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11 Jan. 2003
Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter: Part 1
It's time to master new rules and monsters; let the Battle City Tournament commence! In the first duel of the tournament, Yugi challenges the Rare Hunter to win back Joey's Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. However, Yugi's falling into the same trap that led to Joey's demise!
18 Jan. 2003
Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter: Part 2
Yugi figures out the Rare Hunter's strategy to summon the almighty Exodia, but it's too late to stop him! The Rare Hunter already has four pieces of Exodia in his hand, and the fifth and final piece is on top of his deck! How can Yugi stop the unstoppable Exodia?
25 Jan. 2003
Espa Roba: The ESP Duelist - Part 1
The psychic duelist Espa Roba defeats Rex Raptor as easy as a chumpasaurus, and Joey's next on his hit list! What chance does Joey have when Espa Roba has the telepathic ability to read all the cards in Joey's hand?
1 Feb. 2003
Espa Roba: The ESP Duelist - Part 2
Joey discovers that Espa Roba's extrasensory perception was a hoax, but he's not yet free from Espa's mental manipulations! Espa Roba's Jinzo not only slaughters all of Joey's monsters, but grows in power every turn! Joey's luck has come to an end... or has it?
8 Feb. 2003
The Master of Magicians: Part 1
The magician duelist Arkana transports Yugi to the world's most lethal dueling arena where the loser gets sent to the Shadow Realm! Yugi must win this duel or he'll lose much more than his Dark Magician!
8 Feb. 2003
The Master of Magicians: Part 2
It's Dark Magician versus Dark Magician! However, while Yugi only controls one Dark Magician, Arkana has three residing in his deck! Though outnumbered, Yugi will never give up, as long as he believes in the heart of the cards!
8 Feb. 2003
The Master of Magicians: Part 3
To counter Arkana's Dark Magician, YUGI pulls a rabbit out of his hat - the Dark Magician Girl! It's the battle of the sexes to determine the true master of magicians!
15 Feb. 2003
Playing with a Parasite: Part 1
The trickster Weevil Underwood spins a web of lies to bait Joey into a lopsided duel! Weevil secretly infests Joey's deck with a parasite that prevents Joey from summoning strong monsters! Without the support of his most powerful beasts, what chance does Joey have against a monster that even Yugi didn't dare face at Duelist Kingdom, the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth!?
22 Feb. 2003
Playing with a Parasite: Part 2
Joey swats Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth only to have Weevil let loose the ferocious Insect Queen, the crown jewel of insects that grows in strength for every creepy crawler it cannibalizes! Will Weevil's royal ravager swarm Joey into submission?
8 Mar. 2003
Mime Control: Part 1
Yugi faces off against another of Marik's nefarious Rare Hunters - the silent but deadly Strings! Strings stops all of Yugi's attacks with Revival Jam, a slippery slime that resurrects whenever it's destroyed! How can Yugi win if he can't even put a dent in Strings' life points?
8 Mar. 2003
Mime Control: Part 2
Strings summons one of the most powerful creatures in the history of Duel Monsters... the Egyptian God Monster Slifer the Sky Dragon! What chance does Yugi's band of mortal monsters have against an Egyptian God?
15 Mar. 2003
Mime Control: Part 3
The magic card Infinite Cards allows Strings to hold an unlimited number of cards in his hand, so Strings' Slifer the Sky Dragon can grow to infinite attack power! Can Yugi discover Slifer's one fatal flaw before he's annihilated by tens of thousands of attack points?
22 Mar. 2003
Legendary Fisherman: Part 1
Joey squares off against the sea duelist Mako Tsunami and his bevy of underwater beasts! If Joey wins, he'll have all six Locator Cards necessary to enter the Battle City Finals, but if he loses, he can kiss the finals goodbye! However, little does Joey realize that he has bigger problems than this duel; the Rare Hunters are closing in on his location...
