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Chicago Sun-Times
Here is the most passionate and tender love story in many years, so touching because it is not about a story, not about stars, not about a plot, not about sex, not about nudity, but about LOVE itself.
Boston Globe
Films that achieve the dimension of seraphic embrace achieved by 'Innocence, as it explores a return to first love, are the rarest of the rare.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If there's a more passionate love story out there, then I haven't had the privilege of seeing it.
Chicago Tribune
A beautiful, almost defiant film on an unusual subject: love among the elderly.
New York Post
This is a beautifully acted chamber piece --especially by the magnificent Blake, who is married to Norris in real life.
Remarkable in several big ways.
No situation could be more human, and it's one the youth-dominated film industry rarely touches.
This unusual romantic drama is sensitively acted by a well-chosen cast and subtly directed by Cox.
Charlotte Observer
Like an impressionist painting. Scrutinize it closely, and the details don't make sense individually. Step back from it to study the big picture, and it will make a sweeping effect.
New York Daily News
It's reassuring to see love and sex in one's 70s depicted as fully replenishing. At the same time, it's sobering to think that it's no easier in the twilight of life to make rational decisions regarding the heart.

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