Corky Romano (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

fbi mafia
undercover veterinarian
mobster speech
man dressed as woman neo nazi
surveillance snake
vegetarian cat
midget briefcase
fake gun skinhead
impersonating a police officer break in
wire directorial debut
tie slapstick comedy
crotch grab organized crime
friendship held hostage
shootout gangsta grip
fake moustache dog
father son estrangement punched in the crotch
jealousy electric shock
mouse thrown through a window
spinning newspaper pratfall
false identity resume
subtitled scene posing as a fbi agent
corpse nightclub
dachshund electrical torture
body landing on a car hit with a baseball bat
strip club homosexual
courthouse crude humor
pepper spray reference to j. edgar hoover
dying father stupidity
brother brother relationship pistol
guard dog gay brother
disguise kicking in a door
undercover agent hysteria
farce cocaine
ice cream informant
inability to read translator
fish out of water sniper rifle
fbi agent flatulence
singing wedding
beating father son relationship
sight gag kicked in the face
jumping through a window held at gunpoint
explosion photograph
knocked out nurse uniform
spoof car accident
illiteracy fake identity
performing cpr on an animal falling on someone
prologue bald wig
bare chested male pulling a snake out of one's pants
girl scout repressed homosexual
faked death threatened with a knife
hit in the crotch language barrier
sick animal family portrait
gay slur title appears in writing
hiding evidence casino
confession maggot
title spoken by character character name in title

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