes an appearance? I was in B-Movie heaven... until I actually watched the film. American VAMPIRE tells the story of a California surf bum teen who unwittingly opens his rad beach front home to a pack of vampires (led by a pudgy guy named "Moondoggie," I swear to GOD)while his parents are away on vacation. If you're hoping for a bloodsucking variation on RISKY BUSINESS at this point, you're going to be sorely disappointed because...well, nothing much happens. The kid spends much of the movie asking his dim-bulb friend (who was apparently channeling the "Bill & Ted" films in his performance) "How am I going to get rid of them?" until he is led to Adam West, a Hawaiian shirted descendant of the Van Helsings (again, I am not making this up)to help him slay them. This all could've been played out in half an hour but drags out for an excruciating near-90 minutes. Worse, we barely see Carmen Electra and when she is on screen she doesn't do anything. She's basically wallpaper. Don't get me wrong, I love bad horror movies and I love silly comedies, but American VAMPIRE does not classify as either one. If it weren't for the bondage gear that Carmen and her female-vamp com-padre are wearing in the brief time that they're on screen, this thing could run on the Family Channel as a Halloween special. Ignore, delete, destroy. The Dollar Store DVD maven has warned you.
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So bad it's...passable
vbrews26 November 2004
I vaguely recall that in my life I have left 2 movies unfinished. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and American Vampire. FAL was due to falling asleep while it played, over actual dislike, but AV shall I put this...akin to attempting to explain nihilism to someone on Zoloft. You really want to keep going, but in reality you realize how futile it really is. I'm not saying that this film is entirely unwatchable, just difficult to sit through. In all honesty, I went into this film expecting a campy vamp flick with Adam West chewing the scenery with visible gusto, and Carmen Electra being, well, slutty. The Carmen one went off without a hitch, but the other two were a bit of a disappointment. Adam West seemed to be sleepwalking through his part, with the only thing keeping him saying his lines being a paycheck. As for the campy vamp flick, well, low budget is one thing, but this is the kind of flick that should be on Something Awful's Movie Reviews.

On a positive note, aside from Superfriends, I suspect that this film can provide the most inebriating drinking game available: Every time you see a boom mike, take a drink.
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The only thing these Vampires will drain is your time and $!
Asmodeus Night4 April 2001
This movie was horrible, a definite 2. The movie had almost no redeeming value whatsoever, and I mean none. Obviously I did not rent this thing expecting to see academy award winning performances so that's one. I am also a fan of occult type movies as well as many others, and in particular vampires, that's two. And three it was no coincidence that Carmen Electra was on the cover and I rented it, that's three. I say these to let you know that I have good taste but I rented the movie for some campy fun, I was slumming as far as movie rentals go. This is important to know because when I say this movie was bad I am considering it from all angles. It was worthless in any respect; it was just cheap and ridiculous. It failed to be comedic, dramatic, scary, or even fun in that B movie sense. And let me add this for the fellas, NO NUDITY! Believe me Carmen Electra on the cover is a clever marketing ploy, she's barely in it, and I don't mean barely as in naked, let me assure you. The movie is a constant let down with terrible characters, no plot development, and horrible punch lines. The plot suddenly by about half way through became a comedy and this didn't work either. This movie was the worst I've seen in a long time and believe me that's bad. The only thing that saved this movie from a 1 was the fact that by switching suddenly to an attempt at comedy, the director at least showed that, while his attempt was sad, he had a conscious. He realized he was making something so horrible that the least he could do for the viewer was to try and make it laughable (though he failed).
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