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29 Jan. 2005
Self Destruction
Yugi is on a vision quest where he must travel through a past of evil to find and conquer his greatest foe... himself!
29 Jan. 2005
Reliving the Past
Weakened by his journey into the dark reaches of his heart, Yugi is in no shape to duel... but Dartz doesn't care! Dartz sends out his ancient annihilator Orichalcos Soldier to finish Yugi once and for all!
5 Feb. 2005
Deck of Armor
Valon is ready to take on the world and fight... for the heart of Mai? And the first adversaries standing in his way are Duke and Rebecca!
5 Feb. 2005
Flight of Fear: Part 1
It's a duel thirty thousand feet in the air as Alister squares off against Kaiba on top of an airplane! If that wasn't enough to make Kaiba airsick, the plummeting plane is on a collision course with a massive mountain!
12 Feb. 2005
Flight of Fear: Part 2
Alister dispatches his airborne arsenal Air Fortress Ziggurat! How can Kaiba defeat a monster the size of the plane itself? He's running out of time to think of a plan - the plane is minutes away from crashing!
12 Feb. 2005
Paradise Found
Dartz has taken over KaibaCorp! Can Kaiba, with Yugi's help, break into his own company which he's protected with the latest in security technology?
19 Feb. 2005
Fighting for a Friend: Part 1
With chaos running rampant, Valon separates Joey from his friends for a final showdown with Mai's heart on the line! How can Joey beat Valon by himself when both Duke and Rebecca couldn't even leave a dent in Valon's armor?
19 Feb. 2005
Fighting for a Friend: Part 2
Decked out in high-tech body armor and weapons, Valon is pummeling Joey with punishing punches! Can Joey outthink the computer before he's downsiz ed into oblivion?
26 Feb. 2005
Fighting for a Friend: Part 3
Decked out in high-tech body armor and weapons, Valon is pummeling Joey with punishing punches! Can Joey outthink the computer before he's downsized into oblivion?
26 Feb. 2005
Fighting for a Friend: Part 4
Joey and Valon's battle rages to its climax as Joey attempts to turn the duel around by augmenting the same armor that Valon used against him! But is Joey's strategy just a pale imitation that's never as good as the original?
16 Apr. 2005
Fighting for a Friend: Part 5
Broken and battered after his exhausting battle against Valon, Joey can barely stand up, much less duel! However, he has no time to rest before he faces a fresh and determined Mai!
23 Apr. 2005
Grappling with a Guardian: Part 1
It's a rematch between the Pharaoh and Rafael - but this time, the Pharaoh doesn't have Yugi to protect him! Is the Pharaoh still haunted by his devastating loss at the hands of Rafael?
30 Apr. 2005
Grappling with a Guardian: Part 2
Rafael appears to be losing control and creating an opening for the Pharaoh's counterattack, but Rafael has even more dreadful displays of terror in mind to finish off the Pharaoh...
30 Apr. 2005
Grappling with a Guardian: Part 3
Rafael calls forth Guardian Dreadscythe, a ravaging reaper that can never be defeated! How can the Pharaoh survive this onerous onslaught, much less rescue Rafael from the darkness feasting on his soul?
7 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 1
After discovering the location of Dartz's secret base, our heroes are on their way to stop Dartz once and for all! Can they reach Dartz before he resurrects the lethal Grand Dragon Leviathan from its millennial slumber?
7 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 2
Dartz's secrets are finally revealed! As the answers to the most puzzling questions are exposed, the Pharaoh and Kaiba realize just how much is at stake in this ultimate duel against the terror thousands of years in the making!
14 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 3
Dartz plants the souls of our captured heroes into Mirror Knights to use them as puppets to fi ght the Pharaoh and Kaiba! How can the Pharaoh duel when attacking Dartz may force him to attack Yugi?
14 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 4
Dartz summons the thundering Orichalcos Shunoros to pound the Pharaoh and Kaiba into pancakes! It's game over, for even the guardian dragons are little match against this battling behemoth!
21 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 5
Kaiba's soul has been captured, leaving the Pharaoh all alone to fend for himself against the invincible forces of Dartz and the Orichalcos! Will his friends reach out from the beyond to give him one last fighting chance?
21 May 2005
A Duel with Dartz: Part 6
The gateway opens for the final endgame as the world-devourer Grand Dragon Leviathan and the legendary Atlantis rise out of its watery grave!
29 May 2005
Rise of the Great Beast: Part 1
It's the brawl for it all! All the monsters of Earth join forces with the survivors of the monster domain for an epic showdown against Grand Dragon Leviathan with the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance!
28 May 2005
Rise of the Great Beast: Part 2
Grand Dragon Leviathan's thunderous roars unleash hundred-foot tall waves worldwide! How can Yugi stop the annihilation of the planet? Billions of lives are at stake in the thrilling conclusion where failure means extinction!
27 Aug. 2005
Unwanted Guest: Part One
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27 Aug. 2005
Unwanted Guest: Part Two
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3 Sep. 2005
Let the Games Begin: Part Two
Mysteries abound! How does Apdnarg Otum know all of Joey's strategies? How can Joey stop Apdnarg when the masked master gathers his ancient cards to unleash the fiercest monster from the great past? But the biggest mystery is - How can Joey not know who Apdnarg Otum is?
10 Sep. 2005
Child's Play
It's the second match of the KC Grand Championship as Rebecca faces the kung-fu kicking Asia champion Vivian Wong! However, there's more at stake than just winning the duel - Yugi's heart is on the line, whether he likes it or not! At the other end of Kaiba Land, a couple of familiar former champions sneak into the tournament, only to find themselves facing a threat that sends shockwaves throughout all the competitors!
