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Entertainment Weekly
Every signifier in this quintessentially American domestic thriller is in satisfying running order.
San Francisco Chronicle
A thriller that presses all the buttons: parental love, childhood terror, fear of Vince Vaughn.
Boston Globe
Doesn't make nearly the ripple it could have made.
New York Post
A refreshingly unpretentious little thriller.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Travolta, a bit portly (or is it starboardly?), phones in his performance from his place in Maine; Vaughn is ice-cool but not especially convincing; the kid is OK, and Polo is a blank.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie is a paid holiday for its director, Harold Becker. I say this because I know what Becker is capable of.
Anyone who sees this movie is going to be 20 minutes ahead of it, though there won't be that many after Weekend 1. With domestic disturbances, someone calls the cops. With this DOA, someone had better call the coroner.
New York Daily News
Why Travolta is slumming in B movies is anybody's guess. (I'll take a wild flier: "Battlefield Earth"?)
There's almost no reason to see the movie, unless you have no qualms about wasting your time.
Baltimore Sun
Sttrictly movie-of-the-week stuff. And not very good stuff, at that.
Wall Street Journal
The script is woefully inept, with plot twists that wouldn't pass muster in a high-school drama class.

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