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Swain balances the personal and the political, allowing his film to be intimate while keeping a larger perspective. It is refreshing to see people on screen who are living in a real world.
Film Threat
So well is this film made, written and acted that you’d have to be a pretty big hard ass not to get pulled into the hilarious and even touching exploits of Alan and Tommy as their lives take the most unpredictable of turns. Try it, you’ll like it!
Riddled with romantic and political cliches but is often redeemed by the charismatic performances of Braun and Sullivan.
Ten tumultuous years in the history of the gay rights movement serve as the backdrop for this warm, engaging romantic comedy.
L.A. Weekly
Throughout, Sullivan and Braun shine, making for a match so sexy and appealing that it's a shame Swain avoids their love life, an approach that doesn't exactly advance gay liberation -- or cinema.
Boston Globe
Uses lots of stock footage and takes looks back at America's big transitional period as though the era came in a can.
The A.V. Club
It doesn't help that Sullivan has twice as much screen time and half as much charisma as Braun.
With its implausible coincidences, inelegant plot twists and minimally characterized characters, The Trip doesn't have much going for it apart from its basic sincerity and decency, which are evident.
Washington Post
The movie's heart is in the right place, but good intentions can't overcome dialogue that alternates between melodramatic and cliched.
It is never a good sign when the audience is two steps ahead of the characters on the screen. Waiting for them to catch up wears everyone out.

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