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Village Voice
A shaggy, appealing parable involving two lovers, some gorgeous heifers, gentle Maori gangster-golfers, and a dilapidated suitcase packed with used baby shoes, The Price of Milk throws itself onto the magic-realist sword with aplomb.
Manages to be innocent, physically passionate, earnestly romantic and self-deprecatingly funny, all at once.
New York Post
The Price of Milk, which boasts a lush classical score recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, has a few more twists that make this a Valentine's Day delight.
Full of surreal occurrences and bizarre, sometimes overly precious humor that may make it too rarefied an exercise for wide acceptance.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
This journey is clunkily rendered, clouded by an avalanche of murky symbolism.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Fairy-tale-like musing on true love in cynical times.
Chicago Tribune
This rich, gorgeous music and the wistful pastoral scenes create a rhapsodic mood that the rest of the film doesn't really sustain.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is a place for whimsy and magic realism, and that place may not be on a cow farm in New Zealand.
The guiding philosophy of The Price of Milk seems to be that if you throw something on the screen and call it a fairy tale, it has to mean something. But it doesn't.
A whimsical modern fairy tale.

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