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Chicago Reader
All of this comedy's jokes are old.
L.A. Weekly
It's finally a hilarious and cuddly flashback from the dog's point of view, to his training as a pup, that marks the moment when the film finds its sweetly moronic legs.
Chicago Sun-Times
Movies like this demonstrate that when it comes to stupidity and vulgarity, only the best will do for our children.
The movie equivalent of a box of Froot Loops followed by a half-gallon Pepsi chaser.
New York Daily News
It's enough to encourage the aspiring film makers in the audience, no matter how wee in age, to yell "Cut!"
Miami Herald
PG? Please. Might as well take a kid to Hannibal. At least that one was funnier and didn't implicate any noble breeds in its violence -- just humans.
Brutally dumb canine comedy.
Los Angeles Times
The gags, almost all of which involve the passage of gases and liquids, move at a fast-enough clip to keep you awake throughout. For which this review expresses a sorrow as profound as the sympathy it feels for all the actors.
Gruff and downright smelly, especially when star David Arquette is forced at one point to flop around in a pile of doggy doo.
The script is simultaneously boring and breathlessly busy, and it really gives Arquette a beating, as scene after scene subjects him to electrocution, dog attack, encasement in bubble wrap, public pantlessness, assault by the hearing-impaired, a fishbowl on the head, and gluteal paralysis caused by poisonous sea urchins.

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