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"As brave as a man can be"
TheLittleSongbird22 June 2012
Not quite one of the standouts of the Golden Films animations(Thumblina, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio) but not one of the worst either(so far the one I liked least was Anastasia). However, even if the animation could have done with more vibrancy and fluency that were there in Thumbelina and The Three Musketeers, it is still highly enjoyable. As Brave as a Man can be is one of Golden Films' catchiest theme songs, and the classical music choices are wonderful and very-well incorporated, while there is some witty writing, an exciting story that will keep the target audience engaged by the real sense of adventure it has and Sinbad is a dashing and charismatic hero. The creatures seen prove that they don't need to be constructed by Ray Harryhousen to be enthralling, and the voice acting is enthusiastic in alternative to bland. All in all, a good solid animation and worth seeing at least once. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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amusing, animated film
awlauter16 February 2001
I found this film entertaining in its own way. I think this film is good for kids of all ages. In the beginning, Sinbad's ship is attacked by a sea monster and he and his servant Habib are left in the ocean. The movie is not boring and filled with lots of fairy tale action sequences. All in all, a pretty enjoyable film.
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Apparently kids love it, but why??
Ryan J. Gilmer28 June 2000
Admittedly, I had not seen any Sinbad before I viewed this tape. So I was expecting little from this short animated version of the classic tales of Sinbad. However, what I got was even less. The animation is shoddy and the writing is poor. Of course this movie is aimed at kids and not the older generation. Still, I do not see much that kids or parents with kids would like. There are many other and better animated and G rated movies out there.

Despite all of these faults the movie does have at least good points. For one, it is totally simplified and will hold the attention of really young people. Also, they probably will be marvelled by the creatures and other spectacle.
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