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I personally think this deserves a lot more recognition!
While I was growing up watching some episodes of an anime show called Pokemon, which I personally liked as a child, I stumbled upon this on Cartoon Network and to my surprise, and I know all of you are going to hate me for this, but... I really like this show. I personally do. Don't get me wrong. I understand that lots of you hated this for it's English dub, but I think this deserves a lot more recognition for younger kids.

Sure, the voice work is pretty bland and the dialog does get repetitive in each episode, but those flaws are perfectly outmatched by it's epic adventure storyline throughout the show and it has heart to it as well. Even the history of the Egyptian culture is shown perfectly here. The characters are OK, but I think that my favorite characters who came close to steal the show is Yami Yugi, Pegasus, and Bakura. What stands out the most is the nice music and it's lush animation. I also liked the monsters as they looked real just like it's textures. Even the Egyptian textures of the monsters like Dark Magician, Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Exodia, The Forbidden One are perfectly detailed.

Overall, Yugioh isn't a masterpiece of television and anime, but for kids, they have no choice but to enjoy this for all eternity while the movie adaptation, although not nearly as good as this show, was at least watchable.
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Read between the lines...
LicantropoxScuro18 May 2004
Yu-Gi-Oh, though directed to Primary level kids, was originally, as stated, directed to a much older crowd. That doesn't mean it isn't a good show. On the contrary, between the duels is a thick storyline that can get a bit complicated if you don't periodically watch the show. Like was mentioned, American dubbers do tend to block out words and actions unsuitable for G and PG viewers...and also, the friendship speeches and theme does tend to get a bit annoying. The characters also change from the manga. Such, as Anzu, or Tea in the American anime, loses her personality, which I thought was very awesome. Overall, I say that you should at least try the anime. Turn on WB on Saturdays and just take a glance. If not, read the mangas, but this is the TV review not the manga review.
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Disappointing dub, but still a good watch.
ShingenTakeshi9 October 2003
First, let me just say that if you're a fan of the card game, you probably watch the show anyway. Those who don't play the game should probably pass up this TV series.

(Although I do recommend the first few volumes of the manga (comic) series, through to the first appearance of Pegasus.)

It's worth noting that the Yu-Gi-Oh series airing on TV is in fact the second Yu-Gi-Oh series that was created. This Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters series (known simply as Yu-Gi-Oh on North American TV) was created to push the then-new Konami card game. Thus, the card game is the central theme of the show. If you thought Pokemon was cheesy because it pushed a video game, then you probably wouldn't enjoy this series.

Now... I enjoy the series, and have watched much of it in the original Japanese. If you can get past the 'card game' aspect(and it's been my experience that not many people can), you'll enjoy this series. The English version, aimed more for the younger crowd, has a lot of things changed. (some of the changes were for a good reason) However, a lot of the dialog is (to be bluntly honest) pathetic.
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Best Version Yet!!
adonis98-743-18650318 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A young boy named Yugi Muto defeats the world Champion, Seto Kaiba, in a duel with the help of the mysterious Millennium puzzle,the support of the friends and the heart of the cards. Yugi then becomes famous around the world. Yugi and his friend Joey participate in Duels to help save family members. All the way Yugi and the spirit within the puzzle try to understand each other more. Seto Kaiba tries to regain the title he once had. Many characters pop in and out, many are duelists and it makes for some interesting battles. This is easily the best version of Yugio and with the better characters 2 of my favorites being the Dragon and that giant that you had to built by finding his pieces here and there or even the witches this needs to be seen from more kids in order to be appreciated but all 3 versions were awesome if you ask me and the Nostalgia will hit you hard.
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Interesting Story and Characters, Lackluster Animation and English Dub
chanjade15 January 2016
Let's get the nasty bits outta the way first: the English dub is a little... janky... at times, and the animation at times is actually laughable.

That being said, I have an undying love for this show. I watched it (for the first time ever) when I was sixteen, so it's not just the nostalgia. The plot at times gets taken off track, but when it follows the original manga storyline, it's really well done and very interesting. The vast majority of the side characters are pretty one- dimensional, but some, such as Seto Kaiba, the Ishtar family (Marik especially), Ryou Bakura, and Thief King Bakura have interesting character arcs and are actually pretty complex. Themes of abuse, sacrifice, and working together are explored very well

Don't get me wrong, you kinda have to peer closely at it to really get it, but I think this show deserves to be peered at. On the surface, it appears to be just a Pokémon ripoff, but it has its own elements and really great characters that I just enjoy.

