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23 Jan. 2001
Der grosse Traum
Max Lindner and his even hunkier best mate Fibbes Breuer, the carefree prankster type that doesn't mind girls getting a good view of their burly bared butts while urinating in the snow, look forward to leaving Hochtal, in the Bavarian Alps, for a six month snowboarding camp in Colorado after their study in Munich, and celebrate with a wild nightly party. Alas, dad Luwdig Lindner is awaken by the burning of the family's ski lodge, runs in and damages his spine; yet, he lies about his hospital diagnosis to convince beloved son Max to go ahead with his Rocky dream, but ...
30 Jan. 2001
Drei sind einer zuviel
The boys work their tails off to build the snowboarder paradise 'Powder Park' from scratch as alternative earning for Max's family, but eternal optimist Fibbes decides they must advertise with a big launch in grand style, ready or not, enlisting their female admirers' help to build a website and do the paperwork. Fibbes believes his hunky teddy-bear- routine convinced Emma Karvangs, Munich's hottest DJ, to do the opening party for 5% of the earnings, but she really stays -and brings in popular band Glow- for cute, quiet Max, who alas feels he must reject her out of ...
6 Feb. 2001
Der Junkie
The boys cheerfully bring up by ski-lift a fridge Fibbes got for only 100 Euro from a salesgirl he promised snowboarding lessons and private 'après ski'. Max is at least as delighted as mayor Sailer with the return of his village youth mate, Georg 'Schorschi' alias Sailer Junior, but Fibbes's initial reluctance turns into open hostility when he learns the boy has a past as a junkie, not unlike Fibbes's alcoholic father and brother. When Fibbes lets off steam snowboarding after loosing the fridge and the girl accidentally by Schorschi's fault, he hurts his knee ...
13 Feb. 2001
Leb wild und gefährlich
This time a schoolmate of Fibbes, Stephan Vens, turns up with a bunch of friends, but the reservation for Robo 2001, his rock-board club's annual party, got lost. Max's ma worries when a tourist group from Mainz (Mayence) cancels, fearing the young snowboard crowd isn't to their traditional clientèle's conservative taste so they prefer Sailer's hostel, but Stephan's bunch didn't have a place to stay, even lodged cheap they're better then nothing. Max is ecstatic to find Fibbes has arranged for his flame Emma to visit again and DJ the party, but after stripping for a ...
20 Feb. 2001
Volles Risiko
Some study friends visit the mates in Hochtal, but the now spoiled business brats scorn the Lindner mountain inn, preferring the mayor's luxury hotel. Among them are Fibbes's ex Sharon and her jealous present mate, stock millionaire Sven. Schorschi got stuck cleaning everything while the lordly founders enjoyed test-riding the snow, but when a brat offers good money for his personally designed decorated snowboard, Vroni makes him realize this can become a lucrative business; alas her ma decides spraying paint in her inn is punishable by eviction... Max correctly calls...
27 Feb. 2001
Powder park is doing good business, but one of the new guests, who is an instant romantic hit -despite the literal versions- with Max's sister who believes herself an excellent judge of characters, and turns out to be- Fibbes' equally studly elder brother Axel, whose teenage drug dealing cost him five years in jail after Fibbes's 17 year-old friend Bianca died from OD. Schorschi's arrogant 500 Euro 'designer board' sales technique irritates level-headed guests, but his admirer Vroni drags him along to spend nights in sleeping bags after she spots something that could ...
6 Mar. 2001
When gullible Georg sees an ad for a 1955 Ford pick-up, no objection about fuel consumption is heard, he even pays a third in advance without seeing it, then takes Vroni along to pick the wreck up in Munich after a movie, another somewhat dated classic, '2001: A Space Odyssea'. Max goes along to surprise his D.J. girlfriend Emma, who is stuck in the studio there for another dozen days, but she has the real surprise: on tour in London she saw her boyfriend from a year earlier, who has AIDS; Max goes trough hell waiting for the lab test-result... Meanwhile Max's sister ...
13 Mar. 2001
Lüge und Wahrheit
Max is furious at his mother when he finds out she lied about visiting his aunt; so Anke makes clear to Erik Maasen they can only be friends, but their evening to 'give her menu tips' has every element of romance, they even end up kissing. Florian is in heaven when he and his helpful hero Fibbes are chosen by a photographer for snowboarding pictures as dad and son, but just when ma Lissy watches Flo makes a rather bad fall, after most of the florist's stock was working of her... Vroni finally gets rid of her virginity, with Schorschi, who finds her sexual stamina ...
20 Mar. 2001
Der Schneewolf
Max's dad Ludwig is finally back home after revalidation, but the whole Lindner family is shattered when ma Anke takes Max's advice not to wait till dad finds out she has another. Despite Max's advice to fight for his marriage, Ludwig proposes a separation and considers a full divorce. Max finds some consolation when Emma makes a surprise visit, then much more... Now the snow season ends, Fibbes thinks up to continue Powder Park by trips on the glacier, but first there is a last group from Hamburg, green girls. Schorschi complains he can't cope with Vroni's sexual ...
27 Mar. 2001
Konkurrenz für Fibbes
Now the snow is low, Max opens Powder Park's summer version on the glacier with a party starring the alpine rock band 'Snow' and teaches Emma to enjoy dirtboarding; pa Ludwig comes help to take his mind off the impending divorce. Vroni has send some of Schorschi's designs to manufacturer's but the broke boy resists 'selling out'... Fibbes wonders who can't keep his eyes of him and Florian- it's the cute kid's biological father Boris, who left pregnant Lissy seven years ago to follow a guru to India and ended up in Australia. Now he's a successful ICT entrepreneur and ...
3 Apr. 2001
German Dreamboys
Max's last day frolicking in the mountains with Emma ends when a cow eats his favorite jeans and he steps in her droppings, so the poor boy must sneak back home in his boxers, to be told Fibbes, who held the fort, now leaves him in charge all alone, so Max dozes off in bed even before making love, while Emma is left baby-sitting cute but exhausting Florian. Cop Ilja Deininger warns Max his guest Ben Keller is such a kicks junkie he probably already caused a fatal climbing accident last year. Fibbes is uneasy when the acrobatic strippers group German Dream Boys arrives...
10 Apr. 2001
Ganz in Weiß
Max is absent-minded now Emma is in London without him; Fibbes claims she still loves him, he just has to do something about it- but what? Pa advises against running after a girl, while ma Anke has doubts about her lover Eric Maasen, even when he hands her world-trip tickets... Florian is furious when ma Lissy automatically assumes he lies to her denying he cheated in class, which teacher Zenker failed him for; only 'unfit male role model' Fibbes believes Zenker has it in for the boy, and learns in confidence Flo covers for his classmate Melissa, who copied his ...
17 Apr. 2001
Max has had it with mate Fibbes's laziness, whose spending their last dime and credit line on a video camera is just too much. Still it gets worse: Scotsman Graeme bumps into Fibbes and wins a snowboarding duel, then turns out to be hired by their nemesis, mayor Sailer, as celebrity for his own, brand new park project, White Peaks, financed by a wealthy industrial group, so Fibbes challenges equally cocky Gordon to a real race, high stakes: the looser leaves Hochtal, which would mean the end for Max too, yet his irate objections are simply waved... Meanwhile Vroni ...

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