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Surprisingly Complex Characters/Plot
ajolipa9 December 2002
When my brother started watching this show and I heard bits of it in the background I thought it sounded like the stupidest thing ever--I heard bits of dialogue along the lines of "Oh, yeah! Well I attack with my dark magician!" or "Now I shall harness the power of all millennium items and rule the world!" or "Ha ha, with the power of our friendship we will defeat you!" However, after I had been forced to actually watch several episodes and began to actually follow the plot and character development, I discovered to my surprise that this show, while it is basically just a marketing ploy to sell trading cards, is actually a complex and fascinating story with well-developed and multi-dimensional characters and relationships.

Now, granted, you have to have certain tolerances to enjoy this show: you have to accept the world in which the characters live, in which for some reason everything seems to ride on this certain card game, Duel Monsters, and in which there exist ancient items with various spirits trapped inside them. If you're inclined to dismiss the premises of the plot as stupid, then this show is not for you. Secondly, you have to tolerate the fact that much of the show consists of duels, in which the characters themselves compete in the card game that the show is designed to market. It helps if you're a 6 to 12-year-old boy (or anyone else, I suppose) and are actually into playing the card game yourself. Or, like me, you can simply realize that the game actually is quite interesting and complex, and in the show is used to advance the plot and character development, and just accept it. Finally, you have to tolerate a certain amount of sappiness--the main characters do often take the time to go on and on about the importance of friendship and courage and standing up for yourself, etc etc...however, I personally find this somewhat refreshing after watching my brother play countless video games where the main message seemed to be Kill Anything in Your Path if It Will Give You Energy Points or some such advantage. And the character relationships are complex enough that these speeches, when they occur, are actually meaningful and sometimes (at least to me!) quite touching.

The point is, don't dismiss this show. The animation is crisp and nuanced (except for occasionally when they decide for some reason to switch to exaggerated, cartoon-like animation, particularly with Joey--those moments are probably my least favorite aspect of the show!), and the characters are real, touching, and very entertaining. Suspend your cynicism and just let yourself enjoy the show--it's actually quite worth it!!
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A good story butchered by 4Kids Censorship
Alec W24 November 2006
Bear with me on this first, okay? I think Yugiô, or Yu-Gi-Oh, is great. It's fun to watch. The story can be engaging at times, and even the voices of the dub can be enjoyable from time to time as well...

...but then in comes snake in the grass 4Kids. It thwarts the nature and goals of the series' baddies and censures countless scenes out of the original version. It is true that you can expect nothing less from a broadcast for kids, but these guys have taken the renewal of this series to unpleasant heights. Where in Japan you saw once-up antagonists get drunk in a bar, enticing clothing, semi-revealed body parts, several cases of nudity, wicked tongue action from... you know who if you are a fan, and some mild harsh language, 4Kids removes scenes, dresses the 'Black Magician Girl' up in a dumb pair of pink trunks, digitally embellishes the 'horrors of combat', dumbs down some dialogue, digitally removes some female characters' cleavages and simply makes the entire experience of watching this a lot more bland.

I dare any of you to watch the very first dubbed episode, and then watch a dubbed episode from season two and three and you see how 4Kids struggled with this show. Where they started out using phrases like 'super awesome rare' and with a character representation about as shallow as those in Toddler oriented Nick Toons, they 'got their game on' in order to show a slightly more grown up struggle along the way. It is commendable that 4Kids have kept it from becoming a total farce, but that brings one to the real problem.

It is sometimes hard to confide in a series like Yu-gi-oh, because almost every single conflict from beginning to end plays out in a children's card game. Subliminal messages throughout the series, or at least the dub, entitle the gamer's philosophy, that is to say the 'Heart of the Cards'. Of course, if they were just playing a friendly game all the time, this premise and the continuous and sometimes absolutely nauseating friendship skits would all be meaningless. But then, after having wagered one's soul over a dozen time in perilous 'shadow games', these guys do need a philosophy to survive the onslaught of all these card games.

