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Mia and her mom live in the former Chemical Engine Company 43 at 724 Brazil Avenue, in San Francisco, California. The two-story frame Mission Revival-style firehouse was built circa 1911 to provide fire protection to the Excelsior Homestead District. It was one of the first to leave behind the horse-drawn drays for the newly fashioned motorized apparatus shipped from the east. The retired firehouse was sold at auction in 1976. The private residence still retains a large hose drying tower in back.
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The scene where Mia trips and falls in the bleachers was real. Anne Hathaway had tripped while doing the scene, and director Garry Marshall thought it was so funny, he inserted it in the final cut.
When Mia accidentally sets the man's arm on fire, the flames were supposed to go out when he puts his arm in the ice bucket, but they didn't. Anne Hathaway panicked and threw the glass of water on it, which was not scripted.
Mia's cat, Fat Louie, was Anne Hathaway's pet in real-life. Four different cats played the role. One who allowed people to carry it, one who could sit still, another who would jump, and the last one, who sits on the envelope at the end of the movie.
The picture of Mia's deceased father next to her music box is Anne Hathaway's real-life father. He also appears to be writing the letter to her while fishing.
Anne Hathaway had to wear a thick clip-in hairpiece to give her hair a much bushier appearance; the hairpiece became known as "the beast" by cast and crew. Her pre-make-over eyebrows took an hour to apply, as each tiny hair was individually glued on.
This movie was filmed on Stage 2 in Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, the same stage in which the film Mary Poppins (1964) was shot. The stage has since been named in honor of Julie Andrews, who starred in both films. The rental house that Julie Andrews lived in while filming Mary Poppins (1964) was lived in by Garry Marshall while filming this movie.
Anne Hathaway's movie debut.
Garry Marshall told Anne Hathaway to gain a bit of weight to portray a full figure role model.
During auditions, Anne Hathaway fell out of her chair, and was immediately given the part as clumsy Mia Thermopolis.
When Michael comes with Mia's car, Mia is watching one of the deleted scenes from the movie. It was also Anne Hathaway's idea to have the pore strip on her nose during this scene.
Garry Marshall wrote the retainer scene, after learning Anne Hathaway had worn a retainer when she was younger, but found it difficult to speak while wearing it. Hathaway brought in her old retainer for the scene.
One of the waiters in the scene when Mia drops something at the dinner says, "It happens all the time." The same actor played a waiter in Pretty Woman (1990), and also said the exact same line when Julia Roberts' character flings the snail and the waiter catches it. Both films were directed by Garry Marshall, as well as featured Hector Elizondo and Larry Miller.
In the book, Mia's father is not dead. Rather, he has testicular cancer. In order to avoid what Disney thought was a too adult topic, he was just written as dead in the movie. In the book, when Mia shoves the ice cream on Lana, her parents stick up for her. Also in the book, the plot of Mia's mother Helen dating her teacher is a much bigger deal.
It was Anne Hathaway's idea that the brush should break in her hair at the start of her make-over.
Hector Elizondo played basketball several hours solo in the rain for the few seconds shown in the movie.
During shooting of the tea scene in the garden, and the greenhouse scene, airplanes were flying over the area and interfered with the sound. When the scenes were finished, Garry Marshall gave Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews awards for "best acting in airplane interference".
The autograph seekers, Lilly and Charlotte, are Garry Marshall's twin granddaughters. Also, one of the buildings in the school was the "Lilly and Charlotte Grove Building."
Anne Hathaway took rock climbing lessons for this movie.
Garry Marshall confessed that nearly all the film crew had a go on the fireman's pole.
Mia's dress from the dinner party (the periwinkle one) is a copy of the dress that Kronprinsessan Victoria of Sweden wore to the Nobel Prize gala in 1997.
Garry Marshall's granddaughters watched the tapes of actresses auditioning for the role of Mia - they confided in their grandfather he should hire Anne Hathaway because she had good princess hair.
It was Anne Hathaway's idea to have the pore strip on her nose.
Michael's band, Fly Paper, is singing the song "Blueside" by Robert Schwartzman's real band, Rooney. Though in Rooney, Schwartzman plays guitar and vocals, not keyboard and vocals.
The young girl who plays the Prime Minister's daughter is Hector Elizondo's real-life granddaughter.
Kathleen Marshall, who plays the role of Charlotte, is Garry Marshall's daughter.
Genovia is said to be a small monarchical country between Spain and France. It is not a real country; however, there actually is a small co-monarchical country between Spain and France called Andorra.
Anne Hathaway and Heather Matarazzo became very good friends during the filming of this movie, and still keep in touch to this day. They hope to remain friends for the rest of their lives.
Co- Produced by Whitney Houston.
The neighbor, Mr. Robutusen (played by Patrick Richwood), also appeared in Pretty Woman (1990), as did Joe (Hector Elizondo), Charlotte (Kathleen Marshall), Paulo (Larry Miller), and the waiter (Allan Kent) in the scene in which Mia drops something at the dinner.
