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one of my favorites!
gothpunkrocker9113 November 2006
MIGHT BE A SPOILER!!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! what else can I say it's hilarious! it's about a VERY dysfunctional family...Corky who is cut out for absolutely nothing, goes undercover as a FBI agent and the boss thinks he's just what they need for the case of the night vulture. But all wanted was to steal evidence against his father, "Pop" Romano, but every time he comes a step closer they pull him back five. Corky Romano is one of the funniest movies ever! I told my best friend about it and I was shocked she'd never even heard of it! But I got her to watch it and our favorite part is the same as almost everyone else's..."You guys want some cookies?" This is what some call a dumb comedy but that's what makes it SO funny!
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slday978 September 2005
I absolutely LOVE this movie and have to say that it is by far my favorite comedy. There are parts of this movie where you are laughing so hard that your stomach hurts and you have to re-watch those parts because you were laughing to hard to hear exactly what was going on.

Have to admit that I'm a fan of Chris Kattan and loved him on Saturday Night Live. He's great at comedic acting and this movie is most certainly proof of that! Although, still, he seems to be at ease in the parts of the movie where things get a little serious (although nothing can be too serious in this movie!).

I recommend it for watching. Not all sense of humors are the same, but personally, I loved did my entire family!
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Before and After Corky.
jcvincent198627 April 2007
Corky Romano is I believe a good movie. Well of course not a good movie in terms of story line but good enough. The good thing about this movie is the hilarious parts. Honestly I don't know Chris Kattan before I watched this movie. I just saw it's poster on a mall and I decided to watch. Why? I don't know why did I watched this movie, but to tell you, I really had a great time laughing all by myself inside that cinema. That's the time when the movie CORKY ROMANO became one of my all time favorite comedy.

Sometimes the story seems nonsense. But that's the beauty of it. This movie never makes you think of anything. It just makes you laugh. I recommended this movie to a friend of mine and he liked it as well. Although we have the same reaction.... The story is not impressive. 4/10 for story.. But who cares? This movie just made my day..

Good choice if you want to relax and just laugh for an hour and a half.
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The Horror....The Horror
MongoSIT28 November 2002
Wow. Some movies just leave me speechless. This was undeniably one of those movies. When I left the theatre, not a single word came to my mouth. All I had was an incredible urge to slam my head against the theatre wall to help me forget about the last hour and a half. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Honestly, this movie has nothing to recommend. The humor was at the first grade level, at best, the acting was overly silly, and the plot was astronomically far-fetched. I hearby pledge never to see an other movie starring Chris Kattan or any other cast-member of SNL.
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Stop Thinking and Laugh!
Claudio Carvalho26 March 2006
When the mobster Francis A. 'Pops' Romano (Peter Folk) is sent to the court, the Romano family decides to send an undercover man to destroy the evidences against him without knowing that there is an informer in mafia. The clumsy loser veterinary son Corky Romano (Chris KattaN), who is not a criminal, is infiltrated in the FBI to destroy the evidences against his father.

Based on the bad reviews in IMDb, I saw "Corky Romano" with the lowest expectation I could have, but I liked it. The story is silly, but there are many funny situations. The lead character is a completely a**hole, but all his mistakes work in the end. It is also worthwhile to see also the sexy Vinessa Shaw. Do not think, watch this film with low expectation and in the end you might be surprised laughing a lot. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Arma Secreta da Máfia" ("The Mafia's Secret Weapon")
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A friend's 9-year-old daughter thought it was hilarious . . .tell you anything.
skotgp6 February 2003
Probably the only thing that got the movie up to a four for me is the fact that I love Peter Falk. One of the world's great portrayers of bumbling incompetence . . . and yet he is one of the only anchors that prevents this from being a chaotic disaster. As Pops Romano, he provides a respectable mix of gangster charm and straight man to Chris Kattan's manic foolishness. Respectable performances are also offered by Richard Roundtree as the harried boss, Vinessa Shaw as a talented female FBI agent bouncing her head off a glass ceiling and Fred Ward as Falk's advisor and Benedict Arnold.

