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Commentary on Hicks-Leary comparison in as objective form as i possibly can muster.

Author: Oyaji291 ( from Ohio, US
13 November 2004

The only thing I have to say about the comparisons between Bill Hicks and Denis Leary is this- Bill made his special, "Dangerous", in the 1980's. Leary's "No Cure For Cancer" came out in the early 1990's. I'm just saying this because I'm tired of the people who praise him saying "If I'd heard hicks first, blah blah blah." Well, there's your proof of Leary's theft.

Anyway, I happen to like Leary's style. To be honest, I think the guy's talented as hell. But, because of his unfortunate sellout to animated movies and commercials, I cannot keep myself in any state of respect for him. Not to mention his theft of Hicks' style which put him on the map in the first place. I like Leary, but what he's done is unforgivable as far as I'm concerned.

As for this special, it's a decent comedy special with enough political insight for you to get your kicks off on (if you were so intrigued by it). While he manages to get a couple of laughs (Especially with the French material) I myself could not find myself laughing merely because of the fact that was previously stated. Not a bad special, just wish he would have at least admitted to his wrongdoings.

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Justice appears to have been served

Author: inaneindamembrane from London
1 November 2004

I love the way that this site have given Bill Hicks and uncredited writing "credit" for this - seems like they know the score and have bigger testicles than I ever game them credit for - I wonder how many packs a day they smoke :-)

for those of you who don't know, before Leary became a corporate sell out and did beer commercials, he lifted his style, delivery, and most of his material (often verbatim) from a fellow comedian called Bill Hicks.

He does it quite well though and No Cure for Cancer is worth a chuckle, and its easy to see why Leary's watered down, corporately acceptable, and mass marketable versions of Hicks' style and material earned Leary the success that it did - the same success and recognition that eluded Hicks during his lifetime.

If you want your ranting and non-conformist comedy of a ultimately non challenging variety then Leary will probably do for you.

Otherwise I suggest you try the originator of Leary's work first

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Author: RyuKenAkuma159 from Kearny, NJ
30 March 2002

PERFECT! This was a great special. I have this on CD on I laughed my A** off. Denis is a great actor and a great comic who tells great stories....and great trash talk. his songs are full of hillarious lyrics about serious things. He is my 1st favorite comic/actor. My 2nd favorite is George Carlin. This deserves a 9/10.

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Everything a concert movie should be and more...

Author: CoenSis ( from Los Angeles, CA
22 September 2000

This is one of the few stand-up performances that actually justifies "concert" movies. With just a pack of cigarettes, a microphone and his incredible talent, Denis Leary takes on an arsenal of subjects with wit, passion and scathing commentary. Why isn't this man a bigger star? If his movies could capture even an ounce of the intelligence and charisma he displays prowling the stage in this one-hour special, he should be making more money than Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey put together. Even when he turns reflective and introspective, he doesn't let sentiment get in the way of his hilarious act. The next time you're complaining there's no funny movies to rent, take this home--no excuses!

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One of the most poignant and hilarious comedy specials ever

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
21 June 2000

I never knew Denis Leary was a comic until I saw this special (I just thought he was a talented actor). Now I know he is a talented comic/actor. Here, he examines how the country has changed with drugs, rehab, more drugs, smoking, meat and many other things that show he is insane in his comedy. But he is also sincere when he talks about his son and his father (though I never laughed so hard at the thought of wood paneling). Great comedian, great fun, with a very memorable song to sing along with. A+

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Good "outraged" comedy but too much in common with Hicks is distracting

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
4 August 2008

I was using some long journeys and my mp3 player to catch up on some audio-books and comedy shows that I had missed or not heard of for years. I was of the age at the time of this show where I was familiar with Denis Leary but not with Bill Hicks and I remember being quite impacted by the angry comedy of Leary. This time round I listened to No Cure for Cancer having listened to a few Bill Hicks shows (including Relentless)and was surprised by the similarity between the two. The boards are full of "influenced/stolen" debate so I'll not get too much into it here but I do have to say that in this show Leary is not just doing the same "themes" as Hicks but is often doing the same joke using slightly different language. The Jim Fix reference is the oft-quoted one but when you add John Lennon's murder, metal fans committing suicide, warnings on cigarette packs and so on then it is hard not to be distracted by just how much common jokes there are – not common ground, but actual jokes.

This aside though the show is still funny and enjoyable, mainly because Leary keeps the energy high by simply never stopping ranting and shouting. Some here have called him the greatest ever stand-up and, while I think they are way off the mark here, he is a good performer. His material is mostly good but not great, mostly because he doesn't inform it so much as shout it. However this shouting is what works and you can feel his anger to the point where you end up laughing along with him whether you agree or not. Sadly beyond this he doesn't have a lot in this show; time has shown him to have more range that has helped his career but he plays his strongest card here throughout.

No Cure for Cancer is not brilliant but it is a good example of "outraged" comedy. No doubt it is far too similar to Hicks' material to be of comfort but Leary himself helps by being convincingly and consistently angry, keeping the show's energy high throughout.

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Author: newkidontheblock from Nowheresville
1 July 2004

Man, this had to be one of the best comedy specials of all time. Dennis Leary's No Cure for Cancer made me laugh so hard, I almost died. Leary, who is a comic from Massacusitts, is a rare type of comic that doesn't tell jokes, he rants. And oh does he rant. Dennis Leary is the best ranting comic out there today. In his specials, he talks and insults everything from Smoking to Drinking to ego to meat.

Now I was only an infant when this special came out the first time around. But I caught it on Comedy Central because I saw Dennis Leary on comics come home (re-run) about a week before. I almost wet myself when I saw it. So bravo Dennis Leary you chain-smoking egotistic ***hole.

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Meat, drugs, and irish immigrants

Author: Max_Doobermin ( from Hammond, IN
24 August 2002

This is one of the funniest comedies specials I have ever seen. I highly recommend it. He expresses his views on meat, drugs, alcohol, ciggarrettes, his family, and cancer. Funny stories, funny faces, funny sounds, and funny songs help along this hilarious routine.

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So funny

Author: chardawg666
7 July 2004

My friend first introduced me to Denis Leary a couple of years ago. So, I decided to watch the uncut version.

Wow, is Denis Leary funny? I literally was laughing the whole way through. His jokes are mostly about smoking, drugs, alcohol, red meat and best of all....CANCER! I warn you though: if you are offended by high amounts of profanity, this isn't for you. If you wanna see something that'll make your sides split wide open and you have an open mind, watch this!

He also has two songs performed at the beginning and the end (A**hole and Downtrodden song) of the routine that are just as funny and quite good musically. Highly recommended!

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Twain and Swift conjoined and resurrected!

Author: ( from Southern California
28 March 2004

Excellent comedy of the satirical style and sharp wit of Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift. Dennis Leary's use of music and the quick pace of the delivery creates enjoyment and laughter. Stay alert for his arsenal of truths surrounded in humor. I love his style and his keen sense of pointing out human foibles. The topics are current and yet transcend time. He has the ability to express the arrogance and sense of entitlement that is shrouded in the so called "American Dream". It takes the attainment of the dream and reveals not ultimate happiness and satisfaction but discontent. The suburbanite that must continually strive to control and compete with others for bigger and better. Attempting to assuage the discontent by imposing upon other people and the environment, the "Dream Achievers" become monstrosities that turn the Dream into a nightmare. Leary is a genius. I get the point and so will you. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

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