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Ghastly movie
ahshew7 May 2005
without doubt Leslie Neilsens worst movie ever. there were only two of us in the movie theater, which should have deterred us from staying. Its the only movie I have ever wished to get up and leave. The The film was boring, the slapstick is awful, the story line weak, and Leslie Nielsen is most unfunny. There are one or two vulgar pieces, featuring human excrement. A big disappointment. it was shown in Spain as "Esquia como puedas", which followed the format of previous very funny movies from Airport forwards. Nielsen plays a secondary role, and his character is definitely second rate. I shall think twice about going to another Nielsen movie without reading reviews.
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What Was The World Missing? An Iditarod Comedy? YEAH!
BigHardcoreRed12 January 2005
Chilly Dogs AKA: Kevin Of The North is about a young travel agent named Kevin Manley (Skeet Ulrich) in Canoga Park who receives an inheritance in Alaska. He promptly quits his job and heads up north to to collect on what, no doubt, will be a large sum and he will no longer have to worry about finances again.

Upon getting to Alaska, he learns of a clause his grandfather put in his will (tired cliché anyone?) and has to participate in the Iditarod Dog Race to prove his is man enough to accept his grandfathers inheritance.

There he meets Clive Thornton (Leslie Nielsen), a beautiful young blond (Natasha Henstridge) and the town bully (Lochlyn Munro). All three have their own reasons for wanting Kevin to fail and, thus, he must overcome many obstacles just to make it to the race itself. I'm not sure why I'm spending so much time on the plot, itself, it's merely there for the jokes but that's the surprise. Lately, Lesley Nielsen movies have been pretty darn unfunny and while this movie is not that good, it is pretty funny. Leslie's character Clive was the funniest with his snide comments that you have to be paying attention to to catch. Easily the funniest character in this movie and much better than his next movie Men With Brooms, which was horrible no matter how you look at it. But don't get me wrong, it's no Naked Gun either- far from it, but it gets the job done.

Natasha Henstridge plays Bonnie Livengood, whom they later find out their grandfathers had a horrible history with one another, which hurts their relationship as well. Natasha plays the lead female here very well and I enjoyed her performance in it.

Skeet Ulrich, as Kevin Manley, reminded me so much of Matthew Broderick with his voice, it was amazing, albeit unintentional I'm positive. However, I have never seen him in the clown role before and I think he did fine, considering Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey probably were not in the budget for this one (It's always been a dream of mine for Carrey and Nielsen to make a movie together).

Lochlyn Munro played Ned Parker, the town jerk. He was all right here but could probably be cast better. He didn't seem like a real threat to Kevin at any point and every time I saw him on screen I couldn't get his scene with Julian (John C. McGinley) taking a bath with him in Wagon's East out of my head.

Given the circumstances and what I was expecting to see (explains why it sat on my DVD rack for almost a year) I was pleasantly surprised. 7/10
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Good winter comedy
Katatonia4 March 2003
Yes, it is a lot like Snow Dogs but i do not see Chilly Dogs as a ripoff. Chilly Dogs was released in 2001, so it may have even come before Snow Dogs and been put on the backburner simply because it was not produced by a major film studio. I could be wrong, but i find it hard to believe that this film deliberately ripped off another script at the same exact time they were both filmed.

As for the movie itself, i really liked it. There are several excellent actors portraying some very funny roles. There are several truly hilarious dialogue moments which you may not even catch in the first viewing. When i watched it the second time i noticed quite a few things i had previously been unaware of.