The plot concept actually has some wonderful possibilities and, in the hands of a young Steve Martin or Chevy Chase, could have proved a great comedic vehicle. Kattan, who seems to idolize Ernest or Pee Wee Herman, just provides a muddled mess. Sadly, Peter Berg and Chris Penn, who portray his misfit brothers, both fall far short of their proven capability.

There are some very funny scenes, but they are far too few and separated by way too many boring ones. What I truly miss here is what always attracted me to the Leslie Neilsen movies. There is no 'second level' of wit riding over the slapstick. No cultural references that only the adults get. . no double entendre. . it is just silly.

And, by the way, this doesn't all mean that I am recommending it for your 9-year-old, because hopefully they have better taste and less fascination with some of their body parts and their functions.
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Chris Kattan:Stay on SNL
hardcoresaur18 January 2003
Chris Kattan is a great sketch actor on Saturday Night Live...but he should probably leave the movie industry alone unless he gets some sort of creative control. He plays an annoyingly peppy character who basically comes off as mildly retarded and on speed. Wanna know the only funny parts? The stuff they showed in the previews. Yes, his rendition of take on me is funny. Nothing else is. ESPECIALLY when you can tell he's trying very hard to be a physical comedian, which he shouldn't have to try at because he is one. And yet, his 'demolishing the vet's office' bit comes off as cringingly bad. This movie made me develop an eye twitch. Avoid it at all costs, and keep watching SNL.
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A good How-to video: How NOT to make a comedy
mattymatt4ever27 May 2002
Admittedly, I didn't have high expectations of "Corky Romano." But then again, who did? However, I felt it deserved the benefit of the doubt. I had no high hopes of "Joe Dirt" either--another recent comedy starring an SNL cast member--and I ended up being pleasantly surprised. But this film is just as bad as it looks in the previews. Chris Kattan is actually a talented comic actor--contrary to what you might think after watching this movie--with great energy. He's been in many hilarious SNL skits, and I think he's one of the most talented cast members on SNL as of now. In this case, he's given a lame, pointless script and he tries to remedy each scene with his incessant mugging. Throughout each scene, he attempts a lame Jerry Lewis act and fails miserably. Jerry Lewis knew how to pull off this type of physical comedy, not to mention he worked with much better writing. Kattan simply looks like some ignorant fool with ADHD who had one too many Cafe Lattes. He doesn't even wait for the punchline; he assumes we'll all laugh once he starts jumping around like an ape on crack. In one scene, he ends up in a tugging match with a dog who has a package of cocaine in his mouth. The package explodes and the cocaine splashes all over him. He comes back to the job, strung out on coke. Now, how are we supposed to laugh at the fact that he's acting hyper and on-edge, when he's doing the same thing throughout the whole film?

As for the rest of the cast members...Vanessa Shaw is really hot, Peter Berg is wasted in a thankless role and so is Chris Penn. Peter Falk is also wasted, though he has a few funny lines that I'm pretty sure he improvised. I hope Falk gets a decent movie someday soon. That's too much talent too waste on a clunker like "Corky Romano." I didn't like Falk's last movie "Made" all that much either, but at least he had a decent role.

I chuckled a few times, but I could not get a single laugh. Each gag is performed with no sense of timing or delivery. And it's made worse by Kattan's hammy acting. And there are certain gags that are streneously dragged out. For example, when Kattan is about to fart in his two brothers' faces. He stands there for 2 or 3 minutes, trying to get out a fart and when he finally he does it's a little tiny one. It's bad enough when you have a gag that's funny and drag it out, but when you have a lame gag and you drag it out it's a hell of a lot worse. And another example of this is when he tries to translate what those two Asian men are saying during a drug bust. I can go on and on about what's wrong with this so-called comedy, but I'm not gonna waste my time. Like I said earlier, if you predicted bad things from the trailers--you predicted right.

My score: 3 (out of 10)
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One of the all-time worst movies
wellesorson15 May 2002
I could only get through about 25 mins of it. Not one laugh in the 25 minutes I gave it, one of the most painful films I've ever had to endure. Chris Kattan is so nervous on screen that it made me nervous to watch him. Just a horrible movie.
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Movie_Junkie13 October 2001
please save your money and go see something else. this movie was such piece of crap. i didnt want to go, but i had to so i thought i'd laugh at least once, NOPE. not a single laugh, it was that horrible! chris kattan will never get a good comedy role after this and "a night at the roxbury." this movie is completely obvious, has no smart humor at all, and just repeats itself over and over again. listen to me, and stray as far away from this movie as you possibly can!
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What a steaming pile.
cfulk2 June 2003
This may not be the worst comedy of all time, but it's close. The producers of this movie stole an hour and a half of my life, and I want it back!

