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Wall Street Journal
Beyond being entertained, I was delighted by the movie's outpouring of slapstick invention (one crazed sequence in a pet store has all the pawmarks of a classic), and the genial energy of its star, David Arquette.
Chicago Sun-Times
Movies like this demonstrate that when it comes to stupidity and vulgarity, only the best will do for our children.
Boston Globe
See Spot Run isn't solely responsible for the dumbing down of movies, but it's part of the dismal phenomenon.
Chicago Tribune
Give David Arquette credit. He shares nearly all his screen time in See Spot Run with a clever canine and a cute kid and still manages to pull off his usual nutty-slapstick routine with gusto.
New York Post
Do your kids a favor - and take them to see something more worthwhile than the relentlessly vulgar and stupid See Spot Run.
Mr. Showbiz
Oak-stiff and witless, but a few scenes muster up embarrassed chuckles.
San Francisco Chronicle
Brutally dumb canine comedy.
Someone should have treated See Spot Run like a bone and buried it.
New York Daily News
It's enough to encourage the aspiring film makers in the audience, no matter how wee in age, to yell "Cut!"
Miami Herald
PG? Please. Might as well take a kid to Hannibal. At least that one was funnier and didn't implicate any noble breeds in its violence -- just humans.
Entertainment Weekly
Personally, I'd say that it was about time Arquette was leashed.

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