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One of the most amusing but smart cartoons on television.
sarcasticallyso21 February 2004
I first saw Static Shock several years ago on the Kids WB! morning schedule.

This program is honestly one of the smartest and funniest on children's television today. Virgil Hawkins is a teenaged superhero who is given powers in "the Big Bang," a chemical sort of explosion. With the help of his friend Richie, he turns himself into Static Shock. Static fights the "Bang Babies" who go crazy and steal or hurt others.

One of the best things about this show is how real life topics such as school shootings and gangs are easily worked into the plot without feeling fake. The stories feel relatable. Other topics include racism, judging by appearance, the loss of a family member, and more. Virgil and Richie make the best friends duo work without coming across as cheesy or unreal, and they both deal with the problems they face maturely.

The only bad thing about the show is how guest stars are not well worked into the script. The only exception of this was Shaq. The guest stars take some getting used to, and sometimes distract from the rest of the show, but they usually don't feel too out of place. One of the most amusing things is when Virgil and Richie talk about superheroes and get starstruck. At least the show is believable, and highly recommended.
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youngins, youngins... uninformed youngins!
scusiidude13 November 2006
I'm pleased that you all like the show. I love "Static Shock". It is indeed (or at least was) one of the better toons on TV. Though every now and then, it appears to go a little over-board with the whole racism awareness biz, the show was definitely an anchor point for individuals who felt that they were not equally represented in the pool of superheroes that we know of today.

However, I must bring forth the fact that Static is not a new character. He isn't the first African – American superhero either. In fact, his character was taken from an earlier DC character named Black Steel.

Also, FYI… Green Lantern, Cyborg, BumbleBee, Herald and HotSpot are all African American – in addition to Static.

But I agree with all of you – Bring Static back! Induct him into the Justice League – as a matter of fact, BRING BACK THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!
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Wonderful Cartoon which mixes Super Heroes of the 1960s with the New Millennium
tolliver1113 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Premise - Static - real name Virgil Hawkins lives in Dakota City, just outside of Gotham City. His mother died of an illness when he was younger. He is a teenager that lives with his father a social worker who heads up a neighborhood community center and his sister who is a couple of years older than him.

He appears to have received his super powers from some nuclear industrial accident that impacted a lot of the young people in a certain area (an economically depressed) section of the city. I think they are referred to as bang babies. The children that were exposed to the toxins have mutated into something similar to the x-men. Virgil is one of the few kids who decides to use his newly found powers - the ability to control electricity - to the benefit of others. So he becomes a teenage, African-American crime fighter.

The most interesting episodes I have enjoyed are those in which he runs into Batman and Robin. Robin wasn't in the episode this Sunday, just Batman because he (Robin) was off with the Teen Titans (smile). There is even an episode in which he (Static) time travels into the future and hooks up with an old Bruce Wayne and the new teenage Batman of the Batman Beyond Series.

The reason that I am sharing this with you is because in a recent episode I viewed on Sunday morning, Static goes to Africa, specifically Ghana on a vacation trip with his father and sister. Pops has been educating the kids all through the beginning of the episode on trivia regarding Ghana such as; when they got their independence, a look at the history of Ghana and a fact that approximately 16% of slaves sent to America that were taken from the African Continent came from Ghana. Anyway, there is a scene in the episode in which Static is surfing on his electric surf disc through the forested areas outside of Accra and he calls his best friend back home, a white teenager and tells him of his feelings of exhilaration and exuberance that he is experiencing while visiting a country with all black folk in it. The kid says, yeah he understands because his Dad went back to experience his Irish roots and was just as goofy as Static. Static told him no that wasn't it - he said here - in this land I am just a kid (didn't even have to say I am just a kid - not a black kid). He then tells his friend, this is what you must feel like all the time. I can only dream of a place in which when people see me for the first time they will just see me as a woman and not a black woman. Wonderful cartoon - thought you might enjoy watching it if you are not already hip to this series.

Static Shock may be currently seen daily on the Cartoon Network.
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Superhero Static shock, Woo Woo!!!!
EasyAttack2 December 2004
I love Static. This is easily one of my favorite cartoons on television, and Static has always been one of my favorite Super heroes. Static will cross over into a live action show or movie franchise one day because he is a deep character and he has mass appeal. The creator of Static, Dwayne McDuffie, did try to get a live action TV Show of Static developed, but The WB passed up the script, which is sad because I really think that Static would make good Smallville-type drama.

Some Static episodes are light-hearted, but some deal with serious issues like racism, death, and social issues. But what I absolutely love the most about this show is the crossover episodes they have with other DC characters like Batman, Robin, the Justice League, and even Batman Beyond. Static is good stuff. I hope that one day he crosses over into other media forms, outside the comics or the animated series. Static the animated series has all kind of cool Meta-humans that us comic fans can't get enough of, and Phil Lamar's voice work is genius. Static gets 10 stars out of 10!
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Teen Heroes rules!
Star Wars Lover18 November 2004
Static Shock is one of my favorite cartoons.It's so cool, with action, animation and funny dialogues. Virgil Hawkins is a boy who have been affected by a strange nuclear cloud called "The Big Bang".With the explosion, he gained superpowers to control electricity.But Virgil wasn't the only person that had been affected by the Big Bang. Many school bullies had gained powers, and then they terrorize people in not only in school but also in the whole city.Then Virgil uses his power to defeat the bullies! In the second series, Virgil meets many famous superheroes, such as Batman, Superman, and others. His friend Richie also transforms into a superhero, known as Gear. Static Shock is a very cool cartoon. I give a score of 9.5/10.
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One of the better quality cartoons on Kids WB
raysond3 October 2002
Okay,so it needs so things ironed out,but in all this one of the better variety of quality cartoons that comes on Kids WB(The WB Network)which is mostly seen on Saturday Mornings. Its also one of the ONLY shows that features an African-American teenage superhero!! The show does start out kinda of slow at first,but it pickes up speed very quickly and the action doesn't stop. By the way,where do you have special guest stars who appeared like Batman one week(where the Caped Crusader and Static battle with the evil Joker),and then the next week have Shaquille O'Neal battling evil doers(with a basketball)all in a half-hour and at the end of the show,the animators display the characters as they are drawed on paper and showed in detail to the audience?

Only on Static Shock! Catch it on Kids WB!
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Static Got Screwed....
dodgers_devotee13 May 2006
In my opinion of the show's fate, I think that warner brothers officials were wrong to cancel this show, although it lasted 4 seasons it could've been at least 3 more seasons until the did what they did...

As for this whole comic book movie battle between DC and MARVEL, I think that DC/WARNER BROS. should make a live action version of static shock and bring it to the big screen. Not that many people knew who Blade was until Wesley Snipes played the role

So in the end, if DC wants to introduce new product to the big screen, why not give Static his time in the spotlight...I mean c'mon, they gave Jonah Hex his own film later this year.
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My childhood
Devin Johnson11 December 2015
Next to justice League and Young Justice, this is one of few great DC animated shows that have been made in the last 15 years. I won't go into detail about how well the writing in this show is whether I'm talking about the theme of an episode, or the actual dialogue, but man oh man this is awesome. I remember watching this show when I was younger (only 16 now) but this was a cartoon that I only got to "sometimes" watch. The feeling I got when it aired was something I haven't felt from a show in a while. This show basically covers all things such as racism, finding yourself, and even simpler things as accomplishing a goal. Only of shows were made like this now a days... sadly there are no DC animated shows anymore and it breaks my heart. PROPS TO STATIC SHOCK.
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Static Rules!
LilRascal761116 January 2005
It's sad that Static Shock isn't being made any more, because I thought by far it was the greatest show on animation since 2000-. At least it is still on. Dwane McDuffie and Phil LaMarr really did a great job, along with of the other cast too of course. I hope that this show well stay on forever and ever. That would be cool! I don't know why it was ever canceled, and I want to!!!! I really thought that Static Shock was more than just a super hero, he was kind of like an idol because they made him human. He wasn't born a meta human, but he got into trouble and that all led up to becoming Static Shock, and I think that that is the most possible thing I have seen yet as far as super heroes. I especially like how they cover the issues that people face today like racism and gang fights. Again its a bummer that STATIC got canceled.

I LOVE STATIC SHOCK (super hero Static Shock woo hoo!)

Peace and out, your forever #1 fan,

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About Time
Nanaspottedeagle17 April 2003
This show is very good. I have never seen any cartoon that feature African Americans as the main character. It is about time cartoons started being "real". As far as trying to be too black, I think that most teenagers act that way. Name two no one show similar to this, HA you can't. I like this show, it is real nice, now it only they had a girl version. Very good I hope they keep it on for a while.
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