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A look from the inside

Author: bluezgirl5 from United States
22 October 2006

My husband was on this show when he was in Jr. High. He said he had a blast, and out of the people he met, JD Roth was the nicest and most down to earth. To the person who said he was a bad host for catching the kids off guard: everything was scripted. They have a dry run of everything BEFORE the taping, including every question asked, so kids were never caught "off guard" on camera, simply stage fright.

He said that the cheerleaders were a lot older than they appear but wore a ton of makeup, everyone was nice, and that everyone was short too. His episode was one of the most replayed because the kids that he was supposed to play didn't show, so the producers kids stood in. Also, the game was decided by 15 points, or one "token" so it was a great, close episode.

I saw the recording on it and remember the old commercials. The best was a commercial with a young, pre-fame, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Overall he had a great time, and even though they lost he got free BK Knights shoes, Gitano Jeans, a free copy of the board game (that he still has!) and memories for a lifetime. Great, fun show for kids.

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A curio of the late 1980's

Author: nalobcram from USA
4 February 2002

During the 1980's the Nickelodeon cable channel had great success with "Double Dare" with host Marc Summers. "Funhouse" was an attempt to copy that success in syndication. "Funhouse" was actually a good game show, at least for kids. It required them to do a lot of silly stunts and answer some easy questions. I remember J.D. Roth hosting that show. I also remember "Tiny" the announcer who looked like he weighed 300 lbs! The show ran for about 2 years, from the fall of 1988 to early 1990. Perhaps the Gameshow channel will show the reruns someday.

Final rating: 7/10 (For 80's children) "An enjoyable show. Not a classic, but it's not supposed to be".

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We're Going to the Fun House!

Author: ianoflccc
13 June 2005

In the wake of the success of Nickelodeon's game show slop fest called "Double Dare", Bob Synes and Scott Stone, producers of the groundbreaking "$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime", broke more ground with "Fun House", the messiest game show ever shown in syndication. If none of the stations in your market aired the show, you could catch it on "Chicago's Very Own" super station, WGN, that is, if you had cable. Getting back to the show, it was given a hip, youthful look, unlike the big money, tight security look of "$1M COAL". It featured a college-aged host named J.D. Roth (this would prove to be his best work), cheerleaders to support each team (Samantha "Sammi" Forrest supported the Red team; her twin sister, Jacqueline "Jackie" Forrest supported the Gold team), an exciting announcer in John "Tiny" Hurley, great synthesized-rock hybrid theme music by Score Productions (who provided the $1M COAL music), and a marvelous set, designed for messy stunts, the awesome Grand Prix race, and of course, the little thing known as the Fun House, filled with obstacles galore, crate loads of cash, and a plethora of prizes--which of those cash/prize tags was the Power Prize? Fun House was one of the best syndicated children's game shows of all-time...okay, it was probably THE best, considering that there weren't too many successful children's game shows made for syndication! When you ask people if they remember "Fun House", many would tell you about the people, but I personally remember the Whitewater Slide that went to the pool. That was one of the hundreds of ways to go in the Fun House, and I think that was a great idea, having its participants go their own way; Stone-Stanley believed in the policy that "the choices are yours and yours alone." The funny thing is that Stone-Stanley did quite well when it came to children's game shows, but not as well when it came to adult game shows! (The only exception is "$1M COAL", but that was before the Stone-Stanley name was established!) But of all the game shows they've done, "Fun House" will forever stand out as their best game show. It was the only show where they would put together silly stunts, crazy races and a massive, magnificent obstacle course and target them to those who handle them best--preteens. Too bad this show didn't last as long as it deserved (unlike "Shop 'til You Drop", which lasted longer than it deserved), or else Stone-Stanley's potential would really have been known. I hope that "Fun House" is rerun again (like on GSN or some other network), and in the words of J.D. Roth, "I hope your house is a fun house!"

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Fun House Game Show

Author: latesha_latimore from United States
15 February 2008

I was on FunHOuse in 1988 when i was 11 yrs old and i lost lol but i had a blast i remember every time that episode aired we got the same prizes all over again!!! If anyone has that episode (it was me tying a big BK shoe in chocolate) me and my cousin was on the show and it was so much fun we were also stand ins for other contestants and sat in the audience for the first five days we were auditioning for the show...actually we were to go on Double Dare but Nickolodeon had moved its studios to Florida so we couldn't go...But we still had a great time...i have been trying to find that episode of me but i have no luck...i am African-American and i was on the (chocolate episode) i was tying a big shoe with chocolate shoelaces if anyone finds it please send me a message here..thanks again, Latesha

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Fun House- Help!

Author: wfuller96 from United States
9 July 2006

I was on this game show back in 1989. I have been searching really hard for a copy of the episode in which I appeared. Would anyone know how I can find some Fun House footage? Thanks for your help! I was on this game show back in 1989. I have been searching really hard for a copy of the episode in which I appeared. Would anyone know how I can find some Fun House footage? Thanks for your help!I was on this game show back in 1989. I have been searching really hard for a copy of the episode in which I appeared. Would anyone know how I can find some Fun House footage? Thanks for your help!I was on this game show back in 1989. I have been searching really hard for a copy of the episode in which I appeared. Would anyone know how I can find some Fun House footage? Thanks for your help!

