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This film basically is a big spoof of the "Winnetou" films/novels by Karl May, which are very popular in Germany. The character Karl M. in the tavern is a reference to him.
The whole scene in the cave near the end is dubbed because of street noises.
In one scene Winnetouch plays the famous theme from "The Third Man". Paul Hörbiger, grandfather of Christian Tramitz, who stars as Ranger in this movie, played the role of Porter in The Third Man (1949).
The horse named "Jacqueline" is actually a male horse. Horses in general cannot vomit, as they lack the esophagus muscles. "Ich hab' schon Pferde kotzen sehn" - "I have seen horses vomiting" is a German slang metaphor for something very unlikely, mostly used in the sense of "anything can happen" ("This should be save, but keep an eye on it, I've seen horses vomiting").
Before "Der Schuh des Manitu", the two main characters "Abahachi" and "Ranger" were referred to as "Winnetou" and "Old Shatterhand" in the skits of the Bullyparade. However, after the movie was aired, they suddenly gained their "true" names in the Bullyparade, too.
The broadcast television premiere of this film earned German broadcaster Pro 7 the highest rating in its history (12,2 million viewers, 32%).
When the Indian Chief - Listiger Lurch - asks for a war hatchet, one of his assistants responds - in a fake Apache dialect - that it got broken because the one they bought had a very cheap quality. The last word he utters in this fake dialect is "Tchibo". Tchibo is a chain of stores very popular in Germany, which is characterized by selling a handful of generic items at low prices.
When Abahachi shows Ranger the picture of his father, he actually shows Pierre Brice playing the title character in Winnetou: The Last Shot (1965). He tells Ranger that his father could speak French fluently and nobody knows why. Pierre Brice in from France.
Generelly considered as being the most successful German movie ever with 12 million viewers. Another contender is Otto - Der Film (1985), which had 14 million viewers in West Germany and in the GDR, but since there weren't any records about viewer's attendance in the GDR, the number of 14 million could be ambiguous. Otto - Der Film (1985) had 11 million approved viewers in West Germany making Manitou's Shoe (2001) technically more successful.


Diana Herold:  (Blonde Squaw), cast member of the Bullyparade (1997), at the near end of the movie.

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