During the make-over, Paolo calls Mia's eyebrows Frida and Kahlo. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who had a unibrow. Paolo also says, "If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, their child would have your eyebrows." Brooke Shields and Groucho Marx are both known for their thick, dark eyebrows.
The trolley that Mia rolls back into with her Mustang is not a trolley or cable car, but a tour bus. The tires of the bus can be seen in the shot.
The Latin motto in the Genovian crest is best translated as "The whole body works".
Genovia appears to be a member-state of the European Union. The European Union Flag is displayed along with the Genovian Flag above the main door of the Genovia Consulate building, in the scene where Mia went to meet her grandmother the first time.
In the books, Mia's full name is Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo.
Mia, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, recites one of Juliet's soliloquies from Shakespeare "Romeo & Juliet". Shakespeare was married to a woman called Anne Hathaway.
The boy at the baseball game who talks about a dental appointment on his cellphone (also the same boy who starts the: "Lana got coned!" chant after Mia throws an icecream cone) also plays the trainee security guard named "Lionel" in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
Sookie Sanchez is also the name of the reporter in All-American Girl, another book by "Princess Diaries" author Meg Cabot.
The principal, played by Sandra Oh, and Joe, played by Hector Elizondo have both been on the show, Grey's Anatomy (2005).
Garry Marshall's favorite saying while making a movie, "Everybody works!", was loosely translated into Latin to become the Genovian motto, "Totus corpum laborat."
In the books, Mia's hair is blonde after the make-over.
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The building that "portrays" Grove High School in the film is located at 2601 Lyon Street at Green, in San Francisco, California.
During the scene where Lilly plays basketball, Heather Matarazzo made a basket on the very first take, and also again on her second attempt.
In the DVD commentary, Garry Marshall refers to two cats playing "Fat Louie"; the cat that moved, and the cat that didn't move.
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Heather Matarazzo (Lilly) and Mandy Moore (Lana) would go on to work together again in Saved! (2004).
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Mia's father is dead in the movie, but is alive in the books.
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This movie marks the first time Mandy Moore had a role in a Disney movie. She would later star in the animated Disney films Brother Bear 2 (2006) and Tangled (2010).
Caroline Goodall first played a mother in Hook (1991) when she played the mother of Peter Pan's (Robin Williams) children, Moira Banning. The second time was in The Silver Brumby (1993), when she played Amiel Daemion's mother. Third was when she played Anne Hathaway's mother on The Princess Diaries (2001). The fourth was in Chasing Liberty (2004), when she played the First Lady, as well as Mandy Moore's mother.
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When Lana says "There she is! That's Mia Thermopolis!" The photographer that says "looking for you!" and snaps a photo of Mia is Scott Marshall, Garry Marshall's son. He also plays the security guard "Shades" in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
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It was based on a book called "The Princess Diaries", written by Meg Cabot.
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Director Cameo 

Garry Marshall: guest at Genovia's annual independence ball. His sister Penny Marshall is another guest.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Julie Andrews' jewelry and tiara for the final part of the movie was half a million dollars worth of real diamonds, on loan from Harry Winston. Anne Hathaway's tiara was made specifically for her, and was considerably cheaper - instead of diamonds, her tiara was comprised of cubic zirconia.
The on-screen relationship between Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews) and Joseph (Hector Elizondo) was not scripted. The dance scene, and the underlying affection was added by the two. According to Hector Elizondo, "We felt that a romance after fifty was important to tell, and it can be sensual and sexy while keeping your clothes on."
While filming the final celebratory dance scene, the Madonna song "Like A Prayer" was played on a boom-box to elicit natural dancing from the actors and actresses on-set (to be then dubbed over by the song that appears in the film's final cut). The Assistant Director had to do multiple takes of this scene, because the actors and actresses kept mouthing the words to "Like A Prayer" while on-camera.
For the first act of the movie, Queen Clarisse wears only black/dark outfits. Right before her dance with Joe, he says, "You've been wearing black too long." After the dance scene, Clarisse starts to add more color to her wardrobe. It is later revealed in the movie that her husband, King Rupert, had passed away the previous year. This means that at the start of the movie, she was still mourning his death. But as she falls in love with Joe, her personality once again becomes alive and colorful.
At the end of the movie, Fat Louie is lying on a pillow that holds the royal insignia and a Latin phrase, "Totus Corpus Laborat," which translates to "The whole body works."
At the dinner, the old man and his wife sitting beside Mia that seem to be angry at each other, the wife also plays in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004), as a maid to the uncle that is trying to take her crown.
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The castle used to portray the Genovian Palace at the end of the film is the Longford Castle located just south of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
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The egg chef in the kitchen during the rain sequence towards the end of the movie is young actor and Producer Anthony Begonia.

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