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This broad, coarse farce is otherwise as insubstantial a piece of work as you could possibly imagine; in fact, a light breeze could blow it away.
L.A. Weekly
What at times feels like a maniacal romp becomes just another sporadically funny, but mostly lame, piece of disposable product.
New York Post
This is a lazy, careless film that feels strangely unfinished.
New York Daily News
The writing, directing and acting are all so sketchy, it's a mystery that Kattan didn't just try out this material the way he should have -- in a three-minute sketch.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
It's bad enough that the lazy script substitutes goofy situations for actual gags, much of which falls flat under Rob Pritts' plodding direction, but Corky Romano finally sours in cynicism and hypocrisy.
Nobody would claim it adds up to much of a comedy. It's strictly for someone looking for a goof-off.
Baltimore Sun
The only way sober adults will keep awake is wondering how the lead mobsters on "The Sopranos" -- who also are amateur film critics -- will rank the movie next year on HBO.
As Corky, Mr. Kattan never finds an appealing perspective on his character. Sweetness is not this gifted comedian's strong suit, and in its place Mr. Kattan offers a desperate eagerness to please, a far less charming quality.
Chicago Reader
Corky never becomes sympathetic, and without this fundamental irony the movie doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Entertainment Weekly
It might be courting hyperbole to call Corky Romano the single worst movie ever to feature an ''SNL'' cast member (Dan Aykroyd hit some pretty arid valleys), but I'm willing to go out on a critical limb and rank it among the all-time bottom dozen.

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