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Fun Memory
bika6 February 2002
I must've seen this 28 years ago on a rainy day in grade school. I was in Southern California when I learned of the Appaloosa horse from this film. The theme song has floated through my head ever since - "greatest horse a man could ever ride." Now I live on the Palouse where the Nez Perce raised the appaloosa - and I bumped into an ancient video of the movie at the local video store. My daughter (age 6) loves the film now, too.

The main characters (besides the horse) are members of the Nez Perce tribe, and whole some comments about "the Indians" seem less appropriate in 2002 than they did in 1966 or 1973, Disney did a pretty good job of presenting the story in a pro-native fashion. Some good scenes of rodeo clowns to boot. Originally aired on The Wonderful World of Disney.
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A Song To Remember
wes-kahle7 April 2007
I was walking around the kitchen on a sunny April morning in Upstate NY (a rare thing) and for some reason the song "Run Appaloosa Run" popped into my it has done so every 8-9 months or so over the last 35 years. Having a moment to spare, I decided to do a search on "Run Appaloosa" and lo-and-behold was carried to IMDb where others who were touched by this movie so many years ago have left a portion of their memories with us. Although I doubt any of the earlier writers will return to view responses to their comments, I want you all to know that I thank you....I thank you for the gift of your words. For some reason, I always thought I was a little nuts in remembering this jingle, and now for some other reason I'm crying....go figure. Once again, thank you.
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Appaloosa, Appalossa With His Head Held High!
rhoward-1419 June 2006
Like the previous commentator, I too consider this one a Fond Movie Memory. Will never forget the scene of the Horses on the Plains, or the heroic and sometimes funny overtones. Movies which show Animals in a Heroic type scene, coming to the aid of their well-treating human counterparts, I can't help but get choked up by.

I have no memory of anything in the movie that I would now consider offensive under current standards for Political Correctness in a film, and I was much too young to make any such critical analysis when viewing it as a child. However, I shall never forget the Song, which concluded, "Appaloosa, Appaloosa, Proudest Horse a Boy (or Girl) Could Ever Ride!"
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Should be enhanced & made available on DVD.
penuel121 September 2008
Years ago I lived about 15 miles from Omak, in the town of Malott.My wife & I have seen the Suicide Race, as its now called, a couple of times. Todate there has only been a couple of females enter the race. 2008 was the 75th anniversary for the Omak Stampeede. Just before the race the announcer mentioned the film & said that Adele Palacios was in attendance that day.

Also, there was a reunion of previous Rodeo Queens. One was from late 40's ( 1946 I think ) one was from 1951, & then most of the remaining years were in attendance. It was a very moving & refreshing experience to see that so many people were still involved in that sport.
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Great film!
trose581 February 2007
I just got done watching this for the first time in about 35 years, it was as good as I recalled! First time for my hubby and he really enjoyed it too! We have had appaloosa for many years, our 2 yo stallion looks just like the horse used in this film.

We lost our 26 yo Appy mare last November, we'd owned her all her life, and will miss her for many more years to come. They kinda 'grow' on you, feisty, fast, and DAMMED smart!

I think the word 'Squaw' is used once, and some might find that offensive. Other than that, I think any child from toddler age on would love this film. Be warned though, this can result in a life long passion for the Appaloosa Breed!
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Not only Promotes the breed, but tenacity as well.
bucknjoy28 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my all time favorite movies. I have tried and tried to find a tape of it. The story is not just about the Appaloosa, or the Indian endurance race but if My memory is correct it was also the first time a female had been entered.. She didn't take no for an answer and she didn't allow gender to hinder her.

I watched this movie every time I had a chance. The very first time I think it was with Zebra in the Kitchen at the Fox theater in So Cal. I remember there being a notice that no animals were injured during the filming of the film, which if you ever see the movie will amaze you.

I have searched high and low to find a copy of this movie. I have told my daughters about it and they and now my grand-daughters want to see it. I find it hard to believe it was only 47 minutes as it was full of lots of action.
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More plot information
LilPeck15 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie in the theater when I was a child and enjoyed it tremendously. I am going to offer more information about the story here, with the hope that time hasn't caused me to blur the details.

Mary Blackfeather decides to ride her Appaloosa horse, Holy Smoke, in the dangerous endurance ride, The Suicide Race. Of course, along with the challenging terrain they encounter treacherous co-competitors.

While researching this movie on the net, I found that many sites that list it have clearly gotten that bit of the story WRONG.

They have posted: >In "Run, Appaloosa, Run," follow Mary Blackfeather, an Indian girl, and her horse Sky Dancer as they participate in the wildest, roughest horse race in America -- rodeo bull riding. >

Ahem. Rodeo bull riding is not equine endurance racing, LOL. And her horse's name was Holy Smoke.
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Fun Film
vasamuels26 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fun film with great riding. The terrific riding stunts can be appreciated by anyone who has ever ridden a horse even though the stunts look effortless in the film. I remember mom jumping over the Rolls and it was very exciting and also a bit scary, as was the downhill to the finish line.

I might add a correction which is my mother, Adele's stunt rider, was in Omak for the anniversary - probably not Adele herself.

As a side note, I had a bit part in the film as the little girl who threw the snowball in the tuba. The scene was corrected because I yelled "go Mommy" instead of "Go Mary!"
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