Chris Kattan is funny for about 10 minutes. His high pitched voice and mad flailing start to get old, and then you realize that the rest of the movie is much worse. He falls into a long line of former SNL-ers that have attempted movies. Some have been brilliant, some have failed miserably. There's not much middle ground in this category. Although Chris Farley was brilliant, and then okay, and then not so funny, and then I suppose he hits the entire spectrum in one career.

Avoid this movie like the plague.

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As goofy as it gets when it comes to crime/mafia cinema spoof.
insomniac_rod26 July 2009
Let me tell you something. I can only remember about this movie because of Vinessa Shaw wearing a skimpy, sexy mini nurse dress. Ohhh, that memory helps me when I'm sad.

Seriously, "Corky Romano" is the goofiest movie you can get in terms of spoofing crime/mafia cinema. It's that goofy, that makes the Wayans Brothers look serious! To be honest and quick; watch this movie only if scatological humor, extreme cheese, and goofy performances make you laugh.

Otherwise, don't watch it. I watched it on the theaters and well I had a decent time with it but it was back in 2001 when I was still 17.
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When will I ever learn?
benc7ca25 May 2002
I vowed a long time ago to NEVER, EVER watch a movie that has ANYONE who EVER was a regular cast member of "Saturday Night Live". I didn't rent "Corky Romano" but I was forced by my unfailing good manners to watch it for half an hour. Then my good manners failed. Stupid, not funny. Tedious, not hilarious. Bad, not good. That in a nutshell is all I can say for this video.
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Quirky Romano
Steve Pulaski26 October 2011
Corky Romano's ambition is to get the cheapest laughs. I'm a sucker for slapstick humor, but it only works if you have either two great comedy actors who have shining chemistry (Farley and Spade in Black Sheep) or you have a group of actors who get into mischief when they're trying not to (The Three Stooges).

With that being said, Corky Romano doesn't measure up to great comedy, and in the slapstick genre it is only standard fare. Kattan is fine, but not memorable. Mostly because the humor we are faced with is defined in a scene where we see Corky (Kattan) working as a veterinarian and mindlessly running into things left and right. Going back to Black Sheep, there is a scene where Chris Farley closes an old couple's trunk and his tie gets caught. The couple takes off without noticing Farley's character is stuck. That was better and funnier because Farley was trying to be serious and was trying to avoid trouble. He wasn't deliberately doing something over and over again.

That's the true moral here; slapstick is funny when you put characters into situations they really don't want to be a part of.

The plot: Peter Falk is typecast as a mob boss who is on trail, but has coincidentally fallen very ill. Desperate to erase any evidence of his wrong doing, he hires his son Corky who neglected the mob business at a young age unlike his other siblings. Corky is a simple guy, but trouble has a way of finding him. Corky is persuaded by his father and his brothers, who take him undercover and change his named to Corky Pissant (pronounced Pee-sawnt). Now, Corky is still his same old, oddball roots, but the only difference is his name and his setting.

At an incredibly short eighty-six minutes, Corky Romano doesn't accomplish a whole lot. The ending is contrived, the only thing likable about the lead is his innocence, and even two all star actors like Peter Falk and Fred Ward can hardly believe they're in such a film.

If Corky Romano has included a less attention demanding character, more scenes that revolved around the family, and maybe even gave Corky a sidekick it all would've worked out favorably. The problem is that Chris Kattan is a one man show. His character isn't built to occupy more than a few minutes before cutting to someone or something else.

Although it was just a ho-hum experience, Corky Romano did give me the strangest feeling I've felt in a film in a long time. The fact that the film is named after a character who is barely capable of a feature length film, when other characters in the film are more interesting than him personally.

