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It's about as close to French farce as romantic comedies get, and the closer the better.
Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey don't simply star in this movie; they tag-team it out of the Freddie Prinze Jr. --Julia Stiles puppy-love ghetto.
McConaughey and (especially) Hudson manage to make it all work, maintaining their likability even in situations where they inevitably end up acting like jerks.
Miami Herald
Eventually loses its cheerful goofiness and its momentum, climaxing with a lengthy and embarrassing showdown scene at a big party. But it gets worse.
What's missing? Simple: the romance. This movie is so intent upon getting cheap laughs and putting the protagonists in uncomfortable situations that it forgets they're supposed to be falling in love.
Entertainment Weekly
With its ungainly double-deception premise, How to Lose a Guy feels like it was made out of two connect-the-dots drawings laid haphazardly on top of one another.
How to lose an audience in 10 minutes: Cobble together a predictable and forced romantic comedy that should have been funnier.
Philadelphia Inquirer
There is no shape or pacing to Daniel Petrie's movie. It's like a bottle of soda left uncapped. So thus a story that promised effervescence ends up being flat.
New York Daily News
Some of the scenarios are funny. But they're uniformly overplayed.
Wall Street Journal
The movie isn't all bad, and it's sure to succeed with its target audience.
When a chick flick goes wrong -- and this one hits a dead end in hell -- it's a wipeout.

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