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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

exciting and vert adictive to watch and play

Author: peter griffin from london, england
22 July 2002

yu gi oh is all about a boy called yu gi and he has an item called the millenium puzzle which fills him with a spirit which makes him more confident. yu gi oh is better than pokemon and i think that its one of the best shows ever so i hope you can take your time to watch

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:


Author: carii from United States
13 July 2004

I at first thought the series was going to stink, but hey it's one of the best anime's i have ever seen. It's really good and the duel's and the cards and the millennium items are all really cool looking and awesome.Yami Yugi is actually the ancient pharaoh that sealed away the shadow games 5,000 years (or 3,000 according to the manga or vise versa) and he remembers nothing. So after the duelist kingdom everyone wants to help Yami remember his past. On the way through battle city duels occur for various reasons, fame, honor, to strip the Pharaoh of his power, and eventually the world his put to stake. Yugi and his buddies have to join together and help save the world even if you have to help a cold heir to Kaiba Crop. Yugi and his buds help anyway, they are so nice. Yugioh is a great anime.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

I actually like it.

Author: Walter_Skinner from United States
8 August 2011

Long before Little Kurbioh started making his videos I watched the original series of Yugioh and it's spin off Yugioh Gx. Even though I'm fully aware that it's just an excuse to sell cards of a trading card game I actually think the series has a lot of charm to it. The villains are all either scary or just plain funny, the duels can sometimes be exciting, and Yugioh is the only show I can think of that actually has great filler. In fact some of my favorite seasons of the show (The Noah Virtual World saga and the Waking the Dragons arc) While the dub by 4kids is littered with horrible voice acting, lame jokes, and plenty of cringe worthy moments the original Japanese sub had amazing opening and closing credits and adds a lot of substance to the story.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

the best animated show I have ever seen

Author: samih badir from Israel
23 December 2005

people say that this show is for children .

but i like it and people who say that it is dull should watch it or maybe they only watched the first season.

because it is dull but then when you will watch it after the first season you will be stunned and couldn't wait for the episode .

in my home town it is what the youth talk about(that and movies and sports and girls) so in the end watch it before you judge it.

the end.

i will write this just to make the ten lines.

love the girls in Beverly hills and i know i am gonna marry one of them some day.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Could have been the best

Author: therubixtheory from United Kingdom
21 March 2008

I cried during the final episode of this series, it really touched me to think that it was all over.

a few people i used to know made fun of me for liking this series, well they never bothered watching did they or even picking up a copy of the manga.

I must admit i'm seriously disappointed with what 4kids turned this show into, it's just another shining example that they should leave animes undubbed and subtitled, i know Japanese voices can seem to some to be irritating but they have more emphasis and no one makes them say stupid phrases like they do in the English versions, it dumbs down the whole experience.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

An Example of How a Faulty Translation Can Ruin a Good Show

Author: nes_star from United States
21 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of people tell me that the quality of the dub doesn't matter, but the criticism Yu-Gi-Oh has gotten is proof that this just is not true. Many of the critics of Yu-Gi-Oh bash it for reasons that apply only to the English version.

I know this for a fact, as I have seen both versions. I not only bear but enjoy the Japanese version, but when I see the same episodes in English, I quickly want to change the channel.

If there is a fault with this show, it is that you can't get the full story from the show alone. To do that, you have to read the graphic novels. This TV series skips right to the "Duelist Kingdom" story arc (which originally started in the seventh/eighth graphic novel, skipping 6-7 books worth of story), with some details filled in by flashbacks, and other story arcs from the comics being rewritten to fit into the revised storyline. The reason for this skip was twofold. First, the older volumes were handled by another "Yu-Gi-Oh" anime (which is owned by a different company and thus was not licensed for US distribution), and second, most of the early story lines actually did not involve the card game, whereas in this anime, the card game is the main thrust of the series.