Starring: Chris Kattan, Viness Shaw, Fred Ward, and Peter Falk. Directed by: Rob Pritts.
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"You Guys Want Some Cookies?"
funnycomedylover3 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I thought "Corky Romano" was funny. Chris Kattan did a great job as the title character, a veterinarian who's given a big job from his father/mob boss Pops (Peter Falk) to pose as an FBI agent to destroy the evidence of a crime he didn't commit.

With help from his dysfunctional brothers (Chris Penn & Peter Berg), Corky successfully enters the FBI. Quickly, he becomes the top agent of the bureau, thanks to his constant clumsiness. Soon, he saves the day and clears his father's name.

"Corky Romano" has good laughs with funny scenes (such as when Corky gets high on cocaine and then has to deliver a speech to children, or when Corky breaks in an underground casino club, enduring mace, a paint-mixer, and kicks in the face by a midget.)

However, this movie could have been a little more funnier if it had a better director and editor. First-time director Rob Pritts needs some more learning on setting up a gag, but he does fine enough (it's his first movie, anyway), but the editing by Alan Cody ("Inspector Gadget") could use some work.

Most scenes barely have a transition: it justs cuts to the next day or scene. The slapstick scenes are edited good enough to be funny, but they're not as hilarious as they are in the trailer and commercials.

This movie could also be more funnier if writers David Garrett and Jason Ward didn't nearly fill the film to the brim with profanity. For a PG-13 movie, there were way to much use of the "s" word.

Aside from these flaws, "Corky Romano" is still funny entertainment.
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This movie ROCKS
s_a_n_d_w_i_c_h_e_s8 August 2007
This is a great movie that is filled to brimming with many funny jokes about all kinds of things you can think of. It is so enjoyable that it resembles a familiar touch on the back from a kindly relative in a time of need. I thought it was really great in a way (but in all ways). The music is one of the best things about the film but also the direction and editing is a phenomenon.

This movie is about Corky Romano, a little gay man who becomes an FBI agent to fight crime. But get this you, his family is all criminals which makes a nice twist on the usual. It's a very funny film that will make you laugh your pants.
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Comedies are meant to be stupid, otherwise they would not be funny
mitskam3 September 2005
This is a sweet story about a lovable idiot where exaggeration and sarcasm prevail. You would have to look deeper for the real meaning of the sarcasm which narrow-minded, shallow individuals could never even touch the surface of. It was awesome. It deserves at least a 9/10! It is similar to Mr. Bean or Benny Hill and the whole world knows those movies were funny. Just because they were not produced by British but Americans and Pamela Anderson doesn't play in it, it still deserves the proper credit. Unfortunately, there are no perverse scenes to increase a chance of higher score or nor there are no killings and deaths in the plot of the movie. I guess it is just boring to watch something without any kind of adrenalin rush or sexual arousal. This movie depicts an innocents and naivety in the good soul hearted very few individuals, as you know, walking this earth. It means intelligence covers speculation, while innocence gets you nowhere.
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Great comedy, but not for everyone
lysergic-acid21 September 2011
When I was a kid, my dad absolutely refused to allow me to watch Jim Carry movies. Now, Jim Carry may have some more adult material in his stand-up and has done comedies and dramas aimed at adults, but the reason my dad refused to allow me to watch his kids movies like The Mask and Liar, Liar was simply because Carrey's very frenetic, over-the-top, physical comedy style really turned him off. He didn't get it; he saw it as low brow/low class; and he saw Carrey as a sleazy person and an idiot.

Now, all of that seemed pretty judgemental to me, but it's understandable considering my father's background and personality type. And I think it's reasonable to expect a lot of people to be similarly turned off by Chris Kattan's equally eccentric and outlandish slapstick style. I think a lot of people enjoy his characters and skits on SNL, but certainly not everyone. And I can see how some might find it annoying (even without having an extremely uptight personality like my father).

However, if you do enjoy that type of bizarre slapstick comedy, Corky Romano is right up your ally. It's it's weird; it's funny, and it's just a lot of feel-good fun.

If you like watching a sweet, lovable goof get in way over his head but always come out on top due to fortunate and funny coincidences and mishaps (frustrating the bad guys to no end), then this is the movie for you. If you're looking for an intelligent film with witty writing or edgy humor, then this film will absolutely disappoint you. But taken for what it is, it's a solid comedy in its category.