Bottom line...if you like Winter Comedies you'll probably like this movie.
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Leslie Nielsen's typically hilarious acting absent in this one
stuckfly3 March 2003
If you're after a Nielsen comedy, don't bother. His role is a mundane supporting one and lacks his usual comedy genius. Unfortunately, the performances and plot he supports is lifeless and average. The dogs don't even contribute.
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Great Comedy!
vandammage20 February 2002
The other day I rented this movie hoping that I could have some laughs. I was wrong, I loved watching this movie. I laughed from the beginning to the end with the great contribution of Leslie Nielsen who in this film plays as the bad guy. Natasha Henstridge (Species) plays as the lover of Skeet Ulrich. I recommend this movie to the fans of comedy films and I am positively sure that you will like it.
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That motley team of dogs!
jotix10020 March 2005
This comedy arrived during a recent snow storm. Right off the bat, we realized this movie was not going to break any new ground, or that it's nothing more than a funny attempt to let us spend almost two hours watching the shenanigans of this unlikely hero. Once that is out of the way, this film, directed by Bob Spiers, hit the spot.

Not only that, the famous dog race was happening at the same time Kevin, Bonnie, Carter, Clive Thornton were also going up North to Nome in the movie! There are some good moments in the film that make the viewer laugh.

Skeet Ulrich, as Kevin, makes the best he can with the material he was given to play. Natasha Henstridge, is Bonnie, a girl from a rival family that was an enemy of Kevin's pioneer grandfather. Leslie Nielsen is not as effective because his villain is not fully realized. On the other hand, Rik Mayall is a mean and ruthless Carter.

The best of the film, the Iditarod race. Kevin put together an assortment of cute dogs that turned out to be the winning team in the movie.
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Just plain bad
cryofry2 June 2004
This is undoubtedly the worst movie EVER in cinema history! The jokes are lame (the whole movie is lame) and the quality is just plain crap. I watched the DVD interviews and every actor said that they had faith in this piece of junk. Skeet and Leslie even commented how funny and fantastic the script was.

I rented this out thinking it would be a good adult comedy, but it proved too childish for me - heck it might even be too childish for children. Now that I think of it, this movie has some rude (unfunny) jokes that are not suitable for children. I don't know who the movie was trying to reach, but it sure as heck wasen't me, or the 98% of people who have seen this movie.

NOTE: See this movie to mock it only.
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Kevin of the North highjacked my life and took my sanity prisoner.
ctrei2 May 2004
I saw this movie on an airplane, and I considered walking out halfway through. The one good thing about this movie is that I now know why plane seats are equipped with vomit bags. But seriously folks, this movie was a big disappointment. Skeet Ulrich and Leslie Nielson are certainly not great actors, but they usually satisfy. This film's intentions are undoubtedly good considering the numerous Hollywood-approved family comedy standby techniques, but the quality of the acting, directing, writing, and cinematography is deplorable. In short, do not see this film. Do not purchase this movie as a gift for your kids or for your friends who have kids. Do not even rent it as a joke to laugh about with your buddies. And if, like me, you are subjected to viewing it midair, do yourself a favor and tune the headphones attached to your armrest to one of the radio stations; I recommend the best of Boz Scaggs, which I think is #4.
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Funnnnnny all the way.
acearms31 January 2004
Its good to see Skeet Ulrich in a comedy role for a change. He is superb. Leslie Nielsen is great as ever and Natasha Henstridge gives the movie that extra touch of the female side to make it a real hit. This is a comedy, take it as such. The plot is good, although some what predictable. Let go and enjoy the antics as they take place, nothing serious about this one. Easy and fun to watch. Relax, enjoy and watch it. A funnnny situation movie all the way. 7/10
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Rik Mayall...what have you done!?
Golgothae5 October 2002
This was a real disappointment...this movie could have been funny if it had good timing. It has the worst timing ever. With people like Rik Mayall and Leslie Nielsen I would think this was going to be a real hit. Rik Mayall being the evil competitor working for Leslie Nielsen. Rik is one of the most tasteless persons in comedy and frankly...That's why I love him. He's one of my favourite comedians. But he should never have played in this movie, cause it's sad sad and sad. The thing that bugs me with this one is that you know they've f...ed it up cause they haven't tried hard enough to be funny. They've just relied on the actors to be funny and the actors on the director. I'm almost positive that is one of the main problems here. Of course it could never have gotten very good with that script, although I fear it's the directors fault mainly why this movie has gone down the drain. It COULD have been better. It really could have. But when Rik and Leslie can't save this..nothing can. It could with a little luck have been a good childrens movie though.
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Rik Mayall 's Movie
Who think to watch Leslie Nielsen have a great surprise in this movie because Rik Mayall is high point of this silly movie otherwise could be throw away the DVD but he saves the movie in your funny English's accent, some jokes and playing a villain,Nielsen as a bad guy didn't work...Skeet Ulrich is totally lost in bad smell and Natasha Henstridge works with your beauty only....remains a little of this picture...just Rik Mayall and the funny dogs!!
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Not great
sillyjordo10 August 2016
I worked in the film industry in Van around the time this was being shot. I didn't know about it at the time, and its news to to me that it even existed; here, some fifteen years later.

