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San Francisco Chronicle
People who see it may feel like dancing out of the theater afterward. Go for it.
Rolling Stone
Bell explodes onscreen in a performance that cuts to the heart without sham tearjerking. Look for Billy to blast off.
USA Today
You'd be hard-pressed to find a purer expression of rapture in a film this year than the one that opens Billy Elliot.
Boston Globe
Bell is utterly persuasive as the boy literally yearning to leap beyond the oppressively apparent confines of his world.
New York Daily News
It's not just a movie about an underdog who fights the odds, it's about following one's heart -- despite the obstacles.
Chicago Tribune
A triumph that deserves a broad audience.
Best of all, Billy (Jamie Bell) is that rarity in a film distributed by Hollywood: a real boy, confused at 11 about almost everything.
Chicago Sun-Times
As much parable and fantasy as it is realistic.
Philadelphia Inquirer
One of those movies where it's impossible not to find yourself cheering for the scruffy underdog hero.
Christian Science Monitor
Trumpets the worthwhile message that ballet is just as manly and athletic as any other masculine activity - and maybe a touch more so, if you have to defy an uncomprehending community in order to pursue it.
Entertainment Weekly
Even as the director, Stephen Daldry, places his star front and center, he doesn't know how to highlight him.

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