Many people already start to get me wrong here. I like this show, even the dub, but where it really sets off is in the last two seasons, where characters really start developing, and the world really starts turning. Where the still ever-present pep talks and friendship speeches blot out the ever-mounting stakes in the dub, the original version can be very touching at times, and some duels in this late stage of the show do seem very meaningful (My favorites: Both duels between Mou hitori no (Yami) Yugi vs. Raferu (Raphael)). And that is why I think it has the potential to be this good; because while being fully aware that good guy and bad guy are resolving their disputes by playing a children's card game, one can forget that they are actually playing a children's card game at times.

Of course, the card games are just the means to every end and the story does not necessarily revolve around the duels per se. The storyline of the ancient Pharaoh sealing himself and his memory away in order to stop (at first rather generic) evil, as well as some of the Egyptian themes within the series are quite engaging and interesting, although it must be admitted that after all the time that this mystery remains sealed (the first four seasons, in fact), its resolution can be really underwhelming. Also undeniable; the fourth season, where the cast takes on an ancient free mason like organization called Damu (Doom in the dub, I think) is one of the, if not the best and most introspective story arcs. It is a shame that it destroys the pace, and is the main reason why the conclusion is slightly underwhelming and detached.

Do yourself a favor. If you go and watch this series, watch the Japanese version. The dub is okay (I give it a 5 thumbs up out of 10), but the Japanese version is great (9 kawaiis out of 10). Plus, the Japanese soundtrack is much more better.
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Far superior to most
b4i819 August 2003
Yu-Gi-Oh! can be confusing to those with slower mind-speeds. The duels like all plot devises, are used to progress the plot and even develop the characters, and in an effort to do so, may annoy, frustrate, or even confuse some members of the audience unfamiliar with the game strategy and cards(effects). However, the these duels are essentially not difficult to follow.

The overall plot of the series is complex and very entertaining. Of the main characters, and aside from Yami Yugi, the villains are often the most compelling. The most interesting, and charismatic of these "villainous" characters being Seto Kaiba(thanks to the paragon voice-work of Eric Stuart), with Ryu Bakura, Maximillion Pegasus, and Marik Ishtar following close behind.

This series, unlike many others, requires the audience to possess functioning memories in order to recall the mythology. The plot is intriguing for those who enjoy mysteries and suspense(although watching YU-GI-OH! one need never fear the hero will be anything other than victorious).

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an excellent choice for children in order to instill morals and values; most importantly honor, courage, loyalty, and confidence in oneself.

Grade: A
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I'm a huge fan!
khelek5 March 2003
OK, I'll admit it...I am a sucker for the "30 min. commercials". I have been ever since I was a kid back in the, uh, 80's. I would go out and buy all the brand-new cool Transformers featured in the cartoon. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?...I was there. I am every toy manufacturers' ... dream. Yu-Gi-Oh is the continuation of my bizarre fascination with cartoons.

What's so great about this cartoon. Honestly, I can't say what it is I like. OK, I lied. I absolutely love the duels! I'm not a huge Anime fan, so that really does nothing for me. The constant babbling about "friendship" and "love" I can certainly do without. Not that those are bad things, and it's good that kids are taught these values while being brainwashed into buying the game, but it can be *awfully* sugary-sweet, especially when you're, um, <mumble> twenty-eight </mumble>. But I really enjoy the duels and it makes me want to go out and buy the cards and play with other people. Unfortunately, I have no friends, and my wife doesn't have any interest in dueling me. Fortunately, there's Game Boy Advance. I was given Dark Duel Stories for Christmas and recently bought Eternal Duelist Soul...both great games, though EDS is definitely closer to the original game than DDS. The point being, this tv show is really nothing more than an avenue for advertising their games...and I love it!

Now, what I'd like to see is how well Yugi fairs against someone who has some really nasty cards in their deck....how would he handle having Raigeki and Dark Hole being smacked down on his Dark Magician and Summoned Skull????
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The best Manga series there is!!
Martin Lind27 November 2006
I don't know why so many people doesn't like this show, it's got everything you can wish from a good cartoon show. The excitement, humor and the fight against good and evil. And when they are taking most of the story from agent Egypt It's get more and more exited.