29 Mar. 2003
Legendary Fisherman: Part 2
Mako's oceanic warrior The Legendary Fishermanunleashes a wave of destruction by stealthily destroying Joey's monsters from the depths of the sea! Joey has to put his skills, training, and experience to the ultimate test before he's all washed out!
3 May 2003
Double Duel: Part 1
Abductions abound! Marik, with the help of Bakura, kidnaps Joey and Tea! To make matters worse, the Rare Hunters also kidnap Mokuba to force Yugi and Kaiba to take on tag team duelists Umbra and Lumis on top of a skyscraper! The losers will be sent plummeting into the Shadow Realm!
10 May 2003
Double Duel, Part 2
Lumis and Umbra systematically dismantle Yugi and Kaiba's tumultuous teamwork! Can Yugi and Kaiba learn to put their differences aside before they're sent on a one-way trip into the Shadow Realm?
17 May 2003
Double Duel: Part 3
Yugi and Kaiba start to exhibit signs of teamwork, but it's too little too late when Umbra and Lumis summon Masked Beast Des Gardius, a monstrous menace even more powerful than Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
24 May 2003
Double Duel: Part 4
Yugi combines his magnetic monsters into the polar powerhouse Valkyrion the Magna Warrior! However, little does Yugi know that Umbra and Lumis have one final mask to turn Yugi's monsters against him...
14 Jun. 2003
The Rescue
Yugi and Kaiba are on a rescue mission to save their friends! But along the way, all their worries and secrets are revealed as they relive the troubles they've faced... and will be facing in the future!
28 Jun. 2003
Friends 'Til the End: Part 1
It's friend versus friend as Marik mind controls Joey to duel against Yugi! The loser will be dragged into the ocean to sleep with the fishes! Can Yugi break Joey out of his spell, or will Joey break Yugi?
5 Jun. 2003
Friends 'Til the End: Part 2
Though Joey decimates Yugi's life points, Yugi can't bring himself to attack his dear friend! Yugi summons Joey's favorite monster Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to try to bring Joey back to his senses. Will seeing his favorite card help Joey break Marik's spell, or is Yugi's last ditch effort a lost cause?
12 Jul. 2003
Friends 'Til the End: Part 3
Yugi starts to break Marik's spell over Joey, but he now must duel without the Millennium Puzzle! When Joey draws the card he needs to decimate Yugi's life points, what chance does Yugi have, especially on his own?
19 Jul. 2003
Friends 'Til the End: Part 4
There's only one minute left in the duel before the loser is sent plummeting to the depths of the sea! Will these best friends actually send each other to their doom? However, there may be a special savior who just regained her eyesight...
16 Aug. 2003
Shadow of a Duel
It's the battle of the ghouls as Bakura unleashes his army of ghosts against Bonz's zealous zombies for the right to enter the Battle City finals! But for whom will the final bell toll when this duel is played in the Shadow Realm...
23 Aug. 2003
Lights, Camera, Duel
It's the game of love as Hollywood heartthrob Jean-Claude Magnum challenges Mai to a duel in order to win her hand in marriage! Will Mai succumb to Jean-Claude's charm, not to mention his deck of ninja monsters, or will she send him packing back to Tinseltown?
30 Aug. 2003
Let the Finals Begin!
Let the Battle City finals begin! The eight finalists will have their skill and endurance put to the ultimate test in a dueling arena thousands of feet in the sky! Yugi and friends finally meet the other finalists, but some of them are NOT who they appear to be!
6 Sep. 2003
The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 1
It's the first duel of the Battle City finals as Yugi squares off against the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring who has possessed Bakura! Yugi quickly disposes of Bakura's grotesque ghouls, but Bakura has a sinister strategy straight from the graveyard!
13 Sep. 2003
The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 2
Bakura activates Destiny Board, which will cause Yugi to lose automatically in five turns! If that's not bad enough, Bakura's Dark Sanctuary damages Yugi's Life Points every time Yugi attacks! Unable to attack and running out of time, Yugi's trapped!
