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Season 3

25 Jan. 2003
Hard as Nails
A classmate of Virgil's is struggling to deal with her new Bang Baby powers. She runs away to Gotham city in search of a cure and Static follows. There he meets Batman, but together can they save his schoolmate?
1 Feb. 2003
In a delayed effect of the Bang Baby incident, Richie gains super inventive ability to become the superhero, Gear.
8 Feb. 2003
Static in Africa
The Hawkins family takes a once in a lifetime trip to Africa, where the Hawkins take pride in their heritage.
15 Feb. 2003
There's a new Hero in town with mad athletic skills and the attitude and ego to match. Static and Gear are divided as to if they want her help, and is she really what she seems?
22 Feb. 2003
The Usual Suspect
Virgil runs afoul of a classmate fresh out of Juvenal while Static tries to stop a destructive new Bang Baby. Is his classmate up to his old tricks?
1 Mar. 2003
A League of Their Own: Part 1
Called to the Justice League Watchtower to help in a critical power problem, Static and Gear then have to help stop Brainiac's consciousness from seizing control of the station.
8 Mar. 2003
A League of Their Own: Part 2
Unknown to everyone, Brainiac's consciousness has taken control of Gear.
22 Mar. 2003
Reality television has a new star - Static Shock. In the meantime he and Gear face the new villain, Starburst, superpowers remarkably similar to Static's.
5 Apr. 2003
Static's ego blows out of control and puts his friend's life in jeopardy. As his guilt grows, he seeks revenge but is stopped by an unexpected ally. With a cool head and help, Static manages to make things right.
26 Apr. 2003
Trouble Squared
After a field trip to Alva Industries, Virgil runs into Mr. Specs and Trapper. Their eagerness to please Alva, causes them to create suits that gives them powers. When they capture Static they inadvertently ruin Alva's project and he fires them. Dead set on revenge, they kidnap Alva Jr. and hold him for ransom. With a price, Static helps Alva get his son back.
3 May 2003
Toys in the Hood
Toyman and Darcy Moore are in cahoots together. They hatch an elaborate plan to produce a new body for Darcy with Daisy as the mold. Can Static stop Darcy from doing more harm to Daisy?
24 May 2003
The Parent Trap
Shebang returns to Dakota to seek the help of the towns heroes to find her parents. When Koenig breaks into a Chemical plant and Shebang's parents help to transfer the loot, Static doubts their innocence. Shenice's determination leads them to the truth but can the heroes save them from their poison necklaces in time?
19 Apr. 2003
Romeo in the Mix
Bernie Rast manages to convince Lil Romeo to let Daisy and Frieda direct his next video with a promise that Static will make an appearance. When a new metahuman, Leech, comes to town he accidentally abducts the wrong Static. When Static goes to rescue Romeo, he loses his powers but a determined Romeo helps to save the day.
7 Jun. 2003
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21 Jun. 2003
Blast from the Past
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