I had never enjoyed a Manga series this much, except from Sailor Moon. But this series is the best when it comes down from it's category. But it's too bad that the cards you can buy from the series is to expensive, but that doesn't stop me. I got almost a hundred, and more is going to be.

Yu-Gi-Oh is the best cartoon show I had ever seen and the movie is so god that I can watch it over and over again. THIS IS ABSOLUTE GREAT!!!
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Yes, I know I already reviewd this show, but...
perni27 June 2003
...I have some nagging thoughts I just have to write down for the whole world to see! Okay, so lately the whole Kidnapped-Grandfather plot has been ditched in favor of a story with this mind-absorbing villain who wants three Egyptian God Cards. These cards are supposedly unstoppable, although according to this show the hero can't lose so that statement is up for debate. And it's become increasingly noticeable that the show spends 50% of its running time explaining things THAT'S IT ALREADY DISCUSSED AT LENGTH. For example:

Villain: With this card, I'll be able to add 1000 Attack Points to my dragon with every turn! My monster will soon become invincible, as its Attack Points will eventually surpass those of your puny magician!

(commercial break)

Villain: Why don't you give up, Yu-Gi? There is no way you can beat my dragon, as with each turn it gains an additional 1000 Attack Points, making it utterly unbeatable! Bwa ha ha! You might as well turn in your (insert name of mystical object here) right now and save yourself the embarrasment! HOW CAN YOUR MINISCULE MAGICIAN POSSIBLE CONTEND WITH THE MIGHT OF MY MIGHTY DRAGON, SINCE MY CREATURE BECOMES MORE AND MORE POWERFUL WITH EACH PROGRESSIVE TURN? It's madness to pursue this battle! Bwa ha ha!

Hero: (looks perplexed)

Villain: Make your move, fool! For this battle will soon be over!!!

(commercial break)

And it goes on like that until someone actually does do something. I love how the villains just KNOW they can win, but Yu-Gi always manages to yank the right card out of his deck by believing in "the heart of the cards." Yeah, you know what? I call it luck, Yu-Gi m'boy. Seriously, if it weren't for the cool character designs and my morbid sense of curiosity, I would have given up on this show a while back. But darn me if I don't tune in every blasted afternoon!!!

Sigh...pray for me, my friends.
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The best monster anime yet (may contain spoilers)
Tricer144713 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I love this anime like no other. I absolutely love the monsters and the characters are just so life like in personality. The plot is this. Long ago monsters were used in combat games but grew too powerful and got out of control and nearly destroyed the world. I won't spoil it but a boy named Yugi gets an item of magic power that imprisoned the monsters along with several others in stone slabs. The game is discovered by a man named Maximillion Pegasaus who got an item to find it out and made a card game with the same monsters and spells. The plot goes on and it would take too long to explain it all. 10/10
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Yugi is the best!
nephthysuk3 March 2002
Yu-Gi-Oh! not only entertains with a wide range of animated monsters and clever strategies but also takes us into a world where those who battle for for the ones they love and for honor DO stand a chance against the powerful and corrupt. As the series continues so does the story gain in depth and interest dispelling any scepticism that can be experienced watching the first few episodes alone (which are really a gentle introduction into how the duel monsters realm works).
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This is what I thought
Sara8 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I don't intend on giving any spoilers, but if i do i'm sorry. I watch Yu-Gi-Oh with as much regulatory faith as i can. I think it's a really good show, I also loved Digimon, Pokemon, Cardcaptors, and all of the Japanese Anime that the US has shown, I adore it all. Yu-Gi-OH has very good animation, Yugi, is very well drawn, he'd be " hot " if he were a true realistic guy with spikey hair, and violet eyes. *sigh* Ok, back to what i was saying. Yu-gi-oh is an amazing action packed show, i happened upon it while waiting for the power puff show, Yu-Gi-Oh had like 10 minutes left, and i've just adored it since then. It's a good show, give it a chance.
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Original is better!
gareiss12 May 2003
It took me a while, but I finally got my hands on originals! All that was cut out; all the unanswered questions, all the cute sight gags and jokes! Why?! Okay, maybe a little mature for the American standard of what a cartoon is supposed to be, but... all they did to it here is turn it into a 20 minute commercial for the game! Come on people! There is so much more to the story! How Yugi met Joun... (cringe) Joey, and Hon... (double cringe) Tristan. How he got the puzzle. How Joey got the Red Eyes in the first place. Where Mai really comes from, why she _really_ duels... I'm not going to answer any of these for you, you just have to find it yourself. I don't know the policy for leaving urls here, otherwise I would tell you >
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the best animated show I have ever seen
samih badir23 December 2005
people say that this show is for children .