13 Sep. 2003
The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 3
Yugi's Slifer the Sky Dragon is about to unleash the final blow to win the duel, but Bakura may not survive the blast from the almighty Egyptian God Monster! Will Yugi attack and advance in the finals, or will he surrender to save Bakura's life but lose the only chance to protect the world from Marik's evil?
20 Sep. 2003
Rage of the Egyptian Gods
The origin of the Egyptian God Cards is finally revealed! The mysterious Shadi takes Yugi on a journey back in time to the creation of Duel Monsters... and the dangerous powers it released!
20 Sep. 2003
Awakening of Evil: Part 1
In the second duel of the Battle City finals, Odion, disguised as Marik, befuddles Joey with numerous traps to bring the duel to a stalemate. However, Joey has Giant Trunade, the perfect counter to Odion's strategy that guarantees Joey victory... or is Joey falling into another trap?
27 Sep. 2003
Awakening of Evil: Part 2
Odion's Embodiments of Apophis run roughshod over Joey's monsters... and his Life Points! Can Joey effectively utilize the monsters he won earlier in the tournament, or is he already too flustered to mount a successful counterattack?
27 Sep. 2003
Awakening of Evil: Part 3
It's a feeding frenzy as Odion's Mystical Beast Selket devours Joey's monsters to morph into greater and powerful stages of evolution! How can Joey defeat SELKET when it ingests Joey's monsters whenever they're summoned on to the field?
4 Oct. 2003
Awakening of Evil: Part 4
Odion uses a phony Egyptian God Card to summon the third Egyptian God Monster, The Winged Dragon of RA, targeted to annihilate the rest of Joey's Life Points! However, is Odion able to control the ultimate power of an Egyptian God, or will The Winged Dragon of RA punish all those unworthy of summoning it?
4 Oct. 2003
Mind Game: Part 1
The third duel of the Battle City finals between Mai and Marik is no ordinary duel; it's a battle in the dreaded Shadow Realm where losing Life Points equals losing your memories! As Marik's true sinister self comes to the surface, does Mai stand a chance against this malevolent evil?
11 Oct. 2003
Mind Game: Part 2
As Mai loses more and more of her memories under Marik's relentless assault, she loses confidence in her dueling abilities. Will Yugi and friends' never-ending support bring her back to victory, or will her shattered mind be trapped in the Shadow Realm for eternity?
11 Oct. 2003
Mind Game: Part 3
Mai gains control of Marik's The Winged Dragon of RA, but she's unable to decipher how to unleash its massively powerful abilities! Can Mai solve the mystery of the Egyptian God Card before Marik solves it himself and incinerates Mai with the full fury of The Winged Dragon of RA?
18 Oct. 2003
A Duel with Destiny: Part 1
In the fourth duel of the Battle City finals, Kaiba's mystery opponent is... Ishizu! With the power of her Millennium Necklace, Ishizu can see the future, including every card Kaiba is planning to play! Does Kaiba stand a chance against an opponent who knows his moves even before he does?
19 Oct. 2003
A Duel with Destiny: Part 2
Ishizu has seen future and Kaiba's destiny is to lose. Everything goes according to Ishizu's plan. Can Kaiba change destiny?
24 Oct. 2003
The Tomb-Keeper's Secret
As Marik's evil grows, Ishizu reveals the secrets of her bloodline - How did Marik transform from a kind child into a power-hungry tyrant out for world domination? Can Yugi save Marik from the edge of darkness, or is he already beyond salvation?
25 Oct. 2003
Showdown in the Shadows: Part 1
Bakura and good Marik summon The Winged Dragon of RA, ready to blast and banish evil Marik into the Shadow Realm! But The Winged Dragon of RA has more than one special ability, and evil Marik knows how to use them all!