Basically, if you haven't watched Chris Kattan on film or on TV, you should probably check out an SNL skit first to find out if you like his style of comedy or not. Otherwise, you could end up loving the film or absolutely hating it.
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Corky is annoying
MLDinTN2 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
(SLIGHT SPOILERS): The lead character is your average, annoying goofball. I will give Kattan some credit since this movie is better than anything ex-SNL members, Rob Schneider and David Spade, have done. There are some chuckles thrown about. How can you not laugh at the old lady who answers the phone with "poodles and pussies". And of course, how Corky is declared a hero and great detective by his colleagues when all he does is screw up. Another funny moment is when Corky is supposed to be the translator between these 2 Asian guys and he just repeats everything they say.

FINAL VERDICT: Not the worst movie to come from an SNL cast member. It is short and bareable to sit through.
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Toilet Waste.
Python Hyena16 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Corky Romano (2001): Dir: Rob Pritts / Cast: Chris Kattan, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Falk, Chris Penn, Peter Berg: The hero sticks his ass in someone's face and grunts and groans until his face turns red. Is this suppose to be funny? Chris Kattan stars as a timid veterinarian whose father undergoes a heart attack. His father was involved with the mob and is under surveillance after evidence is presented against him. He has two other sons, one whom is gay, and the other not being able to read. Corky is ordered to go undercover as an F.B.I. agent to infiltrate the feds and destroy the evidence. Director Rob Pritts does an uninspiring job. Corky is an idiot straight through. Nobody this stupid just walks into a police station and does what he does, and Kattan doesn't render it funny even for a split second. Peter Falk is typecast as Pops Romano whose role consists of him sitting about waiting for someone to please him. Vinessa Shaw plays a female agent whose job is to be a potential romantic target for Corky, as if he would know the first thing about getting her in the sack. Chris Penn and Peter Berg tarnish their resumes by appearing as the two moron brothers. Their basic skill is to appear meaner than Romano and therefore look like bigger jackasses when he comes up on top by sheer luck. Dreadful production in a film that Corky should place his ass upon and grunt until his face turns red. Score: 1 / 10
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Just about as corky as you would expect.
Michael DeZubiria17 June 2003
Corky Romano is obviously a vehicle for the absurd comedic talents of Chris Kattan, but it's good to see that he is able to slow down and be serious when the content of the story calls for at least a tiny bit of seriousness. It's odd that a movie like this, that is clearly made to be goofy and stupid, still manages to be not nearly as bad as something like Mickey Blue Eyes, which similarly dealt with someone trying desperately but in vain to fit in with a Hollywood-style Italian crime family.

As is to be expected in a comedy like this, the characters are skewed just enough to make them weird and goofy, like the one brother who is manly and violent but latently homosexual, or the other one who has become a full-grown man without his own father ever realizing that he never learned to read.

Evidently there is a huge case against the father of the family, although he is only guilty of the lesser crimes like money laundering and whatnot, not the murder that he is being charged with. In order to destroy the evidence that they have against him, they need someone to get a job on the inside, get into the evidence room, and destroy the evidence against him. Since they can't have someone do it that the feds would recognize (and also since, obviously, they can't trust someone outside the family), they have to have their somewhat estranged brother Corky, the black sheep of the family, do the job. Or maybe `the yellow canary' would be a more apt description of him. Or maybe something pink. A pink canary in a whole family of black sheep.

Corky accepts the task out of respect for his father, despite the fact that he has not been a very big part of Corky's life, but he grows cautious when he finds out how serious the charges are. Corky's antics while he is working for the FBI are some of the least convincing things that I've ever seen in a movie, it's almost insulting that we're asked to believe that someone who behaves like he does would acquire so many fans within the Bureau almost immediately. There are a couple guys who work with Corky who are so enamored with him and look up to him so much because of his accidental successes that they are more like cheerleaders than FBI agents.

Some of the slapstick scenes are miserable failures, but at least it's easy to see why they were expected to work. There's a scene where Corky has a tug of war with a dog that's trying to get a package of cocaine away from him. It ends up exploding and getting all over both of them, and the ensuing madness is expected to be funny, but it's the worst kind of comedy - it's funny until you stop for a second to think about what you're laughing at. Charlie Chaplin did this exact same scene with spectacular success in Modern Times in 1936, so it's almost sad to see it redone so badly here.