but i like it and people who say that it is dull should watch it or maybe they only watched the first season.

because it is dull but then when you will watch it after the first season you will be stunned and couldn't wait for the episode .

in my home town it is what the youth talk about(that and movies and sports and girls) so in the end watch it before you judge it.

the end.

i will write this just to make the ten lines.

love the girls in Beverly hills and i know i am gonna marry one of them some day.
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shadowyugi2yami13 July 2004
I at first thought the series was going to stink, but hey it's one of the best anime's i have ever seen. It's really good and the duel's and the cards and the millennium items are all really cool looking and awesome.Yami Yugi is actually the ancient pharaoh that sealed away the shadow games 5,000 years (or 3,000 according to the manga or vise versa) and he remembers nothing. So after the duelist kingdom everyone wants to help Yami remember his past. On the way through battle city duels occur for various reasons, fame, honor, to strip the Pharaoh of his power, and eventually the world his put to stake. Yugi and his buddies have to join together and help save the world even if you have to help a cold heir to Kaiba Crop. Yugi and his buds help anyway, they are so nice. Yugioh is a great anime.
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I actually like it.
Walter_Skinner8 August 2011
Long before Little Kurbioh started making his videos I watched the original series of Yugioh and it's spin off Yugioh Gx. Even though I'm fully aware that it's just an excuse to sell cards of a trading card game I actually think the series has a lot of charm to it. The villains are all either scary or just plain funny, the duels can sometimes be exciting, and Yugioh is the only show I can think of that actually has great filler. In fact some of my favorite seasons of the show (The Noah Virtual World saga and the Waking the Dragons arc) While the dub by 4kids is littered with horrible voice acting, lame jokes, and plenty of cringe worthy moments the original Japanese sub had amazing opening and closing credits and adds a lot of substance to the story.
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I Think YUGIOH is great!
samalfie5 November 2005
I am so addicted this TV series and as an artist, I love to draw huge drawings of the characters, Bakura being my favorite of course. Like many others, I WANT MORE!!!!!! I have been trying to get hold of the so called LOST EPISODES (the very first 27 episodes never aired in the US) WHY!, why on earth has this not been aired? I am itching to see these episodes. I have read the manga and it's great. I want to see the real thing, UNCUT! I'm sure you are all with me on this one? Where can you get these episodes from? does anyone know? I have searched the net and only come up with a Japanese site which unfortunately I am unable to read so who knows if it's even selling to the rest of the world who eagerly await these mysterious episodes???? All in all, the series is great and I can't wait for more uncut material to hit our shelves. And yes! I play the card game, it's fantastic, great entertainment, so if anyone can help with the lost episodes then please do, it's driving me bonkers. Thanks for reading
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exciting and vert adictive to watch and play
peter griffin22 July 2002
yu gi oh is all about a boy called yu gi and he has an item called the millenium puzzle which fills him with a spirit which makes him more confident. yu gi oh is better than pokemon and i think that its one of the best shows ever so i hope you can take your time to watch
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An Example of How a Faulty Translation Can Ruin a Good Show
nes_star21 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of people tell me that the quality of the dub doesn't matter, but the criticism Yu-Gi-Oh has gotten is proof that this just is not true. Many of the critics of Yu-Gi-Oh bash it for reasons that apply only to the English version.

