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Season 2

27 Jun. 2001
The Aftermath
Kenny and Bird deal with their injuries from the accident; Damon feels guilty, while Lem is angry; everyone depends on Teri, who eventually has her meeting with the partners of her law firm; Ahmad is determined never to get baptized, thinking that he is under a "baptism curse".
4 Jul. 2001
Welcome Home
Kenny finally comes home from the hospital, and turns into a grump; Lem and Bird deal with Lem's lack of sexual interest in her since the accident; Damon's guilt over his part in the accident creates friction with Teri; Lila helps Max run Kenny's Towing business; Keisha lets Ahmad take her to the next level, but he jeopardizes it all trying to be a player; Damon's ex, Christine discovers that he may still be attracted to her; Max finds out the one thing she can do for Kenny that will stop an argument before it even begins. Musical Guest: Kina Cosper
11 Jul. 2001
Who Do You Know?
Lem takes Kenny to The Funk Box to 'stimulate his brain', but it backfires when their wives find out; Teri persuades Josefina to get a "pre-nupt" before she marries Carlos; her discussion with Josefina brings up hard feelings about her first husband, Russell, who then decides rather inconveniently to show up at her door; Ahmad and his partner, Richie, have to do a report, but Ahmad gets stuck doing all of the work; Bird's anger over the strip club incident prompts her to challenge Lem to a shocking dare.
18 Jul. 2001
God Bless the Child
Teri begins having panic attacks; Lem's mother, Lynnette tries to work her way back into his life; Keisha is not ready to forgive Ahmad for kissing Callie; a still-injured Kenny takes his frustrations out on his family, leading to an unexpected confrontation with his son. Musical Guest: Dave Hollister.
25 Jul. 2001
Sex and Money
Teri becomes a partner at a minority law firm, where she is surprised to find out that Damon is starting a sports management company; Kenny is anxious to get back in the saddle with Maxine; Bird decides to get a new car, despite Lem's objections; while celebrating his new enterprise, Damon winds up sleeping with Christine; Ahmad, with Reggie's help, records and copies late-night-cable porn to sell at school for money to go to a concert.
1 Aug. 2001
Come Back for the Comeback
Kenny comes back to work at his towing company, but he's taking a lot of pain pills to help him through the day; after helping out with the towing business, Maxine doesn't want to go back to being just a stay-at-home mom; Faith, the Joseph sisters' wayward cousin, is back in Chicago and in very hot water, but Teri reluctantly agrees to help her; Damon, at his brother's urging, pursues a promising college ball player for his sports management company, and in the process learns a valuable lesson about handling business before pleasure.
8 Aug. 2001
Games People Play
Teri is totally smitten with an attorney/author with whom she went to law school, but then she learns he is the opposing counsel on a case she is handling; Kenny's pain pill problem reaches its tipping point when Lem cuts him off; Kenny and Lila are forced to confront the increasing attraction between them.
15 Aug. 2001
Life Lessons
Teri jumps at the chance to represent a senior bank executive who is being sued for sexual harassment by her old law firm, but the case is not quite what it seems; Christine arranges to get Damon some new business, while Damon resists getting help from his father; Ahmad starts flunking math so he can get with the hot new tutor. Musical Guest: Blu Cantrell.
22 Aug. 2001
The Root
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29 Aug. 2001
Never Can Say Goodbye
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5 Sep. 2001
I'm Afraid of Americans
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12 Sep. 2001
Running as Fast as I Can
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19 Sep. 2001
Fly Away Home
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16 Jan. 2002
A Taste of Justice
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23 Jan. 2002
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6 Feb. 2002
In Transition
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13 Feb. 2002
This Must Be Love
Maxine has big anniversary plans with Kenny involving concert tickets and a San Francisco trip. It's spoiled when she finds a letter Lila wrote to Kenny. Teri has to delicately handle a female customer who is showing an interest in her.

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