Despite this, "Yu-Gi-Oh" is a good, fun show, albeit rather mindless at times. The main appeal of this series is simply in the suspense of the duels. Yes, the good guys almost always win (but to quell the critics, there ARE in fact times where the good guys actually lose duels), however because it's based around a fictitious card game, the duels could go any number of ways. Some episodes stick strictly to cards we've seen before, while others surprise the viewer (or make him feel cheated) by the surprise introduction of a never-before-seen card.

Complimenting this is the characters. The show involves Yugi, an inverted boy who, as the series goes on, becomes more confident in himself with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a pendant Yugi wears around his neck. Early on, this spirit will take over Yugi's body in order to see him and his friends through dangerous situations, but later Yugi and the spirit begin to work together to solve problems. Yugi also has friends in the form of Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu (known as Joey, Tristan, and Tea in the US version), and the friendship between them (particularly Yugi and Joey) is one of the central thrusts of the show--several times, these characters have to risk their lives or make huge personal sacrifices for each other, including events such as Jonouchi having to rescue Yugi from a burning building, or Yugi letting bullies beat him up so they'll leave his friends alone. Things like this are what makes the series strong.

However, most of this had to be either toned down or completely removed from the US version, leaving us with a mere marketing ploy that is devoid of most of its substance, though fortunately a few of these quality moments DID survive the transition.

4Kids recently allowed the release of three Uncut DVDs of Yu-Gi-Oh, DVDs which include the original Japanese episodes with an option for English subtitles. These DVDs cover the first nine episodes, and I strongly IMPLORE anyone who has a negative view of this show to watch these volumes and give the show a second chance before passing a final judgment.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Even With The Nostalgia Goggles Off, It's Still Entertaining

Author: ikrani
27 February 2014

The year was 1999. The 90s were making their final rounds in television, spewing out franchise after franchise to weather the storm of the 2000s. But out of all the shows created in these times, only two have withstood the test of time: Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

But why was Yu-Gi-Oh so successful? I mean, it was just a card game, right? There were plenty of other franchises that existed to sell toys: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Pokemon, Star Wars (you know, the prequels), etc. So what made Yu-Gi-Oh any different? Because, dear friend, while other shows' merchandise remained simple merchandise, Yu-Gi-Oh took a Japanese card game and turned it into A BATTLE OF GOD-LIKE ENTITIES, HERE TO RECLAIM THE WORLD THEY RULED SO LONG AGO.

Seriously, if you knew the card game, then you knew NOTHING about the show. It managed to tie this simple game to Egyptian rituals, malevolent spirits, dark magic, action, peril, souls being bound to items of immeasurable power... Does this bone-chilling stuff sound ANYTHING like a children's card game to you?

That's not to say that the show is dark; most of the time it's quite upbeat and focuses on the card game. But when the dark powers appear before us, you can FEEL the grandiose nature of their presence OOZING out of the screen. You can feel the fact that there are greater forces at work at all times; always lurking in the shadows, always calculating their next move, and the only ones that stand between us and their demented plans are Yugi Moto and company.

Now, I know a lot of people like to complain about how 4Kids took out a lot of the violence, the nudity, the use of guns in certain scenes, and... Honestly, I'm glad they did. This show doesn't NEED violence; it doesn't need a lot of the more adult content that the Japanese include in their kids shows. By taking a lot of those elements out, they made the show more about what it SHOULD focus on: the mysticism and the card game. Putting in guns, violence and other "questionable" content only serves to bring the show closer to reality, the exact opposite of magic. Yes, the first few episodes are pretty dumbed down and the first arc holds little basis in the actual rules of the game. But once it got past that stage, it turned into a really fun, really enjoyable experience, with the exception of some painfully obvious censorship here and there.

So if you love magic, mystery, secrets, dark realms of evil power, and 2D animation that still holds up today, check out this incredible show. It is AWESOME, man!

