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Season 2

23 Nov. 2005
When holiday resorts manager Viktor Gemballa offers Powder Park a generous collaboration, Max wants to accept this solution. Max's dad reveals that his permission, as owner of the land, is out of the question: he transfers it by deed to Max. Georg is delighted with the prospect that his home-made boards could be part of a lucrative package deal. His father, the Mayor, warns him that the 'boys' are no match for a tycoon like Gambella.
2 May 2009
Mädchen, Mädchen
Fibbes has rented a run-down workshop for two years, hoping to renovate it in exchange for petty rent. Max laughs at the idea to leave his parents' cushy home for it. Still he and Schortschi decide to lend a helping hand. Viktor Gemballa and Lars are pleased with 'Borderland', the shop annexed to the park, but Schorschi doesn't want to spend all his time there with Vroni. A group of girl boarding pupils only has eyes for the two hunky instructors, in at least one case to an unhealthy degree.
3 May 2009
Eine Frage der Ehre
Bragging during commercial shooting, organized Lars gets the boys cocky enough to conceive a tournament for the empty title of President of Borderland. Max hides his health troubles extended from his leg to his hands; only his girlfriend noticed and makes him see her employer, Munisch doctor Steiner, whose tests sadly conclude it's almost certainly MS. Schorschi surprises his step-ma while she commits adultery again, with the cameraman, but this time not without consequences.
9 May 2009
Liebe und Schwüre
Young Florian's biological dad, Hamburg entrepreneur Boris, visits again. The boy hopes that his father will pay for the board school that the Lindners can't afford. His stubborn mother's pride ignores the fact that his best friend, Matti, is going there so Florian runs away. Schorschi's visit from Miriam is too much for Vroni, who already feels abandoned in the shop. Max also has a visiting ex, Sabina, whom he tries to impress while denying his MS. Miriam's past comes too, and causes a major lovers row.
10 May 2009
Dumm gelaufen
The boys find out they failed to notice a contractual obligation to organize a huge VIP 'extravaganza' in only three days. Max rises to the challenge, despite his new MS symptoms affecting his eyesight, and Georgi braves his vindictive ex in the shop. Fibbes however decides the host sponsor, a bank, deserves no cooperation, even rounds up party animals to sabotage the party, with unexpected results. Ma Linder is pleasantly surprised that Ludwig didn't forget their anniversary, but more surprised by momentous news that nobody expected. Max also gets a nasty surprise.
16 May 2009
Karawane der Träume
Now a specialist confirm's Max's MS diagnosis as certain, on his birthday, the snowboarder feels as if his life were over. When he bumps into skier Mario, that young man enjoys meeting Vroni. Alas he hurt his leg to badly to work as his grumpy dad's assistant in his magic act. Max volunteers to stand in for him at the 'Caravan of Dreams' circus, where he thus discovers bigger problems. Florian, in a murderous mood, finds out grandma may be pregnant.
17 May 2009
Max's MS condition keeps troubling him, so Phibbes and Goergi experience how much he always did for Powder Park. Schorcshi is flat-out in his boards business, but Max isn't cut out for it in his condition. Fibbes gets serious with Tibet trekking veteran Anne-Marie - a rival for Lissy? Max is tempted to a bad 'medicine'.
22 May 2009
Now he can't compete in boarding anymore, Max looses interest in Powder Park and considers selling at least his share. Gambetta convinces him to shake hands on a price. Even before he knows that, Phibbes, who lost Max's sister Lissy, feels like his mate's whipping boy. Fortunately Ralf, the professional boarder Lars hired, insists the boys participate in a race too. Max's ex talks him out of moving to London with her.
24 May 2009
Verwirrung der Gefühle
The boys are determined to build an igloo, but lack the 'know-how' to do it properly. Dr. Steiner must confirm that the baby isn't Ludwig's, but may reveal to Max that his MS is developing slowly. The boy's prognosis is further dampened by Emma's upcoming return to London and Sabine's jealous mood. Lissy's Milan friend, Corinna, gets her orders from an Italian designer. To fit her workshop Schorschi is evicted, but finds Vroni's shop attic will do. Phibbes fears that Lissy has met an Italian, but it's actually something all together different. Anke finally confesses ...
Ein echter Champ
Now Ludwig has thrown repeat-adulteress Anke out, they and their kids try to get used to the situation. The friends learn Lissy and Corinna have a lesbian affair. Max wants to teach Ronny's group of Down syndrome patients snowboarding, even if they're a nuisance and can't pay. Business partner Gambella objects to such non-profitable activity, so the boys want to break up with him. Sailer offers both Ludwig and the boys his help, but only son Georg overcomes his mistrust.
31 May 2009
Gemballa decides playtime is over and demands profitable activities only. The boys refuse, but he starts playing hardball, with his lawyer. Schorschi and even Vroni are evicted from the shop too. Schorschi asks his pa for a loan so he can help out, but Fibbes's suspicion the capitalists are in league seems confirmed as they're seen conferring. The boys mount their own sabotage offensive but end up in custody. Florian returns from his dad in Munich, and Lissy realizes it's time to decide whether to team up with his hero Fibbes again.
6 Jun. 2009
Nacht über Hochtal
The boys are happy now Gemballa has sold them his share in Powderpark. Max advices against his father renovating as if to erase all traces of his mother. Newcomer Michael is looking for a certain Charlotte. Max realizes that he is in fact looking for his girl-friend Sabine, they run off and the gang chases them. After a fight they're stuck in abandoned mine. Their only hope is Vroni when they are late for a party they promised to help out at.
7 Jun. 2009
Hochzeit mit Hindernissen
Georschi finally proposes to Vroni, but makes her believe he wants no ceremony. In fact the boys prepare a grand feast on the gletcher for the folowing Friday. However planning the boarder extravaganza proves as hard as keeping the secret. Meanwhile Max's Charlotte (Sabine) feels neglected and superfluous.

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