1 Nov. 2003
A Virtual Nightmare
As Kaiba's blimp speeds towards KaibaCorp Island for the final rounds of the Battle City Tournament, the ship is hijacked by a mysterious boy named Noah and his henchmen - five familiar foes from Yugi and Kaiba's past who are out for revenge! With the power of cyberspace on Noah's side, Yugi and friends are trapped inside a new and dangerous Duel Monsters game!
8 Nov. 2003
Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 1
Noah displays the power of his virtual world by splitting up Yugi's gang and flinging them into the far reaches of his self-created universe! The first to duel under the all-new Deck Master System is Yugi against Big 1 Gansley's Deepsea Warrior! Can Yugi master the complex new rules, or will the rules master him?
8 Nov. 2003
Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 2
As Yugi struggles to make heads or tails of the Deck Master System, Big 1 continuously uses his Deck Master ability to send all of Yugi's attacks right back at him! How can Yugi defeat an opponent when all his attacks take away his very own life points? Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba confront painful visions of their miserable childhood, but within the heartache may lurk the key to Noah's true intentions...
15 Nov. 2003
Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 3
Yugi's running out of life points, but can his cute little Deck Master Kuriboh unleash his furry fury to turn the tide of battle? In a different realm of cyberspace, Téa's kidnapped by a group of ferocious - and hungry - Hitotsu-Me Giants! Is she going to be chowder, or will she get help from an unlikely - and tuxedo-ed - rescuer?
15 Nov. 2003
Freeze Play: Part 1
Prepare for a feathered fight when Téa squares off against Big 2 Crump's Nightmare Penguin where the loser will be trapped forever in a block of ice! Téa has barely dueled in her life, but now she has to master the new Deck Master System rules! Yugi wants to come to her aid, but Noah transports him into an endless labyrinth. Can either one escape, or is there no exit from the cyber world?
22 Nov. 2003
Freeze Play: Part 2
As Téa's body turns more and more into a giant popsicle, can she keep her brain from freezing to find a way to melt Big 2's strategy? Or will Big 2's penguin horde waddle all over her? Yugi better find the exit to the maze before Téa becomes a permanent ice sculpture!
22 Nov. 2003
Courtroom Chaos: Part 1
Joey squares off against the judicial jerk Big 3 Johnson who takes the Deck Master form of the awesome adjudicator Judge Man! Judge Man's Deck Master ability allows Big 3 to clear the courtroom of all of Joey's monsters with a single pounding of his gavel! How can Joey defeat a foe who can destroy Joey's monsters at will?
29 Nov. 2003
Courtroom Chaos: Part 2
Just when Joey seems to gain the upper hand, he hits the longest streak of bad luck in the history of mankind! Has Joey's fortunes finally run out, or is a crooked judge ignoring the rules of the law?
29 Nov. 2003
Mechanical Mayhem: Part 1
Big 4 Nezbitt challenges Duke, Tristan, and Serenity for the right to gain control of three bodies at once! As Serenity's lack of dueling experience quickly becomes apparent with bonehead plays, will Serenity's errors cost her team the ultimate price when Tristan and Duke can't cover for her mistakes?
6 Dec. 2003
Mechanical Mayhem: Part 2
One down, two to go! With the loss of Tristan, Serenity is heartbroken. Can she pull herself together and remember the lessons Tristan taught her to turn the duel around? Tristan may be gone, but he did leave a gift behind...
13 Dec. 2003
Settling the Score: Part 1
Tristan's back... but he's not who he appears to be when he kidnaps Mokuba! It's time for Kaiba to stop monkeying around and rescue his brother, but he's confronted by Big 5 Leichter! Will Kaiba be able to defeat him in time before he loses the lead on his brother?
20 Dec. 2003
Settling the Score: Part 2
Big 5's Satellite Cannon attacks Kaiba's monsters from deep space where none of Kaiba's monsters can reach it! Mokuba's unwavering faith in Kaiba inspires him to believe that his brother will pull out the victory, but Noah has plans to ruin their brotherhood...

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