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Jackie: The Summary
Flippitygibbit12 March 2004
I found this watchable, as I am interested in anything to do with Jack and Jackie Kennedy, but it was also very cliched. It was as if every anecdote about the Kennedys had been translated into a line of dialogue; an abbreviated approach to a film that doesn't work, as people don't sit there and talk about their lives like that ("And your dad said 'Ich bin ein Berliner', which means 'I'm a jelly donut'! He really did!' ")

Some of the casting worked, some didn't. Joanne Whalley looked the part on a basic level (brown hair and eyes), but Blair Brown in 'Kennedy' was more convincing. And Whalley's interpretation of Jackie grated on my nerves. She came across as too noble, and without faults of her own; constantly being emotionally rebuffed by the men in her life. I know this film was about Jackie, but it didn't seem like an honest portrayal. The actors and actresses playing Joe and Rose Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and the adult Caroline were effective (whereas the child actors playing Caroline and John Jr. were insulting!)

I must admit, I was moved by Jack and Bobby's deaths, particularly the archive footage from the time. And Jackie telling her children about their father's death (did she, though? Wasn't it the nanny?), before rushing into the hall to let out her own grief, was a heartbreaking scene.

A few moments of 'dramatic licence' (from what I could gather after reading different accounts of events beforehand), and a very summarised life for Jackie, despite running to three hours, but not an out and out insult. It kept me involved throughout.
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Old old story!!!
Rosemea D.S. MacPherson14 November 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers' warnings: I really like the Kennedy family, but this story is getting too old. Dead people cannot create any more news. This movie showed their lives through Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' perspective, but it still adds very little or nothing to what is already public knowledge. The series was well done and I felt the casting was really good.

Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences, A River Runs Through It) who I really like and respect as an actor did a wonderful job playing, "Joe Kennedy."

The mini-series was well done but the topic is just too old. There are so many writers, and good scripts out there, how about giving a chance to other people with fresher stories?
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Hot and Cold
lilsprout78520 June 2005
All together this bio gives little information outside a typical JFK/Jackie bio. The script is very cliché, as are the stories introduced. I highly doubt that anyone familiar with the Kennedy story will be surprised by any of the content in this movie. Some of the meatier topics that could have been explored were only glossed over, including: Jackie's first pregnancy, JFK's unsuccessful VP nomination, the original courtship of JFK and Jackie, the candidacy of JFK for the presidency. I feel these issues had an especially extreme importance on Jackies life but were downplayed in this film.

I did enjoy the use of aging the appearance of the film for certain scenes to replicate, it was very sweet. I also liked the emphasis on Jackies relationship with RFK, portrayed by Andrew McCarthy v. well. The chemistry between Whalley and Matheson peaked in the scenes from Jack's back surgery to Jackie taking Jack back after the stillborn birth.

I was surprised that the film did not delve further into Jackie's family's financial hardships, most notably the fact that Hughie began running out of money early on and Joe ended up paying for the wedding. The aspect of money was very important and surprisingly missing.

Overall, I think Whalley did a mediocre job as Jackie. Like another poster I agree that she seemed rather regal and above everyone else even if scenes with her own family. Obivously Jackie was stunning and outstanding, but the tone and language used by Whalley made her stand out not in a way I think she intended. Matheson's portrayal of JFK was decent, I've seen worse and I've seen better (Martin Sheen in Kennedy). Together the two seemed very old in appearance for a couple that has been considered two of the youngest most beautiful people to affect politics. McCarthy as RFK was the strongest performance and left me to wonder if the quality of the film might have been better with him in the JFK role. Other notably supporting roles were by Skerritt as Joe Kennedy, Frances Fisher as Janet was pretty strong (but then again, compare it to her role as the b*tchy mom on Titanic and I see little difference), and Ward as Black Jack. Roles I feel could have been portrayed more strongly were Booth as sister Lee, and Hough a Cassini - these relationships were v. imp. to Jackie!

If you are looking for a movie to pass the time, this movie is right for you. If you are looking for a movie to delve into the depths of the Kennedy and most notably Jackie's life I suggest a book (All to Human by Edward Klein)
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Who suffered more, Jackie or Rose?
pessimistic_girl11 August 2002
In my opinion it was Rose Kennedy, she lost 3 sons (Joe Jr., Jack/John, Bobby) and 1 daughter (Kathleen "Kick"). I've never been all that into the Kennedy's, for one JFK, in my opinion wasn't much of a president and Jackie-O was almost singlehandedly responsible for thousands of big cats dying for the sake fashion. Leaving those two things aside I really did enjoy this mini-series.

It was a refreshing change from all the Kennedy films where they focus on the assassinations of JFK (and sometimes RFK) because here they were just a bit of the background.

The real trouble I have with this mini-series is that I don't care. I don't care if Jackie suffered because I'm not fond of her. However it was nice to see her relationship (strictly platonical) with Bobby Kennedy, played very nicely by Andrew McCarthy, the only face I recognized in this whole production. There were a lot of funny scenes and the acting was admirable, and I must admit I did shed a tear or two.

Final rating: 7 ½ / 10
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Average Docudrama But Had Strong Performances
Desertman8425 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis is a TV miniseries that was based on the book entitled "Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: A Life".It stars Joanne Whalley on the title role.The series depicts the life and times of the glamorous former First Lady from her childhood in a privileged home;her relationship with Jack Kennedy from the time of her courtship to her marriage;and the events after the assassination of her husband.We see her strong,intelligent and a beautiful woman who experienced a lot of heartbreaks.

The TV series has strong performances especially from Whalley who managed to portray Jackie to the best of her ability as she does her best to do her mannerisms as well.Too bad that it is somewhat lacking and the viewer would probably desire more especially for those who aren't really familiar with the former First Lady.Overall,it was an average docudrama that had great performances.
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Jack Yan19 July 2003
I admit I was engrossed the first time, especially with the casting of Joanne Whalley in the lead but regretfully having caught parts on a re-run, I was dismayed. Would Jacqueline really be sitting there, reminiscing about what it meant to be a Kennedy? No: like anyone in the public eye, you don't stop to think, 'My gosh, I'm a former First Lady.' A woman who did so much was obviously someone who got on with life.

The mini-series does deserve some marks for taking us, Forrest Gump-style, through recent American history, and those old enough—not to mention some history buffs—might like to look at these years through rose-coloured glasses. Sentimentality probably saved this just-below-average mini-series, and gave the studio enough impetus to release it on DVD.

Overall, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis has a very implausible script based on public (and even then, common) knowledge, lacking any true depth or attempts at it, though well-acted.
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Really Good
babygirl263823 July 2001
I really liked this movie I'm just disappointed that it isn't out on video. I only gave it an 8 because I didn't get to see all of it and since it isn't being released on video I guess I never will. But what I saw I loved. Joanne Whalley is a great actress. I have another of her tv movies on video(Scarlett) and she was wonderful in that too.
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