I know this for a fact, as I have seen both versions. I not only bear but enjoy the Japanese version, but when I see the same episodes in English, I quickly want to change the channel.

If there is a fault with this show, it is that you can't get the full story from the show alone. To do that, you have to read the graphic novels. This TV series skips right to the "Duelist Kingdom" story arc (which originally started in the seventh/eighth graphic novel, skipping 6-7 books worth of story), with some details filled in by flashbacks, and other story arcs from the comics being rewritten to fit into the revised storyline. The reason for this skip was twofold. First, the older volumes were handled by another "Yu-Gi-Oh" anime (which is owned by a different company and thus was not licensed for US distribution), and second, most of the early story lines actually did not involve the card game, whereas in this anime, the card game is the main thrust of the series.

Despite this, "Yu-Gi-Oh" is a good, fun show, albeit rather mindless at times. The main appeal of this series is simply in the suspense of the duels. Yes, the good guys almost always win (but to quell the critics, there ARE in fact times where the good guys actually lose duels), however because it's based around a fictitious card game, the duels could go any number of ways. Some episodes stick strictly to cards we've seen before, while others surprise the viewer (or make him feel cheated) by the surprise introduction of a never-before-seen card.

Complimenting this is the characters. The show involves Yugi, an inverted boy who, as the series goes on, becomes more confident in himself with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a pendant Yugi wears around his neck. Early on, this spirit will take over Yugi's body in order to see him and his friends through dangerous situations, but later Yugi and the spirit begin to work together to solve problems. Yugi also has friends in the form of Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu (known as Joey, Tristan, and Tea in the US version), and the friendship between them (particularly Yugi and Joey) is one of the central thrusts of the show--several times, these characters have to risk their lives or make huge personal sacrifices for each other, including events such as Jonouchi having to rescue Yugi from a burning building, or Yugi letting bullies beat him up so they'll leave his friends alone. Things like this are what makes the series strong.

However, most of this had to be either toned down or completely removed from the US version, leaving us with a mere marketing ploy that is devoid of most of its substance, though fortunately a few of these quality moments DID survive the transition.

4Kids recently allowed the release of three Uncut DVDs of Yu-Gi-Oh, DVDs which include the original Japanese episodes with an option for English subtitles. These DVDs cover the first nine episodes, and I strongly IMPLORE anyone who has a negative view of this show to watch these volumes and give the show a second chance before passing a final judgment.
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CrystalBlueSilver20 August 2003
I love this anime.I instantly fell in love with Yugi and his cause.

But, before you go off ranting that Maximillion Pegasus is evil, I've got some news for you. He isn't evil.

Okay, so stealing Yugi's Grandpa and making Yugi win a tourney to get him back isn't exactly right, but deep down, Pegasus isn't a bad guy.

Max met his wife Cecelia at one of his father's fancy parties. He and Cecelia were only children. They spent every waking moment together after that night. Then he asked for her hand in marriage, and she accepted. But not soon after she was struck down with a terrible disease and died.

He was heartbroken, and her death made him kind of bitter. He searched the world to try and find a way to bring her back. He finally came to Egypt, and before long, had his Millennium Eye.

I won't waste more of your time with this lengthy review, but any fan should know why Max wanted Kaiba Corp.

My infatuation with Pegasus aside, this is a great anime for all ages. My brother and I even play the card game, Duel Monsters.

Now go and watch it.
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Could have been the best
therubixtheory21 March 2008
I cried during the final episode of this series, it really touched me to think that it was all over.

a few people i used to know made fun of me for liking this series, well they never bothered watching did they or even picking up a copy of the manga.

