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Your all crazy!

Author: jonny8t8 from United Kingdom
22 February 2005

As a huge fan of the original Indiana Jones movies, I must admit that I did not take to liking the young Indiana Jones Chronicles when i first watched them at the age of 7. I saw them again for the first time since then around two years ago and i have been hooked ever since. I found these stories and tales of Jones as a young man fascinating and extremely enjoyable to behold. The way important characters in history such as Hemingway and even Al Capone are integrated into the plot as the young Indy finds himself in ever more exiting and elaborate situations should be enough to grab the attention of any self respecting Indy fan. Sean Pattrick Flannery did an amazing job as Indy and the many 'future stars' that played important roles in the ever changing plots showed the strength and distinction of these pieces of genius. I was saddened to find out that these mini-films were made over a decade ago and prey that some day, Harrison Ford and Sean Pattrick Flannery may be brought together again (as they did in the Chicago episode) and have another go at yet another piece of the Jones saga, before yet another unfamiliar actor is brought upon to don the cowboy hat once again. LONG LIVE INDY!!!

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Worst one yet

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
18 June 2010

After blowing up the prototype enemy plane in the last installment Indy is given the task of convincing some Austrian count to give in to peace and end WWI early. He's partnered up, almost pointlessly, with two very, very annoying sidekicks. I wanted to punch my TV screen they were so irritating. After several unscenic train journey's he ends up in St. Petersburg where he has already made friends with many people (leading to some confusion as they're never properly introduced) and has the chore of translating Russian propaganda in order to find out when "the uprising" will begin.

There's no adventure in this entry, despite the fact that "adventures" appears twice in the title. It's the most boring Young Indy yet. I can't believe that Vic Armstrong and Simon Wincer directed it. Where's the action?

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History comes alive with the young Indiana Jones.

Author: Little-Mikey from Italy
25 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones" have every bit as much of the fun and excitement as the Indiana Jones movies.

Unless I am mistaken, I do believe that this episode, when aired on TV, began and ended with a segment featuring a very old Indiana Jones. On the DVD, this segment is missing.

In the final scene, the very old Indiana Jones is looking at an exhibit on the October Revolt, commenting that the exhibit was incorrect.

A museum employee, assuming that the old Indiana Jones is just an old fool who doesn't know what he's talking about, asked him what made him so sure that the picture was taken in July, vice October.

He replied "See that blurred smudge? That was me!"

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Insightful, fun and informative

Author: Alain English from London, England
6 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Still working for French Intelligence, Indiana Jones (Sean Patrick Flannery) is dispatched to Austria where he must help it's beleaguered Emperor (Patrick Ryecart) make a deal with the Allies that could end the war. Later on in Russia, Indy is caught between his bosses at the Intelligence Service and a group of friends of his in the Bolshevik revolution...

The first story is a brilliant mix of both intrigue and action. Indy can only watch helplessly as the Austrian Emperor is pressured by a crafty diplomat (Christopher Lee) into lessening his demands on the German Kaiser, blunting the deal for peace. Trying to escape the country, Indy must outrun the Austrian secret police, led by the sinister Prussian (Joss Ackland in a wordless but still effective role). The last sequence on-board a train is especially thrilling and suspenseful.

In Russia, the script offers some solid insights into the workings of communism and revolutionaries, and Roger Sloman in a one-scene appearance gives an excellent reading of Lenin. The inevitable tragic finale is also very well-done.

More great stuff from Indiana Jones.

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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is great.

Author: bruce_themoviemaster from United Kingdom
29 June 2005

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is great. It was on TV before it went on to video. Its what got me into history for GCSE. I'm glad it's on video because they hardly put it on the telly. If you are a movie buff then you know George Lucas is the daddy of films and this just proves it. I'm a big fan of the movies and a big fan of the TV series. The episodes are like films, this series is truly great TV and Sean Patrick Flanery is a fantastic actor and I'm going to make sure he is going to be in my films. Also the action is great with some of the first every special effects on the TV thanks to Lucas Film. Also the first episode the Mexican revolution is great and is like A Fist Full of Dynamite. The Internet movie database could do better by sorting out which order the TV series goes in. Bruce

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i enjoyed them

Author: nic hill from scotland
12 July 2004

I have seen the majority of these and would agree they are for TV but however they were released on VHS first where my dada after a bday present enjoyed it and for some cheap reason the tape got chewed so unlucky for me i wasn't able to get the same copy which resulted in me just about viewing the whole series i enjoyed them seeing parts of the world and watching indy in a young stage sean is a fantastic actor who desever all the credit for this fantastic performance. hands up to lucas you may have been looking for a quick buck but it was good to see. i also enjoyed watching them on Sunday morning after playing golf with my dad tucking in to the bacon sarnies and seeing what indy was up too,

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