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Season 2

17 Oct. 1956
The Death of Dillinger-San
Tells the story of the decision to go after and attack Admiral Yamamoto while he was an inspection tour of Japanese forces in the Pacific.
21 Nov. 1956
Man Alone
Lt. Hugh Barr Miller's survival on Arundel Island after his ship, the USS Strong, was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Battle of Kula Gulf July 5, 1943.
5 Dec. 1956
Incident at Formosa
A routine air patrol during the Korean War takes a dramatic turn when strange RADAR returns begin to appear. The flight needs to investigate but a whole new war could be at stake if they fail.
12 Dec. 1956
Peril on the Sea
A tense situation develops after a flight of aircraft get caught in fog and don't appear to be able to make it back to their carriers. A series of extremely improbable events occur that may give the pilots the chance they need.
2 Jan. 1957
Buzz Boy
A navy pilot has a bad habit of getting into trouble through his exuberant attitude to flying. Finally after many months and many transfers and encounter justifies his recklessness and redefines the rest of his life.
30 Jan. 1957
13 Mar. 1957
War of the Whale Boats
During the Korean War, a mine-sweeper crew launches a campaign of harassment against the enemy.
20 Mar. 1957
After You, Ludwig
During the first days of the D day invasion, a group of American officers realize there may be valuable intelligence gained from a captured German bunker. They need a German POW to lead them to the information, but are unsure how far they can really trust the man.
10 Apr. 1957
1 May 1957
Nightmare Off Brooklyn
Six men suspected as foreign agents board a Navy cruiser that is ready to deploy from the port in Brooklyn with the intent of sabotaging the guided missiles on board the ship.

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