10 Sep. 2005
Down in Flames: Part One
The first round is over, leaving eight duelists to compete for the right to face Yugi for the KC Grand Championship! Unfortunately for Joey, his next opponent is Zigfried Lloyd, the dashing duelist who defeated both Weevil and Rex Raptor in one turn! Things may be bad for Joey, but Kaiba has his hands full when all the rides in Kaiba Land go haywire! Can Kaiba find out who's behind all the sabotages before the tournament is ruined?
17 Sep. 2005
Down in Flames: Part Two
Zigfried activates Ride of the Valkyries, the same card that defeated both Weevil and Rex Raptor at the same time! If that one card can defeat two duelists instantly, what chance does Joey have all by himself? Joey better have one last card to turn this duel around before Zigfried's Valkyries carry him off to Valhalla!
17 Sep. 2005
A Brawl in a Small Town: Part One
In the semifinals of the KC Grand Championship, it's a duel between child prodigies as Rebecca faces Leon Wilson and his fairy tale faction! Rebecca is counting on Yugi to cheer and support her, but Yugi has bigger problems to ponder - Grandpa is missing!
24 Sep. 2005
A Brawl in a Small Town: Part Two
Yugi finds Grandpa's kidnapper, but is it really a kidnapping? The truth is painful - literally! While Yugi unravels the truth, Rebecca is starting to unravel when her dragons fall prey to Leon's fervent fables! Rebecca must think of a new plan quick or there will be no happy ending!
24 Sep. 2005
One Step Ahead: Part One
It's Zigfried vs. Leon for the right to challenge Yugi in the KC Grand Championship Finals... but Kaiba stops the duel! Why would Kaiba interfere in his own tournament? The answers may lie in the very origins of KaibaCorp and the invention of the Duel Disk!
1 Oct. 2005
One Step Ahead: Part Two
It's a battle between Zigfried's Valkyries and Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Zigfried quickly gains the advantage by destroying Kaiba's monsters before he can even draw them! With Zigfried's army growing in strength while Kaiba's forces falter, Zigfried is unstoppable!
1 Oct. 2005
Sinister Secrets: Part 1
It's Yugi vs. Leon for the title of King of Games at the KC Grand Championship! However, something sinister lurks in the shadows, for this duel is more than just getting the crown! Zigfried's greatest revenge is about to commence as his real master plan is unleashed!
15 Oct. 2005
Tomb of the Nameless Pharoah
Mr. Moto recounts his young days as an archaeologist, and his expedition into the tomb of the Pharaoh, who now resides within the Millennium Puzzle. An old evil returns.
29 Oct. 2005
Spiritual Awakening
The evil spirit within the Millennium Ring has reunited with Bakura, yearning and prepped with a diabolical new monster to create the ultimate Shadow Game! And his first target is... Kaiba! The pieces are quickly coming together for the final chapter in the saga of the Pharaoh!
29 Oct. 2005
Memoirs of a Pharoah
Yugi and friends are going to the dawn of the duel, to the land where it all began, to the land where the Pharaoh's mysteries lie - Egypt! The Pharaoh begins his journey to recover his memories, separating himself from Yugi and traveling thousands of years back in time! What will the Pharaoh discover about the secrets of his past? And is this the last time Yugi and the Pharaoh will see each other?
5 Nov. 2005
The Intruder: Part 1
Grandpa translates an ancient stone tablet which directs the gang to locate the 'Fortress of Fear.' Now they have until sunset to find this mysterious structure or they'll be trapped in the world of Capsule Monsters forever!
12 Nov. 2005
The Intruder: Part 2
Even with the potent power of Obelisk the Tormentor, the Pharaoh couldn't prevent the bandit Bakura from escaping! Everyone knows that treacherous thief will return for a rematch, so Seto has a plan to create a powerful army... but not only is his strategy dangerous, it's inhumane!
19 Nov. 2005
Makings of a Magician
Mahad vows to stop the bandit king Bakura's sneak attacks once and for all, but he may have made a promise he can't keep! The bandit Bakura's Diabound is more powerful than before because it has the ability to absorb its opponent's abilities! Two entered the underground chamber, but only one will escape in the most dangerous duel yet!
26 Nov. 2005
Birth of the Blue Eyes
Mahad, the first of the Pharaoh's guardians, has fallen! Even worse, the bandit king Bakura now has the Millennium Ring, making his Diabound even more unstoppable! However, in these darkest of times, there are glimmers of hope - not only have Yugi and pals finally found their way to ancient Egypt, but Seto may have found the power to defeat the bandit Bakura within a fragile young girl...
3 Dec. 2005
Village of Lost Souls
The origins of the Millennium Items are revealed! Who forged these powerful artifacts, and why were they created? Though the Millennium Items are powerful, such power comes with a heavy price... a debt that may never be able to be repaid!
10 Dec. 2005
A Reversal of Fortune
The Pharaoh calls forth the mighty Egyptian God Slifer the Sky Dragon to fight the bandit Bakura's Diabound, but when Diabound starts attacking the townspeople, the Pharaoh must protect them, even if it means sacrificing himself! Furthermore, Diabound can hide in the darkness, so how can the Pharaoh and the guardians fight an enemy they can't see?
17 Dec. 2005
In Search of a King
The bandit Bakura has stolen the Millennium Puzzle and sent the Pharaoh plummeting into the abyss - now he's another step closer to obtaining all seven Millennium Items and resurrecting the malevolent Zorc, the greatest evil of all time! While the bandit king is close to executing his master scheme, Aknadin has set his own grand plan into motion - now that the Pharaoh is gone, he wants Seto to become the new Pharaoh!

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