All I can think is 'wow, I wish I had gotten on that'. The budget that the internet reported was pretty significant. It certainly didn't come across on film.

I bet boats were bought as a result of this movie.

I wish I had been boating instead of watching this. I did finish it though...

These last lines are to meet the ten line requirement for a review on IMDb. Fitting for the review of a tragically formulaic movie.
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Silly fun, is Chilly Dogs, it will make you laugh and the scenery is awesome, too!
Amy Adler15 July 2010
Kevin (Skeet Ulrich) can't believe his good fortune. He has just learned that his grandfather left him a home and land in Alaska, allowing Kev to quit his mundane job at an LA travel agency. Heading north, things seem to go wrong right from the start, including the destruction of his luggage. When he makes it to his motel "The Moose", the proprietor, a Mr. Thornton (Leslie Nielsen) informs him of the fine print in his g-pa's will. In order to inherit, Kevin must complete the arduous Iditarod, as proof that he has the "goods" to make it in rough-and-tumble Alaska. Huh. Thus, the ex poster-hanger buys a pack of sled dogs and all the equipment and even gets some hurry-up training from beautiful Bonnie (Natasha Henstridge), for the race is about to begin. However, on the eve of the race, his equipment and dogs are stolen. Undaunted, Kev goes to the local dog pound and assembles a team of canines, from poodles to St. Bernards to boxers. And, he finds some secondhand furniture that he turns into a sled. Now Kevin realizes that someone is sabotaging his race and its Mr. Thornton! The old goat has his eyes on Kevin's land. Will Kev be able to finish the race? This film is silly but effective fun, making any sourpusses out there smile like crazy. The cast is very nice, for Ulrich, Henstridge, Nielson, Lochlyn Munro and all of the others generate many a giggle. Then, too, the scenery in Alaska is most lovely, from snow-covered mountains to pristine streams. All of the other film effects, costumes, script, direction, and camera work are worthy as well. Has this been a downer of a day? Well, even if its chilly out, head out the door to grab Chilly Dogs from the local DVD businesses or the library. Your mood will brighten almost immediately.
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A poor man's Snow Dogs.
NEOSE7ENS5 February 2003
This is a rip-off of Snow Dogs minus the charm and the charisma. Everyone involved seems to be going through the motions. This is another throw away movie. Don't waste your time! TRUST ME!
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Only if you've run out of options.
giggle_girl_1512 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
****SPOILER******** ****SPOILER******** ****SPOILER********

This movie is only for fans of Leslie Neilsen or Skeet Ulrich. There was only about 4 really funny moments and, at 103 minutes, was about 99 minutes to long. With how predictably the characters acted, e.g: The bad guy losing to Kevin Manley, Kevin getting the girl, this movie was a real bore. I would of taken it back to the store, but they were closed by the time it was half way through. Not recommended if you actually have a sense of humor.
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a laugh a minute
mcconnon1 June 2002
we sat down to watch this movie the other day and laughed from start to finish if you like george of the jungle meets a walt disney family movie with slight adult undertones you will love this movie a great movie with funy parts rik mayall is worth the watch by himself but joined by leslie nielson you cant pass up this flick 10/10
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It could have been a lot better...
jpeters9-15 January 2007
OK. Let's just say that this movie was a waste of time. If you have the opportunity to NOT WATCH IT, please don't! The humor is, well, not really humor. In fact, some of the jokes are rather disgusting (as in bird and human feces in the face a number of times). It's a total waste of a movie. The plot is OK, with the race and all, but the way they put it together? Please, can you try a less embarrassing way for the main character. As for the PG rating; what's with that? There's many mentioned and physical "love" scenes that should raise this movie to at least PG-13; even 14A if they're smart. But hey, the people who do the ratings obviously don't think kissing, sleeping together, and other such scenes deserve a high rating. Yikes. What is this world coming to? Bad movies and bad ratings... a waste of a movie.
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Ewwww. . What a Stinker!!
foxfire21 September 2006
I originally watched this movie because I loved watching Skeet Ulrich in the TV series "Miracles" (another great & provocative series cancelled by the U.S. networks, way before it's time), and wanted to see some more of his work.

