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21 Wtf Moments From WCW Nitro (Jan 26th, 1998)


With Souled Out in the history books and Sting & Hogan’s showdown set for SuperBrawl, it’s time to strap in for another ride through an episode of WCW Monday Nitro from early 1998. The good news for those of you who are enjoying this series is that the WWE Network have updated the Nitros through to August 1999, so we can reminisce for the weeks and months to come!

I may need some of you to hold me in order to get through the darker days of WCW that will turn up in the near future, however.

But for now, we’re looking at January 26th, 1998 where there’s hope for Bret Hart in WCW, Sting is a megastar, Goldberg’s on the rise and the nWo is still hugely popular.

Before we get into the episode, I had to share the above picture with you. Now while you
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25 Wtf Moments From WCW Souled Out 1998


Welcome to the first Wtf moments article on WCW pay per-view events! Since we’re covering the Nitros from early 1998 onwards, it only makes sense to delve into the WCW pay-per-view events and see what WCW was offering while the WWF was on a meteoric rise thanks to the ushering in of the Attitude Era.

Souled Out began as a PPV in 1997, originally as an nWo event where the announcers, referees and crew were all paid for by the New World Order and the WCW wrestlers were only there to fight the nWo stars. The event tanked on pay per-view and it was at that point that Eric Bischoff began to re-consider original idea – separate branded PPV events for both WCW and the nWo.

Fast forward a year to 1998 and the show was a regular WCW PPV event on a Saturday night. The 1998 show emanated from Dayton, Ohio
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21 Wtf Moments From WCW Nitro (Jan 19th, 1998)

WWE Network

It’s time once again to hop in the DeLorean and head back to January of 1998, for another look at some Wtf moments from the Superdome in New Orleans on Monday Nitro on January 19th, 1998.

One of the biggest takeaways (compared to watching a current episode of Monday Night Raw) is that on this Nitro, there are around fifteen stars who are all pushed, heavily-featured and feel like big names. There’s also a feeling of chaos throughout the show where anything could happen, which enhances the viewing experience tenfold.

This episode is also the go-home Nitro for the upcoming weekend’s Souled Out pay per-view, which oddly enough took place on a Saturday. Going into this edition of WCW’s prime time show, there were more questions about the dissension of the New World Order along with the final build towards The Giant facing Kevin Nash and
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