That being said, it is an incredibly long series, and I definitely suggest getting started with "Season 0", the Toei Animation series. It's 27 (?) episodes long, and if you can get over the fact that it's not in English (4Kids found it too violent and so didn't dub it) and that the animation is even worse than this series, I think you will really enjoy this series.
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Great show, love the characters
MagicianGirl4 November 2003
I agree that the manga is better, but the manga is *always* better. Once a show comes here to America the dubbers screw it up. One way or another. Cuz they direct it at little kids and it's not a show for little kids. The duels annoy me a bit too. I like how they develop the characters and the intricate plots, i don't like watching them throw one duel monster card down after another. The friendship thing is okie, except when we get to Anzu(Tea). She exaggerates the whole friendship thing to the point where i wanna gag. I liked Serenity in the beginning too, but she's turning out to be more like Anzu and that part in the battle city finals where she wanted to take care of Mai...*gag* All in all i like it's a great show if you'll just ignore some parts of it(like Anzu...gosh i hate her) I love Ryou Bakura...*huggles plushie*
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A Must Watch especially for those who love Games!
gokulchandanirinkesh13 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A young boy named Yugi solves the millenium puzzle and reunites with a spirit of past and as seasons pass on,they become best friends but the spirit has no memory of his past.Will Yugi be able to help his best friend regain his memory? We will find out.This anime contains a lot of Duels(Card Games) and is a must watch for someone who loves games.I assure you that you won't be disappointed.Some of the duels are outstanding to be honest and the thing is every season is better than the previous one.I thought after watching Season 4 that this can't get any better but It did get better.I definitely recommend this without a doubt.Thumbs up!
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Key part of my childhood, even if the English dub is a bit ridiculous at times
Michael Lysaght7 March 2017
First thing's first.

This show was loved by pretty much every preteen kid in the early 2000s (including myself). Having said that, looking back, the English dub of the show is a bit too pandering and repetitive (and when I say 'a bit', I mean 'excessively') The changes 4Kids Entertainment made to the English dub of Yugioh, at times, are just too silly that they have eventually become memes. No death, no guns, but let's leave in the part about people losing their souls, that's A-OK! At this stage of my life, Yugioh is kind of a guilty pleasure, just because of how over the top it can get. There's a guy on YouTube called LittleKuriboh who makes a living from taking the mick out of the show, for God's sake! When it boils down to it, most of the hinging story threads are really silly. "Let's play a children's card game in order to decide the fate of the world!" "The heart of the cards will guide me!" "The power of friendship will never leave us." And speaking of the last part, talk about emphasizing the friendzone to the nth degree! Tea, the token female of the group harps on about this constantly, but you just know that Yugi harbours feelings for her regardless.

Another point that takes away from the show is the relentless padding and repetition. Card games or "duels" against adversaries are stretched out to 3-4 episodes because flashbacks and inner monologues are shoehorned into the episodes constantly. There are times where I genuinely feel like going "GET ON WITH IT!!" I guess that's just an anime cliché though.

Overall, the premise of Yugioh is ridiculously silly but it still holds a special place in my heart (as cheesy as that sounds). LittleKuriboh's Abridged Series has been a bonus to come out of the show's creation.
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The great manga.... turned kiddy! NNOOOOOOOOO!
SSJAniFan3 September 2003
Yu-Gi-Oh the manga was great, I thought it would be for kids, but it's nothing like that. In the manga, Yami Yugi is one tough customer, you f#&$ with him, he could kill you. Joey, or Jonouchi, was a bit of a lecher, and a street smart kid, who would get into quite a few brawls. But they were heavily toned down, even in the Japanese version, which is what lead to this trash, and is also why a lot of people feel Yu-Gi-Oh is just for kids. Just about the only character who wasn't toned down that bad was Kaiba. Even worse, the stories focus too much on card games. There's too many of those dang card matches, and since most of them take about 3 episodes each, you have to sit there while they play those stupid games. And the friendship theme is also turned extremely campy for the series. In the two parter, "The Wrath of Rebecca," for example, when the friendship overload came in, I wanted to gag.

BOTTOM LINE: Read the manga, avoid the anime.
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Generation Next
Nixmon046 December 2005
I'm making this comment here because I couldn't find anything on the current season, GX. This show takes place ten years after the previous show ends. It's about a boy named Jaden Yuki who is a freshmen at Duel Academy and the adventures him and his friend have. It's still early, but I can tell you this much: Yugi has only appeared in the first episode we are unsure if he will appear in anything but his image in later episodes. Jaden is possibly a better duelist than yugi plus he only lost once but he beat a duelist who was using yugi's deck. Jaden's greatest enemy is Dr. Crowler (and for those of you who have seen the show it's a dude)who will do anything to get Jaden expelled. and Zane, who is the school's top duelist, gives Jaden the respect that he deserves. Jaden and his friends are all funny when it comes to food, grades, and dueling. Another plus about this show is that the voice acting (The school chancellor sounds like my 9th grade science teacher and Crowlers voice makes him sound like a woman as much as Frieza on DBZ)and the character designs (Jaden's hair is almost as cool as Yugi's and the girls have cute school uniforms *nosebleed*) are both great. However this is not suggested for someone new to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. But it still gets an 8.5/10 from me.
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