I just found out on this site that Skeet made this movie BEFORE "Miracles." I'm glad to find out that this movie didn't entirely ruin his career.

This must have been one of those sad movies made on a minuscule budget, to satisfy one of the Canadian cable network's "Canadian content" requirements. It is reminiscent of some of the terrible Canadian films made in the 1970's and 80's.

The writing appears to be that of a 12 or 13 year-old, and even the talents of Skeet and Leslie Nielsen can't save this one. The dialogue is so bad, I found myself actually feeling embarrassed for the actors who had to spew out the words. Leslie must have been short of cash that month to agree to be in this one. The lame gags, might work for 12 year olds, but no one above that age should even waste the money on renting this piece of "sled-dog crap."
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Could be a good kids movie, but spoiled with sexual content
Jim3 January 2004
This movie starts out like a "Snow Dogs" knockoff, but quickly turns sour. It has a simple story line and predictable plot twists, but seems like it could be a fun kids movie. Pretty quickly, you discover that the movie is filled with sexual content, male crotch gags, constipation & fart gags, homophobic innuendo, and plain stupidity.

I have always liked Skeet Ulrich and Leslie Nielsen, but this movie is just plain bad! I just hope that no parent ever lets their kids watch this movie.
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Oh, dear God....
audiman20011 November 2002
This is possably the worst movie ever made! Even the beautiful Natasha Henstridge suck in this movie! I have no clue what so ever to how this movie even got past editing, cause they had to see how very, very, very bad it was there...

Stay clear of this one! I just want to cry because I spent $4 renting it...
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Very funny movie
misticknight18 December 2004
This movie turned out to be really great after all, and reminded me of one thing, never LISTEN TO CRITICS. Skeet is excellent in it as the typical man who tries to much and always fails, but he's still very funny nonetheless. a great watch and family film(though a bit rude the young ones wouldn't wouldn't understand most of it.)Definitely worth a watch, especially for a Skeet fan. It starts out with Kevin(Skeet)working in a travel agency and he gets his grandfathers will where he must travel to Alask to earn his inheritance, and it all starts out from there. It'll make you laugh, cry and raise your voice. So as i said bore, don't listen to the other reviews, and go get yourself this DVD NOW!
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A spectacular failure
Wizard-820 April 2011
In the Canadian film industry, it's rare to come across a Canadian movie made for theaters that wasn't funded by the government, KEVIN OF THE NORTH being one of those. Actually, in this case the movie was *intended* for theaters, but it doesn't seem to have received a theatrical release. And that is the only smart decision made with the making of this movie. It certainly does not look theatrical-quality, with many scenes looking pretty cheap, due to a number of obvious short-cuts on screen. Skeet Ulrich manages to make an utterly obnoxious and stupid character even *more* obnoxious and stupid as it was written in the screenplay. Leslie Nielsen just goes through the motions, and Henstridge doesn't try at all. But the biggest fault of the movie is that it is remarkably unfunny. Oh, there are a couple of gags that made me (slightly) smile, but the rest of the attempts of humor consist of gross gags, people falling and slipping up, and punchlines you'll see coming long before the director reveals them. Not recommended, unless you want to see an example as to why most Canadians wouldn't be caught dead watching a Canadian film.
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