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

it's time to duel

Author: mailin archer from manhattan, ny
20 September 2003

i have read many of the posted comments here and i am happy to see that the majority of people are like me a true yu-gi-oh fan

i too have watched many japanese animated movies and shows like sailor moon, card captures (oh i miss kero) pokemon, dirty pair flash, vampire hunter and on and on

well i have been watching yu-gi-oh since it started on the WB and i love every minute of it and now i am watching the battle city finals episode. i know many complain that it is sappy, repetitive and sometimes confusing but if you watch it regularly it story and characters are complex and interesting

but what drew me to love the show sooo is is yami - yugi i just love everything about him his style, charisma, and good looks (lol) also all the good guy qualities

well all it takes to become a fan of the great show is let your inner child that wild imagination we all once had as kids and have some fun

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Finally! America finally gets Yu-Gi-Oh the way it should be!

Author: neonyoukokurama
9 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


With October, the US has finally seen the first releases of UNCUT Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Yep, the series finally gets to go unedited. This version isn't the kid-friendly, be-sentenced-to-the-shadow-realm version you've seen on Cartoon Network or Kids WB. That version edited out guns and made it look like characters were pointing at each other, it took out all scenes of characters hitting each other, suggested that Yugi and co. lived in America instead of Japan, made Joey more of an idiot, made Seto Kaiba more of a jerk, turned Malik completely evil, constantly made stupid jokes that only 4-year olds would find funny(similar to the DBZ dub), dropped or severely altered subplots, took out almost every time a character nearly died and replaced it with the "shadow realm(similar to getting trapped in another dimension in the DBZ dub)," made up even more ridiculous excuses for characters who did die, etc.

Not so with this version. This version is a bit more serious. A few of the characters' motives that people never saw in the original version have now been restored, and conversations throughout the series have been changed a bit. One of the biggest examples I can think of for the new uncut dub is in the second episode, in which Pegasus duels Yami Yugi to test his skills for Duelist Kingdom. The KWB/CN version added in this whole pointless scene in which in the middle of the duel Pegasus begins to talk to Yugi about the Millennium Items. That scene wasn't in the original version. The uncut edition thankfully keeps that scene out. Also, the original music is still in the series, thankfully. I didn't care for most of the Kids WB version's music. I though some was okay(such as the "bad guy" theme they started playing around the Noa storyline), but I've always the loved the original Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters music, it's some of my personal favorites. Also, the original themes are kept in(Voice and Genki no Shower). Most of the names are kept the same as in the dub, but a few or changed, notably Joey's name is now Katsuya Joey, a mix of his original Japanese and Kids WB names. Most of the original dub actors are also back, such as Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Wayne Grayson, Darren Dunstan, etc, although Frank Frankson(Tristan) is technically new since it was a different dub voice for him in the first 10 episodes, plus there's a new Mai. However this is going back through the Duelist Kingdom series. Sadly, that happened to be the tamest of the series. Battle City and onward is when it really gets complex and start to dwelve far more into Yami Yugi(the Nameless Pharaoh)'s Egyptian past, and also where it happened to start to get much more violent. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, it may be forever before this storyline eventually starts(there's still 44 more episodes before Malik gets to make his appearance, and since the uncut version is DVD exclusive with only 3 episodes per DVD again, that means it's gonna be a long time....)

So fans who want to see the original version, with wicked character designs, cool card game matches, and a far better plot than what 4Kids presented for Kids WB, I really suggest checking out the UNCUT Edition. A DVD that's been 3 years in the making.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

First-Rate Guilty Pleasure

Author: eaglwing-2 from Utah
2 February 2004

Sure, the animation is nearly nonexistent, the situations are repetitive, and the rules of the game seem to be made up as they go along, but the show is completely addictive and satisfying. Why?

Well, the drawings might not move much, but they are beautifully executed comic book-style drawings. The characters are motivated by basic values of friendship and family--they are all very likable. You find yourself rooting for many of the "villains," who are more misguided than evil, whose motivations often include loss of love or a need to protect a loved one. (It's oddly Shakespearean . . .) Meanwhile, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as they play out these card duels! The deck serves as a thinly veiled stand-in for God in the story as Yugi puts his faith in "the heart of the cards." People, strengthened by their friends and family, putting their faith in a force larger than themselves . . . oh, c'mon! In this shallow and heartless day and age, how can we not find this irresistible?

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