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20 Sep. 1955
The Frogmen
Frogmen aboard a United States submarine in the Sea of Japan are ordered to scuttle two sunken American mine sweeping ships called The Pirate and The Pledge before the Red Chinese can salvage them for their top secret electronics.
27 Sep. 1955
Hiya Pam
4 Oct. 1955
The Leave
A navy rating is desperate to get leave. he wont tell anyone why he wants the time, but once he shows them a letter, everyone agrees with his need for leave
11 Oct. 1955
Home Is a Sailor
A sailor who has been corresponding with a young girl from Long Beach, Ca. thinks he has found true love. But he is devastated when his ship docks in Long Beach for shore leave and she refuses to meet him for reasons unknown to him.
25 Oct. 1955
Sky Pilot
A young crewman is up for promotion, but becomes very erratic and is hauled up for disciplinary action. A pastor investigates the situation and discovers issues that may explain the mans actions.
1 Nov. 1955
Operation Three-In-One
A unit of Marines is cut off by Korean forces and faces total destruction. A daring plan involving the Army and Navy is formulated in a desperate effort to try and save the men.
15 Nov. 1955
The Captain's Choice
The captain of a submarine faces a situation where he makes contact with an enemy convoy just as a life threatening medical emergency occurs on board. The Captain has to make the decision of what takes precedents.
6 Dec. 1955
The Pentagon Story
The Pentagon goes in search of information about a naval officer who seems to have disappeared from their records. What they uncover astounds them and leads them to a conclusion that even stuns the young man's mother.
13 Dec. 1955
The Pollywog of Yosu
A specialist team of navy divers are sent behind enemy lines to conduct demolition operations. It is made clear to the team they can expect no help, and the team is expendable in the navy's eyes.
10 Jan. 1956
Dr. Van
24 Jan. 1956
The Gimmick
A pilot struggles to qualify for carrier landings. His flight captain tries to show him a little gimmick, but against all common sense he refuses to listen. Finally in desperation the flight captain tries something different.
31 Jan. 1956
Demos the Grik
A recent Greek Immigrant joins the navy and struggles to come to grips with life on board ship. When the cruiser he is on is suddenly dispatch to Greece he worries something has gone wrong and Greece is in some kind of war.
7 Feb. 1956
Little More Than a Brother
While on a bombing run over Korea, a pilot is blinded and unable to eject from his plane. Other pilots come to his aid, and using old naval traditions keep him conscious for the long flight home.
19 Jun. 1956

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