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The funniest film to come along since "South Park," and one that succeeds in a more difficult and satisfying way.
New York Daily News
The movie is over in a breezy 112 minutes, but it may be another half-hour before your sides quit aching.
Entertainment Weekly
The easygoing silliness with which this late-summer movie surprise scuttles from mayhem to mayhem and the verve with which the cast throws itself into the fray are so cheering and liberating.
Miami Herald
The movie is so cheerfully, furiously relentless, its contagious silliness wears you down.
Atkinson, somehow managing to be simultaneously delicate and broad, can do things with his face that shouldn't be legal. His delighted and delightful Mr. Pollini is a little taste of comic genius.
Boston Globe
A strong ending might have obscured the mediocrity in the writing, or at least diverted us, but the ending is sentimental where it needed to be hard-edged and comically merciless. For a film about people hurtling forward, Rat Race is pretty pedestrian.
Hits its silly stride early and never shifts into a higher gear.
Zucker gives the movie an ebullient spirit, but he also keeps everything at the same loud pitch throughout.
New York Post
A cheesy affair with no big winners. Especially the audience.
Rolling Stone
Overheated, underdone farce. Race for the exit.
Wall Street Journal
This ripoff, directed by Jerry Zucker, has a few funny moments, but it's a sad sad sad sad example of what Hollywood is currently serving up -- and what audiences are swallowing -- as summer entertainment.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Somnambulistic pacing, kerplunkingly unfunny jokes, and mugging thespians making fools of themselves. Truly torturous spectacle.

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