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New York Post
The Price of Milk, which boasts a lush classical score recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, has a few more twists that make this a Valentine's Day delight.
Easily one of the oddest romantic comedies since "My New Gun." It's also one of the most visually inventive, and if its charms very nearly defy description, it's nonetheless irresistible.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
This journey is clunkily rendered, clouded by an avalanche of murky symbolism.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is a place for whimsy and magic realism, and that place may not be on a cow farm in New Zealand.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Fairy-tale-like musing on true love in cynical times.
New York Daily News
A modern-day fable about love and commitment - it's different.
Chicago Tribune
This rich, gorgeous music and the wistful pastoral scenes create a rhapsodic mood that the rest of the film doesn't really sustain.
Portland Oregonian
The trouble is that it's so lead-footed and delighted with itself even as bit after bit sinks like a lead weight.
A whimsical modern fairy tale.
Christian Science Monitor
If a mildly magical story is what you're after, it'll be worth the price of admission. Otherwise save your milk money for something more substantial.

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