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every kid has a TV clown

Author: bigasslover4 from United States
15 July 2005

Every kid has a TV clown. "Tiny" was mine. He was hilarious. I remember in one episode when he dressed up as this female chef, representing some sort of kitchen game theme. A 400 pound dude dressed up as some female cook. He and the cheerleaders are what kept me watching the show. There are a few episodes I remember pretty well, one of which guest starred the R&B group "THE BOYZ". I Remember the prizes. Duuble Dragon II for NES, BK shoes, they also won prizes like a computer, they never said what kind of computer it was. The cheerleaders always announced the cash prizes at the end. I don't think producers would release any "game show" DVD collections any time soon. Even if they did, I am sure it would be a while before they would release this particular show.

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The best game show in the whole wide world for kids growing up in the late 1980s!

Author: dangerousdrummer84 ( from Yonkers, New York
2 December 2004

"Fun House" has been known to be syndication's answer to two other shows, "Finders Keepers" and the famous "Double Dare" series. I was four years old when this show premiered in Sept 1988 and have been a big fan ever since! J.D. Roth was and still is an excellent host because of his love for children and his ability to please an audience. "Tiny" Hurley was a pretty good announcer, sort of like a Rod Roddy for children. And I never knew that "MC Mike" Chambers was the same Mike Chambers who used to breakdance in the Chaka Khan ("I Feel For You") and Lionel Richie ("All Night Long") videos and also co-starred in "Breakin'"?! Wow! That's amazing! Anyway, I enjoyed coming home from school everyday just to tune in for "Fun House". The stunts were as fun as they were sloppy. The "Fun House" bonus round was pretty exciting. And the cheerleaders were HOT! Too bad the show ended in Apr 1991. I was still in first grade. I was disappointed when the show got cancelled. If it stayed on first-run, it could've lasted until 1992 or 1993. FOX made a bad move. But I do hope that they show reruns in the future. J.D was the coolest host in the world and an inspiration to those who watch over the years. GOD BLESS J.D. and GOD BLESS "FUN HOUSE"!

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Syndicated Perfection, Network Drivel

Author: DennyLBerg
14 September 2004

The late 80s saw a boom in children's game shows due to the success Nickelodeon had with _"Double Dare" (1986)_ (qv) in 1986. "Fun House," contrary to popular assumption, was not an attempt to "rip-off" _"Double Dare" (1986)_ (qv), "Fun House" is based on the fun houses at state fairs and carnivals and was tested in malls before a pilot was shot.

"Fun House" took kids into a different world. The stunts they used were big and usually very messy. The Grand Prix Race around the studio was also very good, and the bonus round may be the best in the entire genre of game shows.

Host J.D. Roth was terrific. He was more like the older brother helping his younger siblings get into mischiff. The announcer, "Tiny" (John Hurley), had a bigger role than most TV announcers. He was on camera just about every show, often times helping along with stunts, etc. The cheerleaders (Jackie & Sammi) also helped out with the stunts, as well as introduced the contestants. And the theme music is FANTASTIC.

When the show moved out of syndication and onto FOX in September 1990, huge changes were put in place. Tiny was gone, replaced with rapper M.C. Mike (Michael Chambers). The set was transformed from a carnival atmosphere, to a ghetto, and the theme music was changed accordingly. Game play was virtually identical, and Roth and the cheerleaders remained intact, but the changes around them made the show BAD.

The syndicated version is FAR superior and I score it a perfect 10/10. The FOX version was dreadful and I give it 4/10.

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Best kids game show ever?

Author: bfrancini
14 May 2004

While the show was clearly an attempt to build on the success of Nickelodeon's Double Dare, this syndicated show actually improved on the formula. The stunt and question rounds were paced properly, and some of the stunts were quite creative in nature, including a few (such as "Dumpo"), that developed quite a following among children.

Hands down the best part of the show was the Fun House itself, an amazingly elaborate labyrinth of obstacles that, as a child, I found mesmerizing. The show's second season featured a complete revamp of the house to include a water slide and a pool. The Fun House set is considered one of the best game show sets of all time, and the challenges of filming it led to the director of the show winning the Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show Director in 1989.

After the show's second season in 1990, the program left syndication and ran on Saturday mornings as Fox's Fun House on Fox. The Fun House was revamped again, featuring all new challenges.

Presumably the episodes exist on tape, and while they would be a good fit for Game Show Network or Nick Games and Sports reruns, they have not reaired since last broadcast in 1991.

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My favorite kids game show!

Author: jc_hodel from Smalltown, Washington
6 December 2002

My brother and I watched this show everyday when we were about 12. We dreamed about being on the show and even built our own fun house out of boxes. This show was really fun and at the end of the show the winning team ran through the fun house grabbing tags (with prizes written on them). We always ended up yelling at the kids because they would get flustered, we'd be shouting 'No! Grab the bike! Grab the bike! Ah, she ran right passed it...' I also had a crush on the red haired J.D. Roth. My brother and I would have rocked on that show!

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