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25 Apr. 2000
The Trap of the Illusionist No Face
Yugi and friends take a break from honing their card playing skills to watch Insector Haga and Dinosaur Ryuzaki compete in the Duel Monsters Regional Championship.
3 Nov. 2001
First Duel
Joey searches for a dueling opponent he stands a chance of beating when he finds himself courageously accepting a challenge from veteran duelist, Mai.
10 Nov. 2001
Attack from the Deep
The fisherman duelist Mako, the master of the Sea Deck, baits Yugi into a duel on his own Sea playing field for a home field advantage. Can Yugi adapt to these new settings to turn the tide of battle?
17 Nov. 2001
Everything's Relative
If Yugi is eliminated from the tournament, Kaiba Corporation's crooked Board of Directors will transfer control of the company from Kaiba to Pegasus!
24 Nov. 2001
Duel with a Ghoul
Yugi must duel a magical doppelganger of Kaiba, created from the greed and power lust Yugi wiped from Kaiba's soul.
1 Dec. 2001
Give Up the Ghost
Yugi defeats the Blue Eyes Whire Dragon, but there are two more waiting in the wings! Will the real Kaiba reach Yugi in time to help beat this impersonator?
15 Dec. 2001
The Dueling Monkey
Joey decides to battle Rex Raptor without his friends' help to prove that he is man enough to take care of Serenity on his own.
10 Apr. 2001
The Mystery Duelist Part 1
An arcane fortune teller steals the Millennium Puzzle and Yugi must defeat him in a duel to win it back! However, this is no ordinary soothsayer; he's a familiar and formidable foe from Duelist Kingdom... or is he? Can Yugi beat him all alone without the help of his friends or the spirit inside the Puzzle?
10 Apr. 2001
The Mystery Duelist Part 2
The mysterious menace controlling Bandit Keith shatters the Millennium Puzzle into pieces before setting the dueling arena ablaze! Can Yugi put the Millennium Puzzle back together and save the spirit before the entire room is engulfed in flames?
24 Apr. 2001
The Past Is Present
The origin of Duel Monsters is revealed! Using the magic of the Millennium Tauk, Egyptian historian Ishizu Ishtar shows Kaiba how Duel Monsters was played millenniums ago and how it has resurrected in modern times.
1 May 2001
Steppin' Out
The spirit of the Millennium Puzzle realizes that his memories of ancient Egypt have faded, but Tea is going to help him uncover the mysteries of his past! However, their search is interrupted by the dancing duelist Johnny Steps and his musical monsters of rock!

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