Matthew Glave pops into view again after giving a spectacular performance of a spectacular jerk in The Wedding Singer to play another spectacular jerk in Corky Romano as the rival FBI agent who is sure that there is something up with this new guy that doesn't quite fit. He is constantly thwarted in his efforts to expose Corky and then immediately begins to act like a high school kid not getting what he wants (`Aww come on!!').

I would say that this is just another goofy SNL movie except that there have certainly been some good SNL movies. Corky Romano is, however, nothing more than you would expect from the previews. It is a series of scenes involving the overacting of Chris Kattan, which just leaves you hungry for less.
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bad stupidity
SnoopyStyle12 November 2016
The FBI is after mob boss Pops Romano (Peter Falk). Leo Corrigan (Fred Ward) is his right hand man but also FBI's secret informant. Pops' violent sons illiterate Paulie (Peter Berg) and secretly gay Peter (Chris Penn) work closely with him. Pops decides to plant his estrange son Corky (Chris Kattan) as a mole inside the FBI. Corky is a clueless, bumbling veterinarian who was kicked out of the home after his mother's death. A hacker gives him the false identity of FBI agent Pissant. His bumbling ways start solving cases which impresses FBI director Howard Shuster (Richard Roundtree). Agent Kate Russo (Vinessa Shaw) is on the case. Agent Brick Davis (Matthew Glave) is suspicious of Corky.

This is stupid but not stupid enough to be truly funny. Corky is not necessarily that likable although he does grow on me. The set up for the plot is bad. It doesn't make sense that the informant Leo doesn't tell the FBI especially since he's the one who suggests Corky. Leo should not know anything about Corky infiltrating the FBI. It might improve if Corky is stupider and the story less stupid. The writing is bad all over. Corky could have worked as a character but not in this movie.
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Low Ratings are misleading
labrat707 October 2015
I have a feeling that the people that scored this movie so low did so because they are part of the small group of ultra sensitive people who are offended by politically incorrect movies or just have no sense of humor, but I would be willing to bet it is the same group of people that rated Eddie Murphy's Norbit as a bomb. This is one of the few movies that had tears of laughter running down my face. And I am a harsh critic on what is funny- a stand up comedian's worse nightmare. Yes, it is a goofy movie. It isn't meant to be serious. Chris Kattan is absolutely hysterical. Chris Penn plays a great mobster and is quite funny even thou his role is meant to be a more serious role. If you want to laugh for an hour straight, don't miss this movie. You'll thank me later and be perplexed on the ratings like I am.
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It was just OK
Davis P8 July 2015
I watched this film late one night on Bravo. I'll just be honest with you not a single joke in this film is funny every single one falls flat! And the lead actor is just so uncomfortable to watch. This movie's problem is it tries way too hard to be over-the-top funny and it just doesn't work. Also the script was very poorly written and it was pretty poorly directed. I mean I think the love interest part of the movie was pretty cute I actually enjoyed that part but that was really the only part of the film I enjoyed, that's the reason I'm giving it a four out of 10, which is actually a very generous rating for this film. The acting actually wasn't all that bad, it was just average. So I say all that to say this, basically there are a lot better films that you could watch other than this, so I really would not suggest it. 4/10
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not funny boring
jacobjohntaylor128 May 2014
The only good thing about this movie is that V.i.n.e.s.s.a S.h.o.w is beautiful and looks great in tights. And R.e.n.a M.e.r.o is even more beautiful and looks amazing in a red bra. But other then that nothing. It's not funny. It's kind of sick a times. It's very stupid. And funny stupid just stupid. It's piece of pooh. Don't wast your money. It's just pooh pooh. It sucks. It sucks. Pooh pooh. Pooh pooh. Pooh pooh. Stinky stinky pooh. A great big pile of pooh pooh. A bad taste. The taste of pooh pooh. To many mush of C.h.i.r.s K.a.t.t.a.n hurting his crotch. Not funny sick. Sick is not funny. Sick is just sick. I hate this movie. Pooh pooh. Pooh pooh.
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