I must admit i'm seriously disappointed with what 4kids turned this show into, it's just another shining example that they should leave animes undubbed and subtitled, i know Japanese voices can seem to some to be irritating but they have more emphasis and no one makes them say stupid phrases like they do in the English versions, it dumbs down the whole experience.
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A descent anime that introduces a millennium of power and destruction
sadik3529 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yu-Gi-Oh is a fair enough cartoon with it's own clever plots. The main plot is one of a fantasy series that focuses both on the adults and children's. But most of the plots that are impressive, overdoes the childish behavior. The drawings are okay. Yu-Gi-Oh's drawings are normal just like any other anime.That is the human drawings. But the monsters are in good shape and have the potential destructive power whether tiny or huge in size. The characters have different qualities that make the show good but some of them spoils it and makes it useless to the series. Character development in the other hand is way better than Pokemon. The battling is clever and very impressive. It takes a lot of skills to play in order to be the victor. That must be the main reason I like Yu-Gi-Oh. The introduction is good and bad at times. The villains are very persuasive. Yu-Gi-Oh is recommended for boys from the age of 6 to 17. But the fans should not attempt to view because it is a disgrace to fans all over the world.
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Well I like it
VmpyrChild14 May 2002
I am watching Yu-Gi-Oh on WB11 b/c I just discovered it but I really like it. The characters are interesting, the plot it pretty good and I don't think WB has done anything to it to cut it down but it's really good and it isn't like Pokemon or anything it's something most people could enjoy. I recommend it.
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Truly funny show
Alexandra Sullivan23 August 2006
But it's not really funny for the right reasons. You know, unintentionally funny. Maybe the original, Japanese version is better. I'm still not interested in this series enough to bother seeing it. Regardless of guns, blood, swear words, etc, the whole thing isn't my cup of tea.

The hair. How could you NOT mention the hair?! Brilliant, multi-colored, big-ass, chunky, razor-sharp looking hair. Yugi could probably open up a casino inside of his hair, it's that large. Even by anime standards, that is just crazy. That is one of the things I always laugh at. Honda/Tristan's...obelisk-type, pointy conehead-like hair is always a pleasure too. The serious dialogue just comes off as funny, especially because it's dubbed.

Yugi: Oh noes, this guy I'm dueling is using (insert some powerful card)

Yugi's friends: Yugi! You can do it! We believe in you! Kick his butt!

Guy dueling Yugi: Silly boy, don't you see it's impossible to beat me?! My (insert card) card will crush your (insert Yugi's current beast)!

Yugi: What do I do...? Oh. I'll use the heart of the cards! (transforms into Yami, proceeds to beat the pants off the other guy)

Guy Dueling Yugi: Oh em gee, wtf. How could I be beaten?!

Yugi: You didn't trust the heart of the cards, you evildoer! (thus, another happy ending)

I like how Yugi's friends shout his name and act all worried like he's going to be injured or something. Papercut?

So, all in all, I'd recommend this series to people who enjoy laughing, a lot. The serious parts are hardly serious. The dialogue is choppy and juvenile. The hair could swallow you whole. Happy watching!
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Finally! America finally gets Yu-Gi-Oh the way it should be!
neonyoukokurama9 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers

With October, the US has finally seen the first releases of UNCUT Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Yep, the series finally gets to go unedited. This version isn't the kid-friendly, be-sentenced-to-the-shadow-realm version you've seen on Cartoon Network or Kids WB. That version edited out guns and made it look like characters were pointing at each other, it took out all scenes of characters hitting each other, suggested that Yugi and co. lived in America instead of Japan, made Joey more of an idiot, made Seto Kaiba more of a jerk, turned Malik completely evil, constantly made stupid jokes that only 4-year olds would find funny(similar to the DBZ dub), dropped or severely altered subplots, took out almost every time a character nearly died and replaced it with the "shadow realm(similar to getting trapped in another dimension in the DBZ dub)," made up even more ridiculous excuses for characters who did die, etc.

Not so with this version. This version is a bit more serious. A few of the characters' motives that people never saw in the original version have now been restored, and conversations throughout the series have been changed a bit. One of the biggest examples I can think of for the new uncut dub is in the second episode, in which Pegasus duels Yami Yugi to test his skills for Duelist Kingdom. The KWB/CN version added in this whole pointless scene in which in the middle of the duel Pegasus begins to talk to Yugi about the Millennium Items. That scene wasn't in the original version. The uncut edition thankfully keeps that scene out. Also, the original music is still in the series, thankfully. I didn't care for most of the Kids WB version's music. I though some was okay(such as the "bad guy" theme they started playing around the Noa storyline), but I've always the loved the original Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters music, it's some of my personal favorites. Also, the original themes are kept in(Voice and Genki no Shower). Most of the names are kept the same as in the dub, but a few or changed, notably Joey's name is now Katsuya Joey, a mix of his original Japanese and Kids WB names. Most of the original dub actors are also back, such as Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Wayne Grayson, Darren Dunstan, etc, although Frank Frankson(Tristan) is technically new since it was a different dub voice for him in the first 10 episodes, plus there's a new Mai. However this is going back through the Duelist Kingdom series. Sadly, that happened to be the tamest of the series. Battle City and onward is when it really gets complex and start to dwelve far more into Yami Yugi(the Nameless Pharaoh)'s Egyptian past, and also where it happened to start to get much more violent. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, it may be forever before this storyline eventually starts(there's still 44 more episodes before Malik gets to make his appearance, and since the uncut version is DVD exclusive with only 3 episodes per DVD again, that means it's gonna be a long time....)

So fans who want to see the original version, with wicked character designs, cool card game matches, and a far better plot than what 4Kids presented for Kids WB, I really suggest checking out the UNCUT Edition. A DVD that's been 3 years in the making.
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First-Rate Guilty Pleasure
eaglwing-22 February 2004
Sure, the animation is nearly nonexistent, the situations are repetitive, and the rules of the game seem to be made up as they go along, but the show is completely addictive and satisfying. Why?

Well, the drawings might not move much, but they are beautifully executed comic book-style drawings. The characters are motivated by basic values of friendship and family--they are all very likable. You find yourself rooting for many of the "villains," who are more misguided than evil, whose motivations often include loss of love or a need to protect a loved one. (It's oddly Shakespearean . . .) Meanwhile, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as they play out these card duels! The deck serves as a thinly veiled stand-in for God in the story as Yugi puts his faith in "the heart of the cards." People, strengthened by their friends and family, putting their faith in a force larger than themselves . . . oh, c'mon! In this shallow and heartless day and age, how can we not find this irresistible?
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The show
kuro_megami16 March 2003
Yu-Gi-Oh! is a really good show! Despite several people saying it's 'just like Pokemon', that's not true! Most people say this and other insulting things because to put it quite frank, the dubb is CORNY!! Not only do they 'The Heart of the Cards' enough to make you sick, they change names, not to mention plots! My fave characters are Bakura and Yami Bakura because they're cool (and cute! ~grins~). I love them to death and I'm glad the evil dubbing didn't get to them that much. They're still the same. Except Yami Bakura is a little more... insane. They practicly erase the dark elements in the show (Ex: Yami Bakura licking the Millennium Eye after he ripped it from Pegasus' eye...) which takes a lot of the suspense out of the show. And all the evilness. Well, that's my rant for today, so bye!
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So when's the movie?
DemiMooreisHOT22 October 2002
Yu-Gi-Oh has to be one of my favorite cartoons since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's about a boy, Yugi Moto, who must save his kidnapped Grandfather from an evil millionaire. How is he to do it? By playing Duel Cards on an island tournament, thats how. Each person he duels has their own motive for winning, whether it's to save a loved one (like his friend Joey), a personal vendetta (like Kaiba or Bandit Keith), or if they just want to buy more 'accessories' (Mia). I think seeing each character's personality, and how it reflects on their card playing, is one of the best aspects of this show. (especially Joey, he's so damn funny!)

This ain't no Pokemon folks, It's time to duel!
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