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3 Jan. 2001
Ordinary Pain
The sisters learn from their Uncle Melvin that they have a half sister named Nina and she wants part of the inheritance. Ahmad would rather hang with his friends than take his PSAT classes.
10 Jan. 2001
Nice Work If You Can Get It
Teri's anger continues over not making partner then she lands a big client and has two attractive job propositions offered to her. Bird asks Lem to move back in yet not resume their physical relationship but he declines.
17 Jan. 2001
Little Girl Blue
Teri learns she didn't make partner at the same time she believes Damon is having an affair with Christine. Lem has trouble with a cookie salesman. Kenny is concerned that Ahmad is spending time with Steve, a gay man.
24 Jan. 2001
This Crazy Life
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7 Feb. 2001
Everything Is Unfolding Perfectly
Ahmad wants to impress a girl named Keisha. Bird and Lem work on co-parenting plus their communication skills. Maxine tries to get speed bumps installed but finds her meeting with an Alderman sabotaged by a family member.
14 Feb. 2001
A Clear and Present Stranger
Kennys father comes to visit
27 Jun. 2001
The Aftermath
Kenny and Bird deal with their injuries from the accident; Damon feels guilty, while Lem is angry; everyone depends on Teri, who eventually has her meeting with the partners of her law firm; Ahmad is determined never to get baptized, thinking that he is under a "baptism curse".
4 Jul. 2001
Welcome Home
Kenny finally comes home from the hospital, and turns into a grump; Lem and Bird deal with Lem's lack of sexual interest in her since the accident; Damon's guilt over his part in the accident creates friction with Teri; Lila helps Max run Kenny's Towing business; Keisha lets Ahmad take her to the next level, but he jeopardizes it all trying to be a player; Damon's ex, Christine discovers that he may still be attracted to her; Max finds out the one thing she can do for Kenny that will stop an argument before it even begins. Musical Guest: Kina Cosper
11 Jul. 2001
Who Do You Know?
Lem takes Kenny to The Funk Box to 'stimulate his brain', but it backfires when their wives find out; Teri persuades Josefina to get a "pre-nupt" before she marries Carlos; her discussion with Josefina brings up hard feelings about her first husband, Russell, who then decides rather inconveniently to show up at her door; Ahmad and his partner, Richie, have to do a report, but Ahmad gets stuck doing all of the work; Bird's anger over the strip club incident prompts her to challenge Lem to a shocking dare.
18 Jul. 2001
God Bless the Child
Teri begins having panic attacks; Lem's mother, Lynnette tries to work her way back into his life; Keisha is not ready to forgive Ahmad for kissing Callie; a still-injured Kenny takes his frustrations out on his family, leading to an unexpected confrontation with his son. Musical Guest: Dave Hollister.
25 Jul. 2001
Sex and Money
Teri becomes a partner at a minority law firm, where she is surprised to find out that Damon is starting a sports management company; Kenny is anxious to get back in the saddle with Maxine; Bird decides to get a new car, despite Lem's objections; while celebrating his new enterprise, Damon winds up sleeping with Christine; Ahmad, with Reggie's help, records and copies late-night-cable porn to sell at school for money to go to a concert.
1 Aug. 2001
Come Back for the Comeback
Kenny comes back to work at his towing company, but he's taking a lot of pain pills to help him through the day; after helping out with the towing business, Maxine doesn't want to go back to being just a stay-at-home mom; Faith, the Joseph sisters' wayward cousin, is back in Chicago and in very hot water, but Teri reluctantly agrees to help her; Damon, at his brother's urging, pursues a promising college ball player for his sports management company, and in the process learns a valuable lesson about handling business before pleasure.
8 Aug. 2001
Games People Play
Teri is totally smitten with an attorney/author with whom she went to law school, but then she learns he is the opposing counsel on a case she is handling; Kenny's pain pill problem reaches its tipping point when Lem cuts him off; Kenny and Lila are forced to confront the increasing attraction between them.
15 Aug. 2001
Life Lessons
Teri jumps at the chance to represent a senior bank executive who is being sued for sexual harassment by her old law firm, but the case is not quite what it seems; Christine arranges to get Damon some new business, while Damon resists getting help from his father; Ahmad starts flunking math so he can get with the hot new tutor. Musical Guest: Blu Cantrell.
22 Aug. 2001
The Root
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29 Aug. 2001
Never Can Say Goodbye
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5 Sep. 2001
I'm Afraid of Americans
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12 Sep. 2001
Running as Fast as I Can
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19 Sep. 2001
Fly Away Home
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