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Season 1

20 Sep. 2000
Shock to the System
A boy, Virgil, gains electrical based super powers after exposure to a strange gas.
30 Sep. 2000
Static learns that the person responsible for the Big Bang is Edwin Alva, the city's philanthropic billionaire businessman. But Static's efforts to gain evidence are hampered by Hotstreak, the bully who used to harass Static.
7 Oct. 2000
The Breed
Virgil's friend Derek, a track athlete, is transformed into an ionic-energy being. Ebon, the malevolent leader of the Meta-Breed tries to recruit him, but Static must convince his friend to resist joining the group--before it's too late.
14 Oct. 2000
Static encounters a giant, wormlike organism that was created by the Big Bang, which somehow works its way inside Virgil's school after hours and endangers many students--including Richie and Frieda.
11 Nov. 2000
They're Playing My Song
Rubberband Man, an angry young teenager with the power to stretch his body into any shape, seeks vengeance against the corrupt record producer who cheated him out of profits for a hit song.
18 Nov. 2000
The New Kid
Science whiz Virgil is sent to a school for gifted students, which is funded by billionaire Edwin Alva. There, Virgil works on a fantastic robotics project, not realizing that the robot is a sentry specifically designed to locate--and destroy--Static.
2 Dec. 2000
Child's Play
Eight-year-old Dwayne McCall, who has the power to make anything his young mind can imagine, is being manipulated by his evil older brother, Aron. Aron wants to use Dwayne's powers for his own gain.
9 Dec. 2000
Sons of the Fathers
Virgil pressures a reluctant Richie to invite him to a sleepover, only to learn that Richie's father is a stubborn bigot. An embarrassed Richie runs away and is abducted by Static's archenemy Ebon.
16 Dec. 2000
Winds of Change
Richie resents Virgil's blossoming friendship with Daisy, and Virgil is annoyed at Richie's constant interference of Static's activities. These resentments strain their friendship. At the same time, Static must battle Slipstream, who controls winds.
27 Jan. 2001
Bent out of Shape
Sharon's new boyfriend, a musician, is revealed to be Static's old nemesis Rubberband Man, who recently escaped from prison. This time, Rubberband Man will stop at nothing to reveal Static's secret identity.
10 Feb. 2001
Angered that his father ignores him, Edwin Alva's son applies his vast scientific knowledge to manipulate the properties of the Big Bang gas. He turns himself into a multipowered being so he can destroy Alva's businesses.
3 Mar. 2001
Static's latest nemesis, Replay, can create energy clones of himself. During battle, Sharon becomes suspicious that Virgil and Static are the same and decides to prove her theory correct.
12 May 2001
Everything happening to Virgil reminds him of how much he misses his deceased mother, Jean. Virgil must deal with his feelings of loss as he tangles with Tantrum, a repressed student whose outbursts of anger